Saturday, December 29, 2012


My world was touched
by his hand, and it's
loneliness was chased
Into my world came
a certain happiness,
and a need for his love
to stay.
He taught me to love
all those around me,
and to love his father
most of all.
And he told me if
I did all that he had
ask, that never hard
or lasting would be
my fall.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2010,
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Richness Of Your Love

My cup of knowledge is filled to the brim
Yet do I not hunger to fill it more?
Do I not cry when a drop is wasted?
For I know not what blessing was lost to me,
In that tiny drop that slipped away at Satan’s call.

Oh Holy Spirit, grant unto me a golden cup
That is never empty,  that will hold the knowledge
Of your secrets and your mysteries
For I want them to be mine so much

But let not my cup overflow and run over
Let it never be completely filled
For I want all the love of heaven
And all the riches of my heavenly Father

For is not a son a true son
That betters himself in His Fathers eyes
For the glorification  of His Father
So all may see the richness of His Fathers love.

The   Brown One  Poet
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The Thought

The thought was of
such beauty, and how
enchanting was it to

Another thought was
a daydream, of  the
sweet tender love
my mind did see

And another was of
a moment seized,
embracing this love
I truly need…

While the last thought
was of treasuring your
gentle love, just as much
as you treasure me.

The  Brown One Poet
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I yearn for your word
Oh lord, I want to own it
And possess it in my heart

it’s my  pearl of great worth
 that I will honor
And treasure always

For it is the word that
Gives  life, and also heals…
It is the word that saves

Blessed was the day that
I touched the word
Receiving  it in my heart,  for it
Renewed my soul and spirit,
Indeed it set me free

And its importance is very real
For when we are saved by it…
It becomes the first thing that
Satan  seeks to steal away

For your word is the fire
That sets my love aflame
Deep within my heart…

For my one true love…You

Wendell A. Brown,
December 2012,
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Very Contented

My God is a consuming fire
Who does meet my every need
He bounds my spirit in his pocket
As he quietly watches over me

Never will I ever be all alone
Or far from his eyes that see
For wherever it is I am in life
He is always so close to me

He never forsakes me a moment
Or His blessed daily bread to eat
For my Lord provides my needed supper
And all the spiritual drink I need

Even though around me sin does abound
And each day pulls at my senses
His spirit allows my heart to see
Through all of sin’s evil pretenses

For my God, my God is pure life to me
Surrounding me with angelic fences
Holding me closely to Him everyday
Keeping my heart so very contented.

Wendell A. Brown,.
Copyright 2011

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Never End

My mind is full
Of thoughts of
You that add a
Brightness to my

My mind is full of
Your tender love
That in my heart
Always wants to stay

And my heart did  accept
Your love so sweet,
To live so deep within…

And never will I want
Sweet thought of you
Lord, to ever in my life
Come to an end.

Wendell A. Brown
August 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One With Me

I was awakened from my daydreams,
and my heart was swept away.
Then all the rest of the afternoon,
on my mind, did your memories play.

And the tones found in your sweet soft voice,
were  like a cool  summer wind,
Whistling through the trees and hills,
finding a  secure place in my heart to begin.

For to me you are an heavenly angel,
a gift from my God In heaven above
For He knew just what was needed,
when He  gave to my heart your love.

And as I lovingly embrace the beauty in your eyes,
I find my heart will never again be free
For my world has been captured by a blossoming love,
whose breath of life will always be one with me.

The Brown One Poet
©2011, All Rights Reserved
From “Never Changing Love”

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deep Longing

As the grass each day needs the fallen rain
I need you my Lord in my life so much more
And as the clouds need to embrace the sky above
I need to hold you so much more I am sure

So what might a bee be without sweet honey
Or a tree so barren without any leaves
Or an ocean without blue splashing waves
Without you I am a struggling ship lost at sea

For what would paradise be without heaven
Or life in this world without our God
For those things would all be meaningless
Without the miraculous touch of his love

For I would be like a flower not tasting rain
Or the midnight sky without a stars shining light
For without Your warm tender love beside me
Living my life could never again be right\

For as  the grass each day needs the fallen rain
And as the sky needs the clouds to embrace
I will always have a lasting  need in my life
Every day to  receive the smile from your face

Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted  May 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Only Living God

Shall my heart not leap with vibrant joy,
At the coming of each new day.
Is not my heart full of the happiness,
That my spirit has now embraced.

For You Lord are my constant pleasure,
And the life that allows my heart to beat.
For with  every breath I take so deeply,
I daily embrace the love it seeks to keep.

I lift You up “Oh Lord Of Hosts”
For Your Holy name is my most valued treasure.
As I  rise so daily with the morning sun.,
In my life there won’t  be a time called never.

For all my  steps are written in your book of life,
As my beginnings can be traced back to Your love.
When my spirit was fashioned by your loving hands,
To give daily praise to the only  Living God.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eager Expectation

As we sit down each day to write
Creation does take delight
Because from its very beginning
It has eagerly awaited  those
Who were predestined to bring
The light of the creator back
Into a world darkened by sin and

For those who have risen through
the death of Christ,  why they
yet live in the flesh in  this putrid world, have
become empowered in their inner person
by the Holy Spirit to be the blessed
carriers of the eternal message
of  His loving grace.

For those who have put self
To death  in Christ, now are reborn
to serve  through the risen Spirit
of  our Lord,  are no longer slaves
to sin but joint heirs to the
kingdom yet unseen,  that
they patiently await with a  fervent
and passionate hope.

So let the words of their new message
flow from  deep within, while their
new inner person delights
In every message  that comes
From the Holy spirit that now inhabits
their  hearts , for if they
Indeed are alive in the Spirit,
will not the words that flow from
The Holy Spirits  power move many
To be saved?

Never tire of  doing the good
that you now do, but stand strong
for only a few are chosen for
this  challenging but enjoyable

For it will be remembered,
as those who serve  shall
live forever with Him
In His kingdom!   For though
your  flesh has died to sin, your inner
person, that is your spirit is alive
with Christ serving him daily
with all your heart.

For there Is only one way to see God
and that is through the new
creation of the inner person
within.   If Christ is in you,
your body Is now dead
because of sin, but  your new
inner person,  your spirit
Is alive now because of  God’s
blessed  righteousness and grace.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have always called  upon you,
whenever I was in need.
And Lord, you always answered,
my many prayers and pleas.

