Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Lord you inspire me to write each day
About the wonderful love in you I see
You bring my heart to constantly think
Of its blessing which I will always need

Its beautiful pure essence my eyes see daily
As I gaze at creation when the sun does rise
Finds my soul moved with very deep affection
For the dear love whose radiance fills my eyes

I am proud to let my heart speak the words
Which your Spirit has inspired me to write
About how deeply I feel for your awesome love
As its blessing of grace nourishes my life

You inspire me to share endearing messages
Of this magnificent love I am blessed to know
Bringing to life a blissful stirring of emotions
Which my heart and spirit shall never let go.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Gods Great Love

In the morning, a meadow lark,
sings of the heavenly beauty it
Finds alive in his world…

In the morning I sing to the
Everlasting beauty found in your
Forever blossoming love.

And nothing created can ever
Replace the joy that swims
The tides within my spirit.

For love has its source in you,
And no matter how much of it
Is given away each day…

There is always much more
To come from the living spring
Found within your eternal spirit

For those among men and women
Who seek the ever blossoming gift
Which replenishes a heart‘s life.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Welcome Praise

Why do the days all seem  the same
When the morning sunlight comes
Why do I awaken with a dreadful fear
The same result will be its outcome

Should I want my life to be different
If myself  I do not really change
How can I make things better  alone
Suffering the same heartache and pain

For we search for what we hope for
But always looking  the opposite way
We each day repeat  all our follies
And it seems our sin always stays

Take a tiny moment to think about
What it is that will make you new
Falling to your knees praying soulfully
God above will have mercy on you

Alone we cannot perfect change in our lives
That will be long lasting for endless days
Unless self dies and we daily confess our sins
Praying to the Living God that we'll be saved

If you long to awaken with a smile on your face
Let  your heart begin each day with praise
By reaching out taking hold of  His embrace of life
And He will make your dreams a reality today.
August 1976

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Blessing Of You

A wonderful miracle embraced my life
When you came my way that special day
I received the blessing of your smile
Realizing quickly I wanted it to stay

Who would have ever chanced to think
Their heart and mind might be swept away
Without a single word spoken from your lips
Only with a look bidding breath to fade

My heart was embezzled by your brown eyes
With a sheer radiance that would hypnotize
And within them I caught a glimpse of hope
You might find a reason to stay in my life

Tomorrow will I see you come my way again
Might our paths cross some marvelous way
Will my new found hope give birth to a joy
Finding the loneliness in my world to fade

For I long for the chance to softly embrace
Many more moments like the ones found today
And to my God in heaven I prayed from my heart
To continue the blessing of you he sent my way.

Monday, October 20, 2014

No Need To Reason Why

As Autumn arrives once again
Along with him he will also bring
Lovely beautifully painted days
Where our love may always sing

For once again when flowers die
To give way to changing seasons
We find we still love each other
Knowing we need no special reason

For love has found a home with us
Like the way clouds live with the sky
We were always born to love the other
Without ever needing a real reason why

As the Autumn season embraces us tenderly
We anxiously await the colors he brings
A time filled with many magical colors
Sharing the moments where our love sings.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Moment Love Begins

To gaze upon your glowing beauty each day
Fills my heart with the special joy it needs
As happiness finds itself overwhelming me
Your sweet beauty my heart seeks to seize
And I look forward each day to our meeting
So that by chance you might look my way
Becoming the tender object of my affection
While chasing the loneliness in my heart away
For I find each night to be so lonely now
When in my dreams your face I always see
Knowing I cannot reach out and touch the beauty
Of the sweet love my heart silently knows it needs
So I know I must find a way to be so contented
Until the new days brightness comes my way
Allowing your smile to unlock the nightly bars
That each lonely night keeps us so far away,

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Because Of The Love It Needs

A thought is preserved
So deep down within
A dream given life
Planted does now begin

To grow from a seedling
While being nourished by love
To blossom like a tulip
Whom has tasted of Spring

And the feeling of freedom
Is now intricately blended
Within a heavenly grace
Which was always intended

That when it finally blossoms
Will bring sweet life to many smiles
Causing all who embrace it
To feel refreshingly worthwhile

For each day as its radiance
Touches the eyes of all who pass
Because of Gods  grace and love
The memory of its beauty will last

For the once tiny seedlings energy
Erupted into a breathtaking flame
Because of the heavenly love it received
It will never again be the same.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Beginning Of Each New Day

I always long  to see your  tender smile
At the beginning of each new day
Because when I see your lovely smile
A sweet happiness will  always stay
You lift my heart up inside each day
Making my mind to ride a natural high
Causing me to often daydream of you
Knowing you will never say goodbye
And you have really made my life awesome
All the time spent alone each day with you
For the moments just seem to last forever
Because our hearts always want it to
You easily became the  best part of my life
A  special gift which in my heart will  stay
So that I might embrace your precious smile
With my love at the beginning of each new day.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

To Love You Deep And True

The loveliness of all the seasons,
cannot begin to compare to thee.
Not the sweetness of the summer,
nor the gentleness of the spring.

For behind your beauty is a reason,
much more than eyes can perceive.
For its more than autumns beauty,
and  cold winters ecstasies.

Its like a intertwining fabric,
woven by angels up above.
It’s a richness of bliss and magic,
that spews much deeper than ones love.

It’s the ultimate union so intimate,
that two as one may find to be.
As they taste the kiss of tranquility,
and the brunt of Cupids sting.

For the loveliness of all the seasons,
cannot ever compare to thee.
And its easy to see why I have fallen,
like a leaf floating down from a tree.

And like the sun giving way to night,
my heart easily gives  way to you.
As I now ask for  just one chance,
to love you my dear, so deep and true.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Whole Again

Please take all the fear
away from me, that made
its home within my heart

Take the darkness away
from me, that will not let
forgiveness and love to start

Take away the hardness of
my unsaved heart that Lord
would not believe

Take away all that is not
right within me, and make
the change for all to see...

That I surrendered to your love.

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Monday, October 6, 2014


My spirit is satisfied with with what it sees
Each day when I find myself to rise 
For my soul and spirit rise in harmony
Within the beautiful emotions I feel inside

For what I find to embrace each morning
Brings my heart to sing a song of praise
To the One who has blessed me with the gift
Of the life breath He has passed my way

Serene are the many lovely thoughts
Which daily brings soft smiles alive
When I feel the embrace of my Gods love
As his presence fills all aspects of my life

Tranquil are the thoughts and daydreams
That soothingly enter into my mind
Like water finding its way to a stream
While nourishing my spirit  deep inside

For my heart will always be truly satisfied
Each day as I awaken my eyes to You
Because I find it to be a priceless blessing
As I breathe again embracing a love so true.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thoughts Of You

I find there is never a morning
Or the beginning of a new day
When I find my eyes to awaken
When I won't think of you some way

And daydream onward so often
Pressing my mind for thoughts of you
Calling upon the angels above to help
To receive in sight everything  you do

The sunrise won't reach a completed state
Nor will the sky reach a crystal blue
Unless they are called to life this morning
By the supremacy of your word so true

Now being blessed with your kiss of life
From my slumbering I find myself to rise
And I discover there will  be no light here
Until your spirits love fills my heart inside

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Sweet Blissful Things

Close your eyes and into your mind
I shall place my image in your dreams
So whenever you are away from me
I shall be the  image you long to see

Joy and happiness I shall place within
Along with a song for your heart to sing
In your mind I'll place a forever  thought
Of our loves blessing, lasting an eternity

Your heart and soul shall smile happily
Within the radiance which fills your face
A reminder you have found a true paradise
When you are wrapped in my embrace

Just close your eyes and into your mind
I shall place my image in every dream
So your heart shall never be without
The taste of many sweet blissful things.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Sad would be the moments
If my love you were not

Sad would be the seconds
As my heart would cry
Soft tears

Sad would be the minutes
If they were not spent 
Loving you

Sad would be the mornings
If they started without  your
Taste of love so true.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Will Always Make Me Stay

The way that you look at me sometimes
Does often sweep my thoughts away
Leaving only images of your beauty
To help my mind pass the time of day

For the look that I see upon your face
Needs not words to let me know
What the look does express so vividly
For my heart does understand it so

My heart this day has learned to decipher
All the looks that you pass my way
Leaving my heart never having to ponder
Why in your life you want me to stay

For  so often as I see that special look
That you so tenderly pass my way
I am lovingly eager to return to you
A look of love in that same way.

Wendell A. Brown,
December 27, 2012
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