Saturday, December 29, 2012


My world was touched
by his hand, and it's
loneliness was chased
Into my world came
a certain happiness,
and a need for his love
to stay.
He taught me to love
all those around me,
and to love his father
most of all.
And he told me if
I did all that he had
ask, that never hard
or lasting would be
my fall.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2010,
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Richness Of Your Love

My cup of knowledge is filled to the brim
Yet do I not hunger to fill it more?
Do I not cry when a drop is wasted?
For I know not what blessing was lost to me,
In that tiny drop that slipped away at Satan’s call.

Oh Holy Spirit, grant unto me a golden cup
That is never empty,  that will hold the knowledge
Of your secrets and your mysteries
For I want them to be mine so much

But let not my cup overflow and run over
Let it never be completely filled
For I want all the love of heaven
And all the riches of my heavenly Father

For is not a son a true son
That betters himself in His Fathers eyes
For the glorification  of His Father
So all may see the richness of His Fathers love.

The   Brown One  Poet
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The Thought

The thought was of
such beauty, and how
enchanting was it to

Another thought was
a daydream, of  the
sweet tender love
my mind did see

And another was of
a moment seized,
embracing this love
I truly need…

While the last thought
was of treasuring your
gentle love, just as much
as you treasure me.

The  Brown One Poet
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I yearn for your word
Oh lord, I want to own it
And possess it in my heart

it’s my  pearl of great worth
 that I will honor
And treasure always

For it is the word that
Gives  life, and also heals…
It is the word that saves

Blessed was the day that
I touched the word
Receiving  it in my heart,  for it
Renewed my soul and spirit,
Indeed it set me free

And its importance is very real
For when we are saved by it…
It becomes the first thing that
Satan  seeks to steal away

For your word is the fire
That sets my love aflame
Deep within my heart…

For my one true love…You

Wendell A. Brown,
December 2012,
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