And I am truly blessed this day,
because you have kept me so alive.
For never have I known a moment,
when you were not by my side.

You  are my true protector,
Golden armor and a bright shield to see.
So wherever I went I had no worries,
for you were always so close to me.

And there is no truer thought in life,
than the expression of heavenly love.
The kind that reminds one daily,
Who you are always thinking of.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Never Say Goodbye"

There is a fire that has a home
within your two brown eyes
A fire that knows no endings
that will eternally burn inside

For only happy people my love
do possess the gift that is yours
For only they have the magic within
to make the flame burn forevermore

And the fire is a ferocious fire
yet to the touch there is no heat
Until the moment happens
when we embrace and our hearts meet

And the fire has taken its refuge
deep inside your two brown eyes
For they alone show the affection
that to my world will  never  say goodbye.                                                

The Brown One Poet
Copyright 2010

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sorely Missed

Swept  away from my face was the sadness
As my day slowly came to an end
Replacing it on my face was the gladness
As this hour would finally begin.

When you arms will gently embrace me
While our lips happily share a sweet kiss
Telling me with more than spoken  words
How my love your day did sorely missed.

In each day there seems a moment to celebrate
That special time when  two bind  together as one
For happiness always flavors our sweetest  moments
Bringing to our day a long awaited outcome.

We joyfully play love’s daring tug of war
At this moment to see who might be the  best
Explaining to the other with vibrant words
What today in their lives was so sorely  missed.

The Brown One Poet

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moon Ride

Ride with me where the stars are
touch port upon the moon
stretch out into the milky way
and in love please fall so soon

Lets sprinkle dearest into your eyes
the stars that share our night
as we journey into the darkness
so that we may use them as our light

And lets cast aside our dreams tonight
and give life to the products of our thoughts
lets make the time become so right
for these sincere moments that we have caught

And lets feel the love that’s much higher
much higher than the stars
and lets ride beams up to the heavens
up past where the angels are so far

Lets just ride to where sweet heaven begins
and in love lets fall so soon
and stretch out into the milky way
on our ride of  love beyond the moon.

The Brown One Poet,
Copyright 1977

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Lambs Book Of Life

For as through one man sin and death
did enter the world, so by the righteous
act of One was life given to those who
believe in His Holy Name.

And You are the blessing
that arrives to us each day
as we open our eyes to seek
You out.

You are the morning star that
rises and places a smile
of sunshine for all to see
on our glowing faces.

You are the beginnings of
our life each new day. For
we are renewed by Your
always continuing grace.

And all who embrace You
shall never be left alone
to suffer, for they shall be
free of the sting of death.

And they shall be showered
with the blessings of a loving
God , and their names will be
remembered.  For they are written
in the lambs  book of life eternally.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2010

Friday, May 25, 2012


Can anyone touch and capture,
the soft brightness of starry nights?
Can anyone take the heavenly smile,
that the moon shares with us each night?

Can anyone touch the new essence,
born in the early morning sun?
Can anyone come between two young loves,
that do live and breathe as one?

Can anyone make a star fall from the sky,
or sprout wings like a bird and fly?
Can anyone receive the gift of another’s affection,
And if in love with them question why?

For when two become one jointly,
their lives become so intertwined.
And like  two golden ropes sewn together,
by a Holy love are they now combined.

By Wendell A. Brown
© 2011, All Rights Reserved.
From “Never Changing Love”

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Treasured Flower In Your Garden

You have listened to my many cries for help
And never did You turn Your ears away
When I was sick  in bed and laid near to death
You lifted  me up from where I did lay

You have always called me in the middle of the night
To eat of the great table that You had set
So alone I could eat from all of Your delights
And Your living words I could properly digest

When I finally  fell gently back to sleep
So peaceful was my sweet rest
When  the morning  sun did greet me
I knew that my life was surely blessed

You allowed me to share Your spiritual light
With everyone that I would meet
I noticed that when sharing Your word with others
That small tidbits some would embrace and keep

And inside I would look up to You from my spirit
Thanking You so much in every way
That You have made me a treasured flower
Who shares Your blessings with many each day.

©      11/11/2010                         Wendell A. Brown

Together As One

You are the God of compassion
You are the God of comfort
For You have brought peace to us
Through Your Son the Lord Christ

It is you who receives our praises
For you are the head of all living things
You are our only  beginnings
And it is you who has given us choices

Your love for us is great as it is written
In your word,  “let us make man in our image".
You are the only God that exists
And you have allowed us to be seen as you

You have given us the Gift of your Holy spirit
To guide us from darkness into Your light
And He provides us the understanding and
Wisdom of your living Word

Who cannot praise you Lord, and who
Cannot praise your son.  For is not
The Son as the Father and the Father
Like the son and more importantly
Is the not the Holy Spirit one with the Lord?

In You there is perfect harmony
with perfect peace and no disorder
And what you bring to our lives
Is forever perfect in nature.

May all bow down before you
Lord, in humble and contrite reverence,
And may all beg for even the crumbs
Of  love from your table, that our hearts
And spirits will always be full.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Spirits Seed

My Lord You have truly awakened me
From a pleasurable blissful sleep
Where Your love did fill my spirit
With valuable treasures I can keep

My Lord You have really opened my eyes
Letting them to always be forever full
Of a taste of heaven's sweet tender kiss
That each day can only come from You

My heart is so well acquainted
And of Your knowledge forever full
I find that I am never empty long
With constant pleasures coming from You

Never again will I be at a lost
For what each day are my spirit's needs
As long as You are so close to me
Constantly watering my spirit's seed.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2010

Saturday, May 19, 2012

His Love

In the morning,
A lark, sings of
The beauty in its

In the morning,
I sing to the
Everlasting beauty
Found in your
Forever love.

And nothing created,
Can ever replace the
Joy that swims the
Tides within my

For love has its source
In You, and no matter
How much of it is given
Away…there is always
More to come from Your
Eternal spring…

To those with hungry hearts.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You made the day
Envious, because
Your beauty has no rival

And my body reaches a
Breathless state of
Sheer euphoria

As my lips yearn to speak,
But they are held prisoner
By their binding passion

I can only cry within
For I fear the moment
Will escape me soon

Leaving me a hopeless
Pawn in a maze of
Unwanted loneliness

Where I may never
Be allowed to see
The beauty of your face

As I must know your
Name to frame it tightly
To the walls of my heart

So that I may dream of
You in many moments
That are mine alone

While saying an earnest
Prayer, begging that I
May see you again so

Copyright May 1977,
All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Love Me As Your Own

Lord, have you forsaken me?
Have you cast me away as
Fodder, am I now detestable
In your sight?

