Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Celebrating Christmas"

How should we  really celebrate Christmas
In only our own individual ways?
Should we lift up the Lord and feel good this day
With only our heartfelt words of praise

Should we try to make ourselves feel well
By celebrating It  only in  this way
Or should we try to make sweet Christmas
A living symbol, of how He lived each day

For while He did walk many weary miles
With very little of what most now would need
Everywhere He left his life’s true footprint
Over so many centuries for humankind to see

He reached out His hand and touched many
Never asking for a worldly payment in return
But that one should honor and praise God the father
Receiving from His Spirit sweet knowledge to learn

He was so truly humble in His nature
Always hoping our eyes would emulate and turn
To follow the examples of how He lived His life
While really learning true godly love in return

We should help the poor, the needy and sick 
Never ever turning anyone away
We should help the fatherless and the elderly
Also the homeless to find a warm  place  to lay

We should never turn away the children
But embrace them with the fullness of our love
For in doing so we honor our Precious Lord
Who came down among us from up above

We should help those that are locked away
Even if in what seems to be very small ways
And the widows we should always honor and help
Bringing needed sunshine back into their days

We should love everyone as ourselves
While casting away all our selfishness,
And we should honor our fathers and mothers
Embracing them always with a holy kiss

For Jesus is more than just our lord and Savior
Whom we celebrate and honor on Christmas day
His life is  the way we should always  live our lives
Helping others to taste His holiday in every way

So follow the example of the way He lived
Looking ahead to when He will receive us home
Welcoming us fully into His eternal embrace
While telling all in heaven we are truly His own.