Monday, January 30, 2012

"A Never Forgotten Song"

At work each day I call to you,
From deep within my mind.
I call to you my dearest,
Because I’m always lonely at this time.

Especially after I leave in the morning,
While your kiss lies fresh on my lips.
I think of you and silently call within,
For the sweetness of the love I miss.

And its never a passing feeling,
For it lasts throughout my day.
Because every time I think of love,
In my mind your image comes my way.

At this moment i wish we were together,
Far away from my job where loneliness plays.
Then maybe I would not embrace the sad times,
As unhappiness in my heart always seems to stay.

From" I Want And Need You Now",
Copyright and Registered 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"A Strong Foundation"

We lay a sound foundation in the Christ,
and we do it as co-workers in His service.
And those who read the words we write,
are the field and buildings of the Lord

Some of us plant and some of us water,
and God the father makes all things to grow.
And as the process continues daily,
we also grow stronger and more spiritual.

For the depth of this learning is to realize,
that we are not wise worldly, but spiritual.
Because as we begin to grow we think less of
ourselves, and more of those who receive,
and are blessed by our messages.

For God is our strength, and the greatness
of our lives, while we exist only as servants
to He who is greater than all. We have been
born again through the Son’s death,
and while being bound to him, we are now
sons and daughters, of  the one living God

So as we embrace his love, the full tenderness
of  that grace shall  refresh our spirits each day.
And the riches that were passed to our hearts,
will now find the path to the spirits of those who
seek the riches that we have laid claim to.

They will find the same eternal freedom we have,
as they now become a part of his strong foundation
that is given by belief in his grace and love.

From "Morning Prayers",
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Friday, January 27, 2012

"True Faith"

True faith is to believe
In what the eyes
cannot see but what
the heart alone knows
so well

Faith is to know that
where ever I travel,
no matter where I am,
that the Lord is always
there with me.

For Faith is having
confidence in the only
One, whose love
transcends all others
in this world.

Faith is knowing whether
My body lives or dies,
That it shall never know
The flames of hell.

Because You Lord,
have saved my soul,
and spirit with Your
eternal love.

Copyright and Registered
June 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Do Not Judge"

Take a long look before you speak
Think about what your eyes daily see
Travel the deep recesses of your mind
Before you judge anyone that you meet

If we in this world were all born perfect
Then in all things we each would win
But we have been tarnished by a brush
Painted by our fathers and mothers sin

Look at yourself and realize the truth
All the past things that you have done
Seeing all that was wrong and sinful
What if tonight a taste of hell would come?

For we are not here in a perfect state
And so often do we truthfully fail
For Jesus did say that the person is a liar
If claimed in their body is not found sins trail

So when you speak be not quick to judge
But treat others as you would yourself
Speak kind words of sweet encouragement
That you may taste of Christ’s sweet wealth.

From "Forever More",
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Thoughts Of You"

My dreams tasted of
heavens bliss last night,
as your spirit entered
Into my sleep...

My thoughts tasted
of your spiritual kiss,
as your image I sought
to embrace and keep

And not a second was really
wasted last night, as I
peacefully dreamed of you...

For in the morning when my
eyes had opened , my heart
happily received the reality,
of loving you so true.

From "Deep Within Your Well"
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

"Changing Love"

A moment of happiness,
where time stands still,
framed in minutes where
one realizes the best
that love might bring.

Where the joy felt
deep within has no
rival,  not even in
the halls of paradise.

For what is felt  deep
In the heart’s center is
only akin to the moment
of happiness it now knows…

And  this tender feeling
will never come the same
way again, for it will never
be duplicated twice, but only
better… always changing.

For tomorrow as I open my
eyes, the new day that I will
receive, will be much better
than its cousin of yesterday…

For tomorrow will
bring into my hearts view,
a new, and better you,
with which to share our
lives together as one.


From  “The Feeelings Deep Inside”                                                                                                                  
© 2010,  All Rights Reserved.

Monday, January 23, 2012

"The Power of A Smile"

Who could withstand  the
power of your smile, and
once in the hearing of your
laughter, could turn away
from you not wanting to stay

For to share a precious moment
of your time is more than  a
valued treasure, it is a priceless
pearl  that burns a hole deep
in the soul of one who shares
its love in return…

I shudder as I try to speak,
for I stumble over the
words that escape from my
mouth, and I find many moments
Where my chances escape to
tell you what I feel…

For the power of your smile
melts me down, and I become
worried because I long to
know, if when you look  at
me when I smile do you feel
That same power…too.

From "The Feelings Deep Inside",
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"A Prayer"

A Prayer

My life is but a vapor in this world,
and its essence will one day disappear.
No matter how great I may become
Or how small, I will one day fade away.

Yet you Lord are greater than all things,
and you are the owner of all that is.
You have no ending to your massive powers,
and who but you, know your beginnings.

How precious is your love to your servant,
who you embrace at dawns beginning.
Whose eyes you allow to open gracefully,
to receive the brightness of your love

What have I done to deserve this bliss,
for I am a sinner who falters daily,
but I believe I have but one true hope,
to one day be set free by your loves grace.