Lord do my prayers not
Reach your halls in heaven?
Do my cries and prayers
Not reach your ears?

Do you not hear the agony
Of my heart Lord where
Else can I go to whom  may
I turn to?

I can no longer step
By myself  for with every
Step, I go deeper within
The pit.

Sin has taken away the strength
From my bones, and my mind
Is twisted in pain.
I can do nothing more
My Lord,  but ask your
Mercy and forgiveness.

I cannot even pray well  Lord,
Yet I can better write my
Prayer to you, and pray it
In my heart where only you
Can hear.

My health is bad, and my path
Has been made crooked.  Lord,
Lead me away from the pit that
I am in, hear my pleas, oh Lord,
Do not shut me out.

Forgive me my sins Lord
And heal me, make me to
hunger and thirst after your
Righteousness, for that is the
Better way!

Lead me into the Light
Lord and guide my steps,
That I may find and embrace
Your wisdom and understanding.

Lord, be my Father, and I will be your
Servant, and your son. Teach me your
Ways letting me feel the fire of your
Spirit, that I may be taught and led
In the prefect way with good counsel.

Lord be my life,  be the love that
Is inside of me, that I may glorify
You my Christ, and that your Father
May also be glorified by my words.

May I know and understand your
Holiness and your will.  May I
I never part ways with you again,
But may I always abide in you.

I praise you Lord, for you are truly
Wonderful, and the joy of my days
And nights. May you always love
Me as your own.

Wendell A. Brown

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Your Breath Of Life"

Let me feel the taste

of your fiery kiss upon

my undeserving  lips

Let me drink of the nectar

that pours from your

mouth while the sun

is still high

For when tomorrow

comes I may be gone

and nothing can I

taste from the grave

let me feel the happiness

that you send to indwell

my spirit with the bliss

of   heaven that shall

leave my mind so

contented and  well pleased

For in my power I have

but this chance, for

tomorrow may forsake

me of my dreams of


Where shall I go?  Is

there a place for me

beyond the setting sun?

For I fear that if I do not

feel the sting of your kiss

of life that I may become…

a  desolate soul

Breathe into me your breath

of eternal life so that I may

live just one more day to

Share with others the grace

Of your love before I enter

Your heavenly kingdom.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright  2010

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Inner Voice

Inside there is a world unseen
Where a spirit seeks to know,
The voice he hears within
Everyday, for his passion he
Wants to grow.

For everyday while trying
To make choices in life,
The voice seems to come
Alive,  causing him to think
About what might be wrong,
Or what just might be right.

For everything he attempts
To do, and every choice that
He will make, makes a
Imprint on his inner self,
That can never be taken

And the voice always seems
To be waiting  for that very
Special time, when under his
great influence, away from sin
our hearts He will guide.

Copyright 2011

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Part Of You

In my life...
I am a part of you,
and in death I am
a part of you also,
and I shall never
be without you.

For sunshine shall
I not see, nor the
darkness shall find
me, nor shall the
power of evil overcome
me, without you Lord
being close to me.

And when the rain falls
from the sky, and the
fires of justice from the
heavens, you shall be
with me lord as my judge
and my redeemer.

Never shall pestilence
or disease find me alone,
for you shall always see
to my well being, always
staying by my side.

Am I alive or am I dead,
only you really know
the true answer, yet
I know that whether
in life or death, you’ll
never let me go.

For in life I am a part of you,
and in death I am also a part
of you. Whatever my role
shall be in this life or when
my eternal life begins,
I shall always be a part of you.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Message Received

What can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
What ransom can they give for eternal life?
For only through the death of one can we be saved
Only by belief in the promise that He is the only way.

For He is before everything that was formed,
And He will be above all in the end.
All his enemies will get their just reward,
And all non-repentant sinners will suffer death.

Wisdom calls out daily from the highest place,
His voice of understanding reveals itself.
Come to me for I have precious food for you,
I AM the living bread that never grows stale.
I AM the drink you need to refresh your soul,
I AM the pure wine of the ages that you may taste,
I AM the love that you so look for in your lives.

Turn to me and repent of your sin,
Pick up your cross and follow me.
Help the poor and helpless, the seniors
Do not turn away from your family,
Or your Father and Mother who are
Old and grey. Feed the hungry, visit the sick,
Serve me by serving others. Feed them
Your caring and love, as I have also
Fed you in the darkest times.

Do what is right and just, and not be arrogant,
For what you do not for others will also not
Be done for you in your times of need so that
You may understand that all life is mine.

You cannot love me with your heart, whom
You cannot see, if you do not love your
Brothers and sisters whom you can see,
Your father and mother who you can see,
My helpless children who you can see,
For I will not listen to your prayers!
Do not mock me!

If you sincerely are a servant of mine
Then follow my ways. I do not ask
For you to give money, gold to make
Make me rich, like those of flesh do
In the world. I came to you humbly,
Asking you to give to the poor.
And follow me!

I Am, and I came to give you life and
Most abundantly! I kneeled before
You and served you without cost.
I fed you and healed you because of
My great compassion and grace.

Wealth and serving self will make you grow
Selfish and arrogant without my Spirit's love,
It will hardened your heart, it will leave you
A lonely soul, but give to those without
And you will receive the gift that is infinite,
Which will always be there growing so that
You can continuously give it away,
the most valued of treasures...your love!

I have given my word of life to you
Free of charge, and you freely you
Received it. Why listen to those who
Charge a cost for their own benefit,
That they may live a life of luxury on earth
as modern day Sadducees and Pharisees,
For they now have their reward.

My word and promise stands, come to me
And I will send the Holy Spirit who will
Teach you the ways of my Father
Without cost and you will understand
The simple things that are the best things
And they will be so life changing.
For the Son’s ways are also the Father’s,
And you will received an abundant

Why keep going in circles in your life
As the children in the desert. For years
They were unrepentant, and without
Change in their hearts many died in
Their sins. Only with a repentent
Heart did some finally enter the promised

Turn to me and you will be rewarded
By a treasure of love that will be abundant
In your life on earth and in heaven.
For true love is the best fruitful treasure.

