Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Life's Song

My life’s song is,,,Set to the tune, that YouAlone did create andCompose
For its melodic harmonies
Have sweet beginnings
Which  have their birthright
In the deep roots in heaven

The voice of Your spirit moves
Me to always seek to accomplish
What my body wants not to do, 
But what my heart and spirit will
Daily do gratefully

For your spirits timeless song 
Creates a stalwart hunger within
To daringly follow the unique path
Of life which you have laid out
Before me

And your love, alone with your
Word, I will always share with
Others in my life, and your will
Shall always be done according
To your lasting pleasure.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Same Way

One sees a rose
enjoying its beauty,
Its color,  and its

and I look at You
that same way.

I want  You, but I do
not lust after You,
for I want You so

If that is possible.

I need You,  as I need
water to survive, for
I need Your spirit to live…

and it’s a true statement.

One may see a diamond,
and inside they desire,
want, need, and love it.

In the same way I shall
always embrace Your love,
with my eager heart.

For I desire everything
that You are, for You  Lord,
make my life complete.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

For My One Love

A song is sung from
Deep in my heart where,
Your love does always

Its melodies are so very
Pleasing to me that, they
Bring my eyes to softly cry

For the song even though
It is happy is sung each day
With many emotional tears

Because of the happiness
Gift which comes alive by
The One true love who chased
Away all my worldly fears.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Deep Within

One might take away
The stars from the
Night, leaving a
Very dark and empty

One might try to take
The sun away, causing
It's radiant light to fade
And die

One might be able to
Take the rain away,
So that our tears
We can no longer hide

But one can never take
Your love dear Lord,
From its cherished place
Within my heart and mind

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Monday, November 17, 2014

I Pray For You

I pray for you Lord
That your energy
Will never ever cease
I pray that your power
Will never fade or dissipate
Or lose its vibrancy
I pray that your love
Will never change, that
You will always walk
With me…
Whether I am wrong
Or right
I pray that you never
Tire as I do Lord, and
That you never suffer
As I always do…
But that your healing
Will always be endless
I pray to you Lord, from
My heart and its deep rivers
Found within my spirit
And my prayers are always
For my family in this world
As a whole
But today my heart prays
For your eternal well being
As I so need you Lord always
In my life everyday…
And may the blessings you
Have brought to my life return
And multiply within your
Heart and spirit as you
Receive my psalms of love
Each and every day endlessly.
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Shall Wait On You

I shall wait for You,
Any where of your

For indeed You are
Are worth waiting
The thought of Your
Coming fills my heart
With a splendid joy
And my heart happily
Beams forth, because
I know You will come
In a time unknown to
Us, yes a time that
You Father alone has
I know that You are kind
And merciful Lord, One
Who will never leave or
Forsake me
That You Lord, will care
For me, leading me into
A much more abundant
And my heart lives to
See Your coming.
I desire to see Your face,
Your smile, for I know
That one day it will come
To pass

And I my Lord will surely
Wait with a great eagerness
Of heart…

Because of your gentleness

I know and dream of the 
Peace that you one day
Will bring to those who
Wait together for your

For I know it will be so
Much more than any
Earthly mind could ever
Dream of being possible
And I will wait on You
Lord Jesus, to lead me
Into Your eternal heaven
Where Your reign will be
Forever, and forever.
Wendell A. Brown,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Flames of Love

Why is it when I see you
I always fall in love again
Why is it when I touch you
Loves fires  will begin

Why is it when I kiss you
I want you so much more
Why is it when I'm near
Of one thought I am quite sure

I need you like the grass the rain
Or the sky above the clouds
For without your love in my life
I would not know what loves about

For I only know when I see you
I fall in love all over again
When I reach out to touch you
The flames of love always begin.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

His Touch

My world was touched by his hand
And its loneliness was chased away
Into my world entered such happiness
And a greater need for his love to stay

He taught me to love all of mankind
Also to love His father first of all
Promising me if I did all these things
Never hard would ever be my fall

He filled my heart with a believing faith
Which he promised I could always keep
He told me not to ever  doubt again
As he would always be on call for me

He gave to me many sweet treasures
That to others he allowed me to share
He promised that even while I slept

That his love would always be so near.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

To Me

My heart turns
To limitless love…
It turns to you

My heart is never
Lonely…for you
Are always near

My heart cares for
Others…because you
Care for me

Your word lifts me
Because it is food for
My spirit

My heart rejoices
When it embraces
The sound of your

Because you are
My heavenly father
And the best of loves
To me.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Certain Love That's True

Only in your presence
Can I find the joy
Which my heart needs

Only when walking
With you can I find
What brings me peace

Only by sharing my
Quiet moments with you
Will I know each day what
I should do

And only in the love
Which you give me Lord,
Will I find a lasting treasure
That‘s always true.

'The love of the Lord is always
consistent, never changing,
so our love should be the same.'

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biblelovenotes.blogspot. com

Yours Alone To Keep

Can you feel the pulse of my heart beating
Can you hear the words which it now speaks
Can you dissect the rhythms your ears hear
So you might understand all that it means

To be the one who loves you only
To be the one whom you chose for life
To know it's only you I truly love
My very special someone, yes my wife

When I think of you I sigh so deeply
As my heart and soul swell up inside
When thinking of you I am swept away
As I ride a beautifully sweet natural high

These moments happen everyday
For I love you within  very deeply
And while each moment passes by
They show me I love you completely

So can you feel the rhythms of my heart
Can you feel the embrace of every beat
Realizing as we walk together in life
My love is yours alone to forever keep.

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