Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Thanks for all the blessings
that you send my way each day
Thanks for all the good things
that you placed in my world to stay

Thanks for all the prayers dear Lord
that you answer right on time
Even if they were only answered
because of your heavenly design

Thank you Lord for the chance
and for opening my eyes to see
That there is no other God living
who the Father of Christ may be

Thank you Lord for choosing me
that I may truly understand
Why it is so very wonderful to be
guided each day in life by your hand.

No Longer A Slave To Sin

The sin that I would do, I have
found I will not now do.
For the death of my sin
In Christ has delivered me
to a righteous life through
Him before the Living God,
who is our Father in Heaven

It is such a joy to taste of
this freedom, that unlocks
all the parts of the body
to be in mutual service
to the Lord of all things

I count myself to be the
the most blessed of all
humans, and yet I am not
alone,  as with Elijah, when
trying to hide from Jezebel
In the cave, he found  that
there were  many brothers
and sisters in the Lords service
whom the lord safely kept hidden

For the Lord has set aside
many for His service all
around the world, because
He wants His  message carried
to many so that they might
escape the wrath to come

Our living God is complete
In his nature and all things
will reach such a state, as
He has commanded it to be
From  the beginning.

Do not be naïve to this, for
through Isaac was the promise
fulfilled with his wife having
two twin sons,  it was spoken by
God  that the older shall serve the
younger, and again Jacob I loved,
and Esau I hated. So it is not by
works that we received such
A blessed reward but by the
grace of Our living  God.

For  surely it is  written that
broad is the way to destruction
and many will find it, and narrow
is the way to life and few will
find it.

You bask in  the luxuries of life and yet
you are deluded for not all will
be saved.  For God does love those
whom  he chooses for there will be
Some who in the end  who are not called  the
Children of God , who in the end  will become
His children by His choice.

The choice is now ours among
this world’s living. To taste  of the
Grace that we now may  enjoy,  and  to
bring it to the mouths of others
that they might not be lost
but saved, as the people of  Nineveh
In Jonah’s time.

Be not deceived, for we do not
choose as the Lord  chooses.
For He does not choose  by outward
appearances or outward actions, but God
chooses by what Only  His  Spirit
Is able to see, that which is unknown to
a man or a  woman’s eyes, but only to God.
For he sees the heart and soul of
all who breathe

Become the useful tool of the
Master potter, that you may
always be acceptable in His
sight and a loved one in His
eyes.   For His memory is eternal
but even more infinite in time
Is His grace.   For the wages of  sin
is death,  But the gift of God is eternal
Life in  Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Wendell A. Brown,
December 1976,
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