Love the LORD, God, with all your
Heart, and love your fellow man and
Woman as you would love your
Selves, and serve the needs of others as I
Served the needs of others without
Asking for profit in return, and I will see,
And reward you openly with increase
Within your heart, soul and spirit.

For I AM the beginning and the
end. And no one comes to the
Father except by me! Come to
Me with a repentant heart, and
See the world that you live in
Change, for you surely will be blessed!

Wendell A. Brown,
April 15, 2012, 3:15 AM
I Repented of my sins.., will you!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Deep Place

Your spirit resides deep within me
A place where few will ever know
A place I'll never share with anyone
A shelter where I alone can go

Its here where we share moments together
Where I can truly be myself
For you alone Lord, created me
Blessing me with such spiritual wealth

It’s a very beautiful creative place
Where like paintings on a wall
The words lie there simply breathing
Waiting for my hearts loving call

Within there is always sunshine present
Far away from the world’s hurts and pains
For you have blessed me with a perfect place
Where I can always quietly praise your name

For I am so much a part of your spirit
That as the words from my heart do come
I feel all the pleasure of your precious love
For their sweet messages are never done.

Wendell A. Brown
April 6, 2012,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Him Alone

I awoken to the sounds of Spring
As the winds whistled through the trees
And even as raindrops fell softly
From the sky, all I could think about
Was thee.

For early in the morning as
I read your spoken word,
I am moved so deep within my heart
With the sweet melodies that are heard

And as I digest your Holy word
My heart and mind seem to explode
For I cannot hold back the desires from within
That my spirit always seeks to hold

And what eagerly dances to paper
Is what my heart does wish to sing,
Sweet songs of ardent praise now
being released so joyfully,
For Him alone who is my King.

Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Everytime I bring forth your image
From deep within the well of my mind
My heart begins shedding joyous tears
For your beautiful love that's mine

I can never escape feeling all the emotions
For they seem to overwhelm me each day
But just like the very first time I embraced you
The raging passion of my love will always stay

I was blessed the day you embraced me
That first moment you became my friend
And ever since your spirit held me close
My life changed as I was truly born again

You have never forsaken me a day
Of the spiritual things in life I need
And I love those very special moments
When your living word we together read

While I lift up my song of sweet love to you
Your daily showers of heaven's joy begins
I humbly thank you for giving your life's blood
A perfect Easter sacrifice to forgive all our sins.

Copyright, Easter Sunday,
2012. All rights Reserved

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Heart's Reality

What a beautiful morning which awakens me
With thoughts of you enriching my mind
Making me lazily to rise up from my bed
As I anxiously play a waiting game with time

For a certain bliss and joy are mine this morning
Because upon my lips you did seal a kiss
Even though only a dream, separated by reality
In my mind you provided the love I now miss

So sweet is this morning which I awaken to
Where soft melodies of pleasure now fill the air
With fashionable pleasures and spiritual treasures
Blossoming fully today with such an elegant flair

What joy filled moments will  this morning bring
When I soon will embrace the taste of  your love
For though I awaken from my sweet dreams of you
I now receive the reality which my heart dreams of.

From "Beginnings"
Copyright February 2012,
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


My mind and heart was
Reborn, in the freedom
That my spirit found
In the release of
My bondage to the power
Of sin.

For today I placed  self
Willingly in The Lord
Jesus, and gladly let it
Perish in His death, so that my
Freedom would be forever

For as the same spirit that
Empowered the Lord to rise
From the entanglements
Of worldly death to live at the
Side of His Father in
Heaven, so I too am made
Alive to serve The Father
Through the Son.

Being empowered daily
By His Holy spirit, I eat
And drink from His table
Of delights, being
Nourished constantly
By His daily Bread.

Will you not join me at His table?

Copyright 2011

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The True King

The small things I ask of you to do
May seem simple in many ways
Yet you always fail to do them
And from these simple tasks turn away

For to you I am the true example
With all that I do and say each day
But shortly after you hear my words
The power of flesh turns you away

Oh you, my child of little strength
I understand the burdens your life does bear
But come with me only taking tiny steps
And when you need me I will be near

Embrace the word your heart hears from me
And realize that its life is so very true
Then pick up your cross and follow me
And I will surely always walk with you

Do not let the call of flesh pull you away
From the pure things that you should do
Remember always to live just like I did
And my new life will soon embrace you

Know my word will surely empower you
To daily overcome this worlds adversity
And when those of flesh demand an answer
You will tell them you serve the true King.
Wendell A. Brown  
Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

No Praise Heard From The Grave

I love you and

The words did

Dance upon my

Tongue as they

Were spoken

And such joy did

Overwhelm me as

My spirit praised

Your name

For it is so satisfying

To be able to praise

The living Lord while

I am yet alive…

For no praise is heard

From the grave when

We depart nor are any

Word’s spoken.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Promise Me

Promise me your tender love,
to always be near to me.
Promise me that the dream I dream,
will also of yours now be.

Promise me a kiss each day,
and a warm tight hug each night.
promise me that when its dark,
you’ll provide my much needed light.

Promise me I’ll never see,
a sad or lonely day.
promise me I am what you need,
so much in every way.

An assurance is what I really desire,
So can you please now give to me.
Your most dear and holy promise,
That from my side you’ll never  leave.

From "Making Me A Willing Slave"
Copyright and Registered Feb 2010,
All Rights Reserved.


You filled my heart with
Heavenly rhythms, that  I
Hear while I sleep at night

Touching the deepest parts
Of my inner being, while
You fill my mind and heart
With your spiritual insight

And through the darkness
I am  made to see,  the life
Light that's there for all
To receive

If they would only open
Their spirit and hearts,
While reaching out their
Hands calling out to thee.

From "Morning Prayers",
Copyrighted, and Registered
April 1, 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, March 23, 2012

For My King

My heart awakens each day with a psalm,
Which I will joyfully recite for my King.
A psalm of tender love, a psalm of praise,
Because he means everything to me.

And on my knees I happily speak the words,
Before his presence on the heavenly throne.
And lovingly he accepts what is spoken from lips,
For he knows that their melodies are never done.

