Sunday, January 22, 2012

"A Prayer"

A Prayer

My life is but a vapor in this world,
and its essence will one day disappear.
No matter how great I may become
Or how small, I will one day fade away.

Yet you Lord are greater than all things,
and you are the owner of all that is.
You have no ending to your massive powers,
and who but you, know your beginnings.

How precious is your love to your servant,
who you embrace at dawns beginning.
Whose eyes you allow to open gracefully,
to receive the brightness of your love

What have I done to deserve this bliss,
for I am a sinner who falters daily,
but I believe I have but one true hope,
to one day be set free by your loves grace.

For my beginnings was fashioned by your hands,
and all that I am, you have allowed to be.
I know as you call me to rise in the morning,
that I am blessed daily by your eternal love!

From "Never Far", Copyright and
Registered June 2010, All Rights