Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Sweetness Of My Life"

You are the sweetness of my life
The radiance of my smile
You are the wholesome love I need
Who makes my life so worthwhile

And when You are so close to me
Only You can make my heart feel
Like I did when I first met You
When my life became so ideal

No moments have ever gone by
In our past that I can trace
Where I did not love You everyday
In so many different ways

For You are the sunshine in my life
The happiness I will always need
And my life would be very crippling
Without Your sweet love a part of me

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My longings lie before you
As also do my many needs
Often lord I find myself praying
For you to please come to me

Answer the prayers that I am praying
For only you can see deep within
You alone know my hearts intentions
If they are pure or just full of sin

I languish in my own sadness
While my body aches with searing pain
I thirst after your companionship
Like a desert flower for a drop of rain

So please return this day to me
Embrace each word that from my lips fall
Know that my heart patiently waits for you
Lord to answer my silent call

© 2011 Wendell A. Brown
All Rights Reserved 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"The Best Part" (For Deborah)

Love help me go to sleep last night
she made my dreams peaceful and sweet
she caused laughter in my heart to rise
leaving sweet memories for my heart to keep

Love awoken me this morning
with a smile that is one of a kind
it embraced me today with such a warmth
I was so proud that this love was mine

And love sent me on my way today
off into life’s daily grind
but in her heart her eyes were on me
as she thought of me all the time

And at the end of the day while tired
love found the time to lift my heart
for she kissed me twice upon my lips
Saying this time of day was her best part.

"Happy Mother's day to my best friend, who
also happens to be my wife!

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2011, All Rights Reserved