He has saved me from sin's deep darkened pit,
And from sinking into its tormented hell.
He gave his life as a eternal ransom for me,
And now my heart now each day must tell.

Of his goodness, love and tender mercies,
About how his loving grace has set me free.
How he saved a lowly sinner from certain death,
Giving me the blessing of life I would always need.

And that is why I will always tell the world
About the Salvation He alone does bring
For in my daily life , he is my everything
Because he means more than the world to me.

Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Love I Know

The winds of Winter
Have begun to fade,
As well as all the cold
And frost it did bring…

And I find now my heart
Sits alone yet contented,
Pondering what new you
The Spring will bring to me.

For in our lives there
Are some changes
Where some feelings
Fade and others grow…

And I sit back in great
Expectation for  the
Blossoming, of the only
Love that my heart
Does know.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Lost to my eyes was the morning sun
When to this day I did arise
Dark clouds hovered high above
As showers shared my skies

And my world was dark and miserable
With my heart much like this day
For you were far away from me
Yes so far from where I now lay

It was so very hard for me start
All alone to face this new day
For usually I start it off with you
With the little games of love we played

And yet its so very hard to do
As I got ready to go to work
For I am always a part of  you
But loneliness so close now lurked

Its tentacles tried to entrap me
Placing lonely doubts into  my mind
I tried to overcome my inner thoughts
But they overwhelmed me time after time

For lost to my eyes was my morning sun
This cold day when from my bed I arose
That  Shakespeare could not even capture
My mood in sweet succulent lines of  prose.

The  Brown One Poet
©  October 1977

Sunday, March 18, 2012

You Are

My love You are a God of
great mercy, a Lord of
great love, a King of great

You were before all
 thoughts were conceived
of the dream Gods of men

You were, when the universe
knew no sin and all did
praise and glorify Your name

You were, the life of all
that was and Your life was
of the Son, and the Son
was of Your life

The Spirit was of You Lord,
for He is Your power
and the power of the Son
Woe be to him that dares
to separate by mouth with
blasphemous words, The Father,
The Son and the Holy Spirit

For how can he that has not
knowledge, speak on He who
has all knowledge?

How can he that is with sin
disregard He that is without sin
as not being a  reality?

How can he, who can only create
corruptible things that do not
last, destroy that which was
created by an unblemished God
and not suffer the wrath of his anger

Because of his corruption
he will die...unless he calls
upon the Lord Jesus Christ
to intercede for him

                                                                   The   Brown One

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Forvever More

You came to me 
in the 
 the early spring

As a young 
tulip beginning
to bloom in May

You came into
my world with 
your brightness

And since that 
moment I am
not the same

For the happiness
that now fills my
world, never existed
here before...

And I realize now 
right at this moment, 
what we now share
will last forever more.

Copyright 1977,
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

So Consistent

The bliss of the spring

Is like your love,

So refreshing to the mind

The warmth of your love

Is like the sun,  so pleasing

All the time

The happiness of your word

Is like a deep well,  Which to

One’s spirit gives needed strength

The realness of your love

Is like the sky, always near

And so very consistent.

Copyright 2010

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Inside An Outward Change"

Inside there is another world
One which most cannot see
Where a fierce battle has been won
And one who once was a slave
Has now been set free.

The fallen  chains were visible to
Most who live, for visually
They could see all the outward
Signs, even though they had
Never taken the time
To view their own world
That lived inside themselves.

For many are so very handicapped,
Far from the perfect state
Which is theirs to own.
For unless they have grabbed
Hold of the message their
Inner being continues, running on empty
And in their lives they are ever alone.

For we are more than outward
Flesh and bone,  with features
That other eyes can see,  we are
More than descriptive traits that causes
Hate from those who claim to  believe.

But nothing is hidden from
The all seeing eyes of
The only true living God,
For He has seen everything
That we have done taking
Note for that special time.

But within the beating heart
Of the surrendered soul
An Oasis has began to
Grow,  being watered daily
By a living word showing
Outward change so others know.

That there was something
Special that happened, and
Something beautiful had made
Great change, and if they but
take the time to listen,  they too
would embrace the grace and
power that is only found in
His name.

Copyright 2011

                                                                                     Wendell  A. Brown

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"On My Mind"

The thought of You
Fills the empty
Void in my mind…

And in my heart
I find that You are
So alive, and that only You
Can fill the emptiness…

And I cannot control myself.

No one or anything
Can ever displace Your
reality from my mind,
Or from my heart
Where it does now

Am I obsessed?

For the true reality
Of you being with
Me stays so vivid…

So that even if I tried
My heart would never
Allow me to erase...

Your reality from deep  within.

For Your reality is
Such a golden one,
That I will daily endeavor
To bring it forth...

From within my heart
And mind.

And i will try to make every
Moment last forever
Whenever You are not
Near to me, because of my
Love for You.                                                            

"For God"

Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Always Be So Near"

My world was touched
by His hand, and its
loneliness was chased

Into my world came
such spiritual happiness,
and much more a need
for His love to stay

He taught me to love
my fellow humans, and
to love His Father first
of all.

He promised me if I
did all these things,
never hard would be
my fall.

He filled my heart with
an all believing faith,
that He promised I would
always keep

He told me never to
doubt again, for He
would always be on
call for me

He gave to me sweet
treasures that with
others He allowed me
to share

And He promised that
Even when I would
Sleep, that He would
always be so near.

Copyright 2010

Friday, March 2, 2012

"A Daily Love"

Your sweetness adds
life to my day, and your
word brings substance
to my bones

My soul is healed
of its sinful scars
by the mighty power
of your spirit

I can attest to the
wonderfulness of
your love, for daily
in my walk with you
I am blessed with its
loving essence.

And my day is made
so complete, because of
your completeness,
which has made me

And I am thankful that
the grave has not yet
claimed me from this

That I might still praise
you, everyday while i
am alive, all the days of
this my life.

Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"I Will Love You More"

I loved you so very dearly,

Long before I knew

Your precious name

For whenever I would

Find myself sitting close

To you, much higher would  

Leap my hearts burning flames

And certain feelings would

Overwhelm me, which I never

Shared with my heart before

And I loved you strongly with

My heart yesterday, but when

Tomorrow comes, I will only

Love you more.

