Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moon Ride

Ride with me where the stars are
touch port upon the moon
stretch out into the milky way
and in love please fall so soon

Lets sprinkle dearest into your eyes
the stars that share our night
as we journey into the darkness
so that we may use them as our light

And lets cast aside our dreams tonight
and give life to the products of our thoughts
lets make the time become so right
for these sincere moments that we have caught

And lets feel the love that’s much higher
much higher than the stars
and lets ride beams up to the heavens
up past where the angels are so far

Lets just ride to where sweet heaven begins
and in love lets fall so soon
and stretch out into the milky way
on our ride of  love beyond the moon.

The Brown One Poet,
Copyright 1977

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Lambs Book Of Life

For as through one man sin and death
did enter the world, so by the righteous
act of One was life given to those who
believe in His Holy Name.

And You are the blessing
that arrives to us each day
as we open our eyes to seek
You out.

You are the morning star that
rises and places a smile
of sunshine for all to see
on our glowing faces.

You are the beginnings of
our life each new day. For
we are renewed by Your
always continuing grace.

And all who embrace You
shall never be left alone
to suffer, for they shall be
free of the sting of death.

And they shall be showered
with the blessings of a loving
God , and their names will be
remembered.  For they are written
in the lambs  book of life eternally.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2010

Friday, May 25, 2012


Can anyone touch and capture,
the soft brightness of starry nights?
Can anyone take the heavenly smile,
that the moon shares with us each night?

Can anyone touch the new essence,
born in the early morning sun?
Can anyone come between two young loves,
that do live and breathe as one?

Can anyone make a star fall from the sky,
or sprout wings like a bird and fly?
Can anyone receive the gift of another’s affection,
And if in love with them question why?

For when two become one jointly,
their lives become so intertwined.
And like  two golden ropes sewn together,
by a Holy love are they now combined.

By Wendell A. Brown
© 2011, All Rights Reserved.
From “Never Changing Love”

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Treasured Flower In Your Garden

You have listened to my many cries for help
And never did You turn Your ears away
When I was sick  in bed and laid near to death
You lifted  me up from where I did lay

You have always called me in the middle of the night
To eat of the great table that You had set
So alone I could eat from all of Your delights
And Your living words I could properly digest

When I finally  fell gently back to sleep
So peaceful was my sweet rest
When  the morning  sun did greet me
I knew that my life was surely blessed

You allowed me to share Your spiritual light
With everyone that I would meet
I noticed that when sharing Your word with others
That small tidbits some would embrace and keep

And inside I would look up to You from my spirit
Thanking You so much in every way
That You have made me a treasured flower
Who shares Your blessings with many each day.

©      11/11/2010                         Wendell A. Brown

Together As One

You are the God of compassion
You are the God of comfort
For You have brought peace to us
Through Your Son the Lord Christ

It is you who receives our praises
For you are the head of all living things
You are our only  beginnings
And it is you who has given us choices

Your love for us is great as it is written
In your word,  “let us make man in our image".
You are the only God that exists
And you have allowed us to be seen as you

You have given us the Gift of your Holy spirit
To guide us from darkness into Your light
And He provides us the understanding and
Wisdom of your living Word

Who cannot praise you Lord, and who
Cannot praise your son.  For is not
The Son as the Father and the Father
Like the son and more importantly
Is the not the Holy Spirit one with the Lord?

In You there is perfect harmony
with perfect peace and no disorder
And what you bring to our lives
Is forever perfect in nature.

May all bow down before you
Lord, in humble and contrite reverence,
And may all beg for even the crumbs
Of  love from your table, that our hearts
And spirits will always be full.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Spirits Seed

My Lord You have truly awakened me
From a pleasurable blissful sleep
Where Your love did fill my spirit
With valuable treasures I can keep

My Lord You have really opened my eyes
Letting them to always be forever full
Of a taste of heaven's sweet tender kiss
That each day can only come from You

My heart is so well acquainted
And of Your knowledge forever full
I find that I am never empty long
With constant pleasures coming from You

Never again will I be at a lost
For what each day are my spirit's needs
As long as You are so close to me
Constantly watering my spirit's seed.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2010

Saturday, May 19, 2012

His Love

In the morning,
A lark, sings of
The beauty in its

In the morning,
I sing to the
Everlasting beauty
Found in your
Forever love.

And nothing created,
Can ever replace the
Joy that swims the
Tides within my

For love has its source
In You, and no matter
How much of it is given
Away…there is always
More to come from Your
Eternal spring…

To those with hungry hearts.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You made the day
Envious, because
Your beauty has no rival

And my body reaches a
Breathless state of
Sheer euphoria

As my lips yearn to speak,
But they are held prisoner
By their binding passion

I can only cry within
For I fear the moment
Will escape me soon

Leaving me a hopeless
Pawn in a maze of
Unwanted loneliness

Where I may never
Be allowed to see
The beauty of your face

As I must know your
Name to frame it tightly
To the walls of my heart

So that I may dream of
You in many moments
That are mine alone

While saying an earnest
Prayer, begging that I
May see you again so

Copyright May 1977,
All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Love Me As Your Own

Lord, have you forsaken me?
Have you cast me away as
Fodder, am I now detestable
In your sight?

Lord do my prayers not
Reach your halls in heaven?
Do my cries and prayers
Not reach your ears?

Do you not hear the agony
Of my heart Lord where
Else can I go to whom  may
I turn to?

I can no longer step
By myself  for with every
Step, I go deeper within
The pit.

Sin has taken away the strength
From my bones, and my mind
Is twisted in pain.
I can do nothing more
My Lord,  but ask your
Mercy and forgiveness.

I cannot even pray well  Lord,
Yet I can better write my
Prayer to you, and pray it
In my heart where only you
Can hear.

My health is bad, and my path
Has been made crooked.  Lord,
Lead me away from the pit that
I am in, hear my pleas, oh Lord,
Do not shut me out.

Forgive me my sins Lord
And heal me, make me to
hunger and thirst after your
Righteousness, for that is the
Better way!

Lead me into the Light
Lord and guide my steps,
That I may find and embrace
Your wisdom and understanding.

Lord, be my Father, and I will be your
Servant, and your son. Teach me your
Ways letting me feel the fire of your
Spirit, that I may be taught and led
In the prefect way with good counsel.

Lord be my life,  be the love that
Is inside of me, that I may glorify
You my Christ, and that your Father
May also be glorified by my words.

May I know and understand your
Holiness and your will.  May I
I never part ways with you again,
But may I always abide in you.

I praise you Lord, for you are truly
Wonderful, and the joy of my days
And nights. May you always love
Me as your own.

Wendell A. Brown