Saturday, January 28, 2012

"A Strong Foundation"

We lay a sound foundation in the Christ,
and we do it as co-workers in His service.
And those who read the words we write,
are the field and buildings of the Lord

Some of us plant and some of us water,
and God the father makes all things to grow.
And as the process continues daily,
we also grow stronger and more spiritual.

For the depth of this learning is to realize,
that we are not wise worldly, but spiritual.
Because as we begin to grow we think less of
ourselves, and more of those who receive,
and are blessed by our messages.

For God is our strength, and the greatness
of our lives, while we exist only as servants
to He who is greater than all. We have been
born again through the Son’s death,
and while being bound to him, we are now
sons and daughters, of  the one living God

So as we embrace his love, the full tenderness
of  that grace shall  refresh our spirits each day.
And the riches that were passed to our hearts,
will now find the path to the spirits of those who
seek the riches that we have laid claim to.

They will find the same eternal freedom we have,
as they now become a part of his strong foundation
that is given by belief in his grace and love.

From "Morning Prayers",
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011, All Rights Reserved.