From "Swept Away"
Copyright May 1977 

Monday, February 27, 2012

"Yesterday's Thoughts"

Yesterday I thought of you,

A thought that I won’t forget.

A thought I will always cherish,

For it was a thought of your loveliness.

I visualize your pretty eyes,

As brown as they can be

For they are always on my mind

Because they belong to me

I also think about your kiss

And there is something about your lips

For such a kiss would be surely missed

If not for your two lovely lips

But as they say dreams are made for fools

But i find it's not really true

Because your vision occupies my dreams

And all my thoughts of loving you.

Copyright  May 1977,
All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


You were born into this world for me
And for all who live that would believe
You appeared among all your creation
So from our sin you might set us free

Never have you ever charged a penny
For the living words which you would speak
Even though you appeared in the flesh like us
You never coveted wealth or sinful greed

Your hands reached out to all you met
As many hearts in this world you sought to lead
You never tried to profit from the poor and widows
But freely much in their hearts you would leave

You never chose to have much materially
Though everything In this world is yours
But humbly you came and lived among us
Enriching us with the grace you kept in store

Many always claim in you they believe
But from others they seek to take away
They want to be another’s lord and  master
Leaving many destroyed spirits along the way

I only want to be Christ like in my dealings
For in my life there will never be another way
I want them to see what its like to live humbly
With your true spirit teaching them every day

Remember me my LORD, each day as I rise
While by your sweet spirit I am truly led
Permit me to always be humble like you
And never please forsake me my daily bread.

For my time is very fleet in this world’s life
And before by your grace I am called away
I want to help bring your light into this world
So many might find life humbly following your way

Friday, February 24, 2012

The First Time (I Did Speak Your Name)

The First Time ( I Did Speak Your Name)

Early morning finds me
lying awake within my bed,
thinking of all the moments
what I did think, or what I
didn’t think I said.

On how my life changed
so tremendously, how it
never again would be the same,
from the very first time I saw
your brown eyes, from the
first time I ever said your name.

Your name has become
a source of strength to me,
lifting me up on high each
day, even now when your name
falls from my lips, I will still
never be the same.

And what I want to express to you
is that I really love you so,
and there is never found
a moment that passes, where I
would no longer want it so.

For to speak your name from
within my heart, while framing
it in words of praise, it's easy
to really understand the love I now
feel, still comes from the first time
my heart ever spoke your name.

The Brown One Poet,
Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Continuous Praise"

In the morning
when I rise ...
I will rejoice
in you.

I shall praise
you LORD, for the
life that is still in
my body.

I will sing a new
song of joy and
love to you
who sustains me.

I will trust in you
and only you
throughout the day.

For so many times
in my life my judgment
has failed me, leaving
my life in confusion and pain.                                                                                                                              

But in your judgment
I will rest secure, and
peace will fill my mind.

For you can do all
things so I know
and believe that
you will do...
what is best for me.

And I will praise your
name throughout the
day from morning until
the night, and from the
night until the dawn...

Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"In Need Of Your Love"

My heart longs for you Lord,
to feel your Spirit around me,
to feel your hand touch my
weary, aching bones.

I am not worthy of your love
for I was born in sin, yet I am
truly dead without your love,
and my life’s moments seem
so alone.

I long to hear your song at night,
to see your brightness in the morning,
to praise you Lord for life and the
ability to truly love another.

I thank you Lord for each new day,
where I am able to thank you
from the deepest parts inside my heart,
And tell you how much I am in need
…of your love.

Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Life's Light"

We leave the light of life in the beginning
We leave the joy that places a smile within
He is with us as we come stepping
Through the darkness into a world of sin

We begin innocently loving all around us
But soon the world grabs us from all sides
When we begin to learn and feel life
All of our senses become so alive

And in our mind we hear two voices
Two essences seeking our hearts to sway
One who will lead our hearts back to the light
Another to many dark and foreboding days

We experience daily an abundance of  things
And from each we must choose a way
For with each a path will lie ahead of us
Where some are found or lost along the way

We find each day we are tempted
With so many worldly and material things
Causing our minds to become so twisted
By the unholy wares of this worlds sin

We find the evil that dwells among us
Is seeking daily many of us to slay
Especially If we choose the wrong path
Allowing our feet from God’s light to stray

For there is a promise that is sure
If we  choose to follow the enemies ways
That we will surely die within our sins
An exact penalty if we turn away

For this was promised us if we strayed
When Adam and Eve's lives first began
Those fatal moments when they were tempted
To move from the light as they began to sin

We have a choice to make this day in our lives
Choosing between the  two voices we daily hear
We must be extremely cautious and  careful
To listen hard with our heart and both our ears

We must be very attentive with what we desire
Being careful with what our hearts may seek
Knowing that once our words escape our lips 
They will no longer be ours alone to keep 

For our spoken words have certain powers 
Like the one who is sentenced to die
For with our words we can lead another to life
Or cause many to lose hope and  faith  inside 

If we want to really live our lives fully
Reaching the true potential of our dreams
Then we must learn to humble ourselves
Letting self die before our eternal  King

Surrendering self In all we do and say
before the sight of our living God
Rising as a new creation of His grace
Becoming full of His all empowering love

Pray hard your feet will never stumble
Over the rock that will cause many to fall,
As we daily keep our ears and hearts so open
Listening day and night for His sweet call 

For His spirit is the only life saving power
That can lead one’s heart into His way 
Guiding new believers spirits into His truth
Enriching Everything that they hear and say

For once you allow sinful self  to die
In Christ Jesus  your spirit will surely rise
His love will lift you up to stand on your feet
As His living word will open your heart and eyes

He will light your daily path before you 
Helping you if you even stumble or fall
Never leaving your Spirit alone or lonely
And for you He will always be on call 

And when we find the darkness of night to come
As you hear that soft  sweet tender voice  
When  you close your eyes to go to sleep 
You’ll rest easy knowing you made the right choice

For you will hold His treasure so tightly
In your heart never letting it to escape
Finding there will never come a time again
Where you will not feel His beginning embrace

The one that you felt when your life began
The one that for a while you did not choose
But never did He ever leave your side
Because His sheep, He chooses not to lose. 