For my beginnings was fashioned by your hands,
and all that I am, you have allowed to be.
I know as you call me to rise in the morning,
that I am blessed daily by your eternal love!

From "Never Far", Copyright and
Registered June 2010, All Rights

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"A Raindrop Of Your Love"


Succulent is Your

morning kiss to me,

like wine aged a

thousand years

My mouth nourishes

upon Your kiss,

and the energy


You are comparable

to all and none,

for You are all,

but none be You

You are as fair

in love, as fall

to the leaves, or snow

to the winter and

spring to the rose

For You are fair

to me Lord, and

Your fairness is

beautiful to me

You are more beautiful

than one thousand

handmaidens, or a

million lilies of the


And I am Yours...

Forever my Lord,

for many days

and nights I am


And I will dedicate

my life’s works

to You for a raindrop

of Your love...

From" The Open Door"
Copyright and Registered,
2011 All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"The Oneness Of Love"

When I write of you,
and my love for you
I also write of God

For I know He loves me
through the love
you give to me each day

Through you I feel the
warmth and tenderness
of heaven and it is so real

With you I feel His touch
when you touch me
with your hands

And when I hold you,
i know that God holds
me so very near…also

And the times  I hear your
voice, it reminds me of
the quiet times when
when I  talk to God…

For when I think of God
I see your love, and when
I think of you, I see the love
of God…

And it shows me that
our love is so blessed
and so very complete
when we are equally…one.

Wendell A. Brown
From “Morning Prayers”
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011, All Rights Reserved                                                                                  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"My Only Salvation"

You are my only path to salvation.
With you alone does true life begin.
From inside your grace is daily produced,
A heavenly hymn that lives within.

I will drink the water from your well,
That  will always make me  so complete.
So of  another I will never have a need ,
For in you alone Lord, I truly believe.

For you created my humble beginnings,
And all I have truly comes from you.
When I try to resolve things in my life alone,
Without your help they never come true.

So with joy in my heart I reach out to you,
Hoping for the touch of your sweet embrace.
For I am thirsty for your living water alone,
To daily fill my spirits once empty place.

From "By Your Word"
Copyright, April 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"True To Him"

“The Lord preserves those who are true to Him”
Psalm 31, verse 23

Throughout my life much has happen,
Both good things along with the bad.
I have tasted of success in this world,
And just as much of things that are sad,

Yet my life was always centered,
On  whom I loved each day so true.
And when I became a wayward child,
He showed  me in life what I should do.

My Lord  never departed away from me,
Even during the times that I turned away.
He reminded me all the days of my life,
That unlike man, His mind does not change.

When I would sin I would come to him,
With a very humble and repentant heart.
And He would listen to all my prayers,
While in his newness of life I again would start.

And as it is truly written in his word,
When we come asking forgiveness of sin.
Our Lord will open wide his tender embrace,
Forgiving all those who are true to Him.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Always And Forever"

My lord, tonight you have called to me
To turn from my sinful wretched ways
Out of your love you spoke so clearly
As precious words asked me to change

You alone my Lord, did care enough
To reach out and touch me in my sleep
Speaking to me with the truest words
Let your evil ways tonight now cease

You spoke to me saying I am your Lord
And without my spirit’s deposit you will die
Your life will be ever so meaningless
As in your sinful grave you surely lie

You said my child lets reason together
Though sinful you can become clean
Just turn away from your evil ways
And with me you will now walk again

Return to me and I will keep my promise
That I in turn will return my love to you
Cleansing your body of sin’s iniquity
As my spirit’s light in your life shines through.


Wendell A. Brown
© 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Forgive Me"

I wear my shame
as clothing, and
my heart aches because
I have disappointed

My lips were always
free with promises
that i did not keep
and words that were
so meaningless

And now I am afraid
to open my mouth
for fear of what
I may speak

I do not want to
say I love You
and not keep
Your commandments

I do not want to say
that I love You and
not do Your will

So Lord all I can
say at this time
is forgive me
while I pray before
you on bending knees.

From "The Fire That Burns Within",
Copyright and Registered 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

"Lights My Way"

My heart longs for
You, in the deepest
recesses of an empty

Where there should
be thoughts, where
there should be dreams,

There is no glow.

Your Spirit is far
from me, it has left
me, and I am as an
abandoned child

Should I say that
I need You, but
then You know that

For You know all

Let me have your
spirit with me
to light my way

Let me not do a
displeasing thing
to You whom I love
So wholesomely

But let me live unto
You each and everyday
tasting of Your love,
as You live in me.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.
Wendell A. Brown

"Forbidden Pearls"

The vision that did give
way to the sinful thought,
my lord please take it away

The thought that causes one
to lust for the world, please
Lord do not let it stay

The dream that makes one
hunger, for those things
that are of this world

Take them all so far away
from us, for they are nothing
but forbidden pearls.

From "Eternally",
Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Every Day"

Every Day

Lord, You have caused
me to cry this day, when
I thought of how often
You must