Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Sweet Prayer Of Love

I thought of You this morning
And I could not dry my eyes
I did not have enough tissue
To wipe the tears that I did cry

The thought that I was thinking
Took my heart much by surprise
When I dug deeper within the thought
My body became so electrified

For I was lifted up this morning
By just a single spoken word
That so many times I had heard before
But just as many moments, I did ignore

Yet this morning as I embraced it
So deep within my yearning heart
I was so thankful just to be able
For this prayer of sweet love to start.

From "Continuous Praise",
By Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Most Meaningful"

What is most meaningful

to me,  this question one

day I was asked...

And when i began to answer

I found,  it not to be so hard

A task...

For my mind called from its

memory,  the vision which

my heart daily sees...

And I answered the question

by saying,  my wife is always

most meaningful to me.

The Brown One Poet© 2011, All Rights reserved.From “Pearls”.

"It Was All About You"


It was all about You

every word that I

wrote… describing

the love I searched

for and needed…

It was all about You

finding you, tasting

of your love…feeling

the warmth that satisfies

and makes a heart

to feel secure…

It was all about You …

for your Spirit lead

me to you by showing

me the failings of

worldly love…

It was all about you

writing poems of

love and praise,

written to glorify

You with every line

of every single prayer

and psalm…

It was all about You.

From "A Reason To Smile"
Registered and Copyrighted
June 2010, All Rights Reserved
The Brown One Poet

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Always Lights Your Way"

Guard your heart and spirit always
never letting your thoughts to stray
secured what lies deep within your heart
letting the Holy Spirit to have his way

Pray every waking moment for salvation
for its true each day we may sin
pray that the His Spirit never leaves you
as His promise you always strive to win

For everyday we find is new unto itself
With a myriad of problems all its own
Pray the Spirit will always guide you
And that He will never leave you alone

Guard the thoughts in your heart daily
Keeping them pure letting none to stray
Pray to our Lord in heaven day and night
That His Spirit will always light your way

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Celebrating Christmas"

How should we  really celebrate Christmas
In only our own individual ways?
Should we lift up the Lord and feel good this day
With only our heartfelt words of praise

Should we try to make ourselves feel well
By celebrating It  only in  this way
Or should we try to make sweet Christmas
A living symbol, of how He lived each day

For while He did walk many weary miles
With very little of what most now would need
Everywhere He left his life’s true footprint
Over so many centuries for humankind to see

He reached out His hand and touched many
Never asking for a worldly payment in return
But that one should honor and praise God the father
Receiving from His Spirit sweet knowledge to learn

He was so truly humble in His nature
Always hoping our eyes would emulate and turn
To follow the examples of how He lived His life
While really learning true godly love in return

We should help the poor, the needy and sick 
Never ever turning anyone away
We should help the fatherless and the elderly
Also the homeless to find a warm  place  to lay

We should never turn away the children
But embrace them with the fullness of our love
For in doing so we honor our Precious Lord
Who came down among us from up above

We should help those that are locked away
Even if in what seems to be very small ways
And the widows we should always honor and help
Bringing needed sunshine back into their days

We should love everyone as ourselves
While casting away all our selfishness,
And we should honor our fathers and mothers
Embracing them always with a holy kiss

For Jesus is more than just our lord and Savior
Whom we celebrate and honor on Christmas day
His life is  the way we should always  live our lives
Helping others to taste His holiday in every way

So follow the example of the way He lived
Looking ahead to when He will receive us home
Welcoming us fully into His eternal embrace
While telling all in heaven we are truly His own.

Friday, December 23, 2011

"The Way"

Everything that I did seek from You

I could never find in this world today

Until that moment I humbled myself

Crying and praying in your holy name

For I sought the one on one fellowship

That Your Word in my ears did say

So I opened my heart and my spirit to You

Always thankful You showed me the way

For I sought always to be in your presence

To learn from You the true living word

So that one day I might lead many others

To the sweetness that my ears have heard

For life has become so effortless

Since I gave all of my love to You

For your Spirit guides me daily

In everything that I set out to do

For your promise has never been broken

That by my side You would always be

As long as I always walk the way

that narrow road that You laid out for me.

From "The One Who Satisfies My Needs"
Copyright 2011,  All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Always Glad"

As I gaze upon your lovely face,

that does seem untouched by time.

I am overwhelmed by sweet emotions,

because your love is still truly mine.

It is more than I have ever hoped for,

better than the sweetest dream I ever had.

For my heart is swept away so daily,

as my spirit is always made so glad.

For with you I truly understand,

what a pure love does represent.

For as I think of our life together,

I know its essence was heaven sent.

And richer am I than most men in this world,

for I have something they will never have.

For true love made a sweet place Inside my heart,

With a happiness that will always keep me glad.

From "The Sweetness of My Life",
Copyright July 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Within My Dreams

The sadness found within

my eyes, is so very real

as you are nowhere near.

The unhappiness that finds

life upon my face, is as

real as my many tears.

For when you are not

near to me, so empty

my day often seems.

That I cannot even bring

a joyful thought of you,

to live within my dreams.

From "The Sweetness of My Life"
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Thank You

I thank you Lord for this wonderful day
Where your word came and rescued me
When my mind and heart began to wander
You cause all the wrong actions to cease

I find in my life each day there is truly
A constant need for your word to stay
For its strength and power is enough
To keep me alive and well in the way

Most times I often try to live my life
Likened to the way that you lived yours
Yet dark powers amass like a storm so daily
Waiting to pounce as I leave my door

And your word has become the amour
That no weapon made can ever endure
While faith in you has become the shield
That does daily keep my life so secure.

From "Morning Prayers", By Wendell A. Brown
Registered With U.S Copyright Office,
April 2011, All Rights Reserved.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Love Who Won't Let Me Be

You light the fires within my heart,
causing tiny embers to become ablazed.
Filling my world with Your love's glow,
and sweeping my lost mind away.

For everytime that I pray to You,
all over i start to ascend.
As I am touched so deeply by Your bliss,
that this day in love I begin again.

I start to relive the way I felt,
that great day when we first did meet.
For like that day You are still the same,
as I am again swept off my feet.

And the fire is fanned so daily,
that does live deep inside of me.
As my heart and spirit remain willing slaves,
to a true love who will not let me be.

From "Come To Me"
By Wendell A. Brown.
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Monday, December 5, 2011

So Many Different Ways


I need to see your face each day
To keep my smile alive
I need to hear your gentle voice
To make my heart smile deep inside

For certain things do happen
While you are so close to me
My breath just seems to slip away
And I get so weak in my knees

And why would this happen daily
At no particular time and place
Whenever your smile enters my world
Never wanting to be replaced

For there is a deep need to see you
as I daily begin each day
For only you can move my heart
In so many different ways.