© 11/04/2010                         Wendell A.  Brown

"In The New Beginning"

I have sought you fiercely with
The fury of  thundering raging storms
I have sought you often so desperately
As a beggar roams the city seeking food

I have sought you in a material world
Where sin abounds so greatly
I have sought you as a lost child
Crying for his mother’s embrace

For I have great need of your strength
That only you can adorn me with
I have great need of  your great love
That only you can fill within my heart

Let me taste of the final reality Lord
That my heart may find its final comfort
Knowing that whether alive or dead
I shall always be with you…

Smile upon me Lord and listen to my words
For even though they are only my thoughts
They are true jewels to adorn your garden
Which is In heaven above

And with every hungry moment of time
I seek you to eat my fill of your Word
That forever will become my crown
And your love my reward in the new beginning.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.


You came to me
One day in the

As a young tulip
That does bloom
In May…

You came into
My world with
your brightness

And since that
Moment I am
Not the same…

For the happiness
That now fills my
Day never existed
Here before

But I know now
This love shall always
Be, and will last

Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"With Your All"

While I am away from you
When we experience lonely times
If  I call you on the telephone
Will you quickly pick up the line.

Even if for some unknown reason
That you might be mad at me
Will you still answer the telephone
So quickly if my number you see

When the hours of this day we know
Pass us by my dear ever so slow
Will your heart now truly hunger
For the love that you alone know

If I call you now on the telephone
Will you quickly answer the call
Reminding me always one true thing
That you still love me with your all.

Copyright, 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Happy Valentines Day"

As beautiful as you are
you make the sun cry
when he slips away at sunset,
because he does not want
to share your beauty with
the moon and the stars.

You make the night a joy for me
when you kiss my lips and I
fall fast asleep dreaming…
of your beauty,  your kiss, and
your smile,  and I sleep so

When I rise in the morning
I find the essence of your kiss
is still upon my lips,  and I feel
the fire of your love’s desire,
and of the flames that always burn
within you heart.

And you are so wonderful
to be near,  very tantalizing
to touch,  and so  amazing
to know…

For you still take my breath away.

The Brown One Poet
Copyright and registered 2011,
All rights reserved.

Monday, February 13, 2012

"All The Years Of Your Life"

Find a wife this day and love her
All the years of this your life
Cherish her young beautiful smile
That can light the sky like a star at night

Care for all the things that she loves
Love the things that are her hearts needs
And there will never come a time
That without her love you will ever be

Take the time to learn her personality
For its worth its weight in gold
Value her special touch of warmth
And you’ll never want to let her go

Love this precious love of yours
Whose smile could light the sky at night
Cherish and love her young warm heart
All the years of this your life.

By Wendell A. Brown.
© 2010,  All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"You Were Waiting"

I sought to flee from your sight
Yet there was no place I could go
In this world where you did not
Call home

As high as my eyes could see
As low as the deepest seas
There is nothing  Lord that
Is infinite, for where it ends
You are…but where your
Spirit is it has no endings…

And I sought to flee from your  sight
But your hand was always upon me
And where I was, you caused me
To have a profound need of you,
Because where I sought to be…
You were there waiting.

Copyright 2010

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meant To Be

My heart does beat much faster

whenever I see your face

and my soul just fills with laughter

whenever we embrace…

Each day has become so much better

than any day that we have shared before

While moments have become so priceless

that their treasures we now covet more

And why is it now so very obvious

To all who stop near us glancing to see

that as a couple we are tied together

In a special way that was meant to be

From "The Best Parts",
Copyrighted and registered,
April 2011, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"A Love That Still Endures"

First your smile did enchant me
Then your eyes made me question why
That moment when we first had  met
Why my heart did burn deep inside

I could not believe what happened
And my lips were afraid to say
How long I  had really waited
For just a small moment of your day

And though it seemed a flashing blur
That quickly came and went
So worthwhile was the moment
For the time was so well spent

We became a part of each other’s life
A blending of love that was so pure
And a feeling that day became love at first sight
That after many years still endures

To My Wife Deborah
From "Making Me A Willing Slave",
Copyright and registered 2010,
All Rights Registered.

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Morning Song"

When I see you in the morning,
my heart fills with the notes
of its soft melodic morning song.

For it is one of my most precious
joys to see your eyes, as they open
touching and filling my world.

For as I see your eyes open,
I see the quiet bliss of loves
soft serenity, and the tranquility
of its deepened joy.

I feel the flames of its love
as they engulf me, making me to
grow  in desire, making me to yearn
a little more for your love.

For they touch my heart and soul,
releasing the power of an infinite
force, so that my heart can withstand
this new source of happiness

Because when I see you, I see love
as a young rose blossoming in the
summer sun, and I know that
I will always love you.

From "Making Me Your Willing Slave",
Copyright and Registered 2010,
All Rights Reserved

"The Beauty Of A Smile"

A smile has so much
beauty my love, when
it adorns your face,

with the glow that is
found to be sister,
to the suns soft
radiant rays.

For such joy is found
to be within, this
smile that I daily see,

For what really makes it
so special, is that you
smile that smile for me.

And only the very best
ingredients, will make the
smile to shine so bright,

As what is found bright
within your tender smile,
could even light the
darkest sky at night.

For a smile has so
much beauty for the
naked eye to see,

If the smile belongs
to my one true love,
who smiles her smile
for me.


From "Making Me A Willing Slave"
Copyright and Registered 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

© 2010, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Accomplished By Your Love"

I have felt the tender bliss of your love
As your eyes have always been upon me
Sometimes I turned to lust after earthly things
But from your sight I could never flee

When I realized the evil I done before you
I yielded my heart and spirit in faith
For my tongue did cry out to you alone
Asking you to forgive my fallen state

And the many times in life I had fallen
Doing what was wrong before your eyes
You Lord, gracefully lifted me up
From the bed of sin in which I would lie

I am surely blessed that you have always loved me
For many times you could have turned your face away
I am blessed to be the recipient of a consistent love
Who no matter what happens, never turns away

But as you have spoken in your written word
When you said “Esau I hated, but Jacob I loved”
My heart humbly bows down before your face
Knowing it was all accomplished by your love.

From "My One True Love"
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Awakening Love"

My heart awakens each day with a song,
that I do recite happily for my King.
A song of love, a song of praise,
because he means everything to me.

And on my knees I recite the words,
before his heavenly throne.
And lovingly he accepts what is spoken,
knowing that my lips are never done.

For he saved me from a darkened pit,
from sinking into a tormented hell.
He became a ransom for me to his father,
and now my heart to all must tell.

About his goodness and  tender mercy,
of his mighty grace which set me free.
How he saved  this lowly sinner,
giving him all that he would ever need.

And that is why I will always sing aloud.
about the Salvation which he alone brings.
How in my life each day He is everything,
And  he means more than the world to me.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Monday, January 30, 2012

"A Never Forgotten Song"

At work each day I call to you,
From deep within my mind.
I call to you my dearest,
Because I’m always lonely at this time.

Especially after I leave in the morning,
While your kiss lies fresh on my lips.
I think of you and silently call within,
For the sweetness of the love I miss.

And its never a passing feeling,
For it lasts throughout my day.
Because every time I think of love,
In my mind your image comes my way.

At this moment i wish we were together,
Far away from my job where loneliness plays.
Then maybe I would not embrace the sad times,
As unhappiness in my heart always seems to stay.

From" I Want And Need You Now",
Copyright and Registered 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"A Strong Foundation"

We lay a sound foundation in the Christ,
and we do it as co-workers in His service.
And those who read the words we write,
are the field and buildings of the Lord

Some of us plant and some of us water,
and God the father makes all things to grow.
And as the process continues daily,
we also grow stronger and more spiritual.

For the depth of this learning is to realize,
that we are not wise worldly, but spiritual.
Because as we begin to grow we think less of
ourselves, and more of those who receive,
and are blessed by our messages.

For God is our strength, and the greatness
of our lives, while we exist only as servants
to He who is greater than all. We have been
born again through the Son’s death,
and while being bound to him, we are now
sons and daughters, of  the one living God

So as we embrace his love, the full tenderness
of  that grace shall  refresh our spirits each day.
And the riches that were passed to our hearts,
will now find the path to the spirits of those who
seek the riches that we have laid claim to.

They will find the same eternal freedom we have,
as they now become a part of his strong foundation
that is given by belief in his grace and love.

From "Morning Prayers",
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Friday, January 27, 2012

"True Faith"

True faith is to believe
In what the eyes
cannot see but what
the heart alone knows
so well

Faith is to know that
where ever I travel,
no matter where I am,
that the Lord is always
there with me.

For Faith is having
confidence in the only
One, whose love
transcends all others
in this world.

Faith is knowing whether
My body lives or dies,
That it shall never know
The flames of hell.

Because You Lord,
have saved my soul,
and spirit with Your
eternal love.

Copyright and Registered
June 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Do Not Judge"

Take a long look before you speak
Think about what your eyes daily see
Travel the deep recesses of your mind
Before you judge anyone that you meet

If we in this world were all born perfect
Then in all things we each would win
But we have been tarnished by a brush
Painted by our fathers and mothers sin

Look at yourself and realize the truth
All the past things that you have done
Seeing all that was wrong and sinful
What if tonight a taste of hell would come?

For we are not here in a perfect state
And so often do we truthfully fail
For Jesus did say that the person is a liar
If claimed in their body is not found sins trail

So when you speak be not quick to judge
But treat others as you would yourself
Speak kind words of sweet encouragement
That you may taste of Christ’s sweet wealth.

From "Forever More",
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Thoughts Of You"

My dreams tasted of
heavens bliss last night,
as your spirit entered
Into my sleep...

My thoughts tasted
of your spiritual kiss,
as your image I sought
to embrace and keep

And not a second was really
wasted last night, as I
peacefully dreamed of you...

For in the morning when my
eyes had opened , my heart
happily received the reality,
of loving you so true.

From "Deep Within Your Well"
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

"Changing Love"

A moment of happiness,
where time stands still,
framed in minutes where
one realizes the best
that love might bring.

Where the joy felt
deep within has no
rival,  not even in
the halls of paradise.

For what is felt  deep
In the heart’s center is
only akin to the moment
of happiness it now knows…

And  this tender feeling
will never come the same
way again, for it will never
be duplicated twice, but only
better… always changing.

For tomorrow as I open my
eyes, the new day that I will
receive, will be much better
than its cousin of yesterday…

For tomorrow will
bring into my hearts view,
a new, and better you,
with which to share our
lives together as one.


From  “The Feeelings Deep Inside”                                                                                                                  
© 2010,  All Rights Reserved.

Monday, January 23, 2012

"The Power of A Smile"

Who could withstand  the
power of your smile, and
once in the hearing of your
laughter, could turn away
from you not wanting to stay

For to share a precious moment
of your time is more than  a
valued treasure, it is a priceless
pearl  that burns a hole deep
in the soul of one who shares
its love in return…

I shudder as I try to speak,
for I stumble over the
words that escape from my
mouth, and I find many moments
Where my chances escape to
tell you what I feel…

For the power of your smile
melts me down, and I become
worried because I long to
know, if when you look  at
me when I smile do you feel
That same power…too.

From "The Feelings Deep Inside",
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"A Prayer"

A Prayer

My life is but a vapor in this world,
and its essence will one day disappear.
No matter how great I may become
Or how small, I will one day fade away.

Yet you Lord are greater than all things,
and you are the owner of all that is.
You have no ending to your massive powers,
and who but you, know your beginnings.

How precious is your love to your servant,
who you embrace at dawns beginning.
Whose eyes you allow to open gracefully,
to receive the brightness of your love

What have I done to deserve this bliss,
for I am a sinner who falters daily,
but I believe I have but one true hope,
to one day be set free by your loves grace.

For my beginnings was fashioned by your hands,
and all that I am, you have allowed to be.
I know as you call me to rise in the morning,
that I am blessed daily by your eternal love!

From "Never Far", Copyright and
Registered June 2010, All Rights

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"A Raindrop Of Your Love"


Succulent is Your

morning kiss to me,

like wine aged a

thousand years

My mouth nourishes

upon Your kiss,

and the energy


You are comparable

to all and none,

for You are all,

but none be You

You are as fair

in love, as fall

to the leaves, or snow

to the winter and

spring to the rose

For You are fair

to me Lord, and

Your fairness is

beautiful to me

You are more beautiful

than one thousand

handmaidens, or a

million lilies of the


And I am Yours...

Forever my Lord,

for many days

and nights I am


And I will dedicate

my life’s works

to You for a raindrop

of Your love...

From" The Open Door"
Copyright and Registered,
2011 All Rights Reserved.