Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yours Alone To Keep

Can you feel the pulse of my heart beating
Can you hear the words which it now speaks
Can you dissect the rhythms your ears hear
So you might understand all that it means

To be the one who loves you only
To be the one whom you chose for life
To know it's only you I truly love
My very special someone, yes my wife

When I think of you I sigh so deeply
As my heart and soul swell up inside
When thinking of you I am swept away
As I ride a beautifully sweet natural high

These moments happen everyday
For I love you within  very deeply
And while each moment passes by
They show me I love you completely

So can you feel the rhythms of my heart
Can you feel the embrace of every beat
Realizing as we walk together in life
My love is yours alone to forever keep.

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