Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Treasured Flower In Your Garden

You have listened to my many cries for help
And never did You turn Your ears away
When I was sick  in bed and laid near to death
You lifted  me up from where I did lay

You have always called me in the middle of the night
To eat of the great table that You had set
So alone I could eat from all of Your delights
And Your living words I could properly digest

When I finally  fell gently back to sleep
So peaceful was my sweet rest
When  the morning  sun did greet me
I knew that my life was surely blessed

You allowed me to share Your spiritual light
With everyone that I would meet
I noticed that when sharing Your word with others
That small tidbits some would embrace and keep

And inside I would look up to You from my spirit
Thanking You so much in every way
That You have made me a treasured flower
Who shares Your blessings with many each day.

©      11/11/2010                         Wendell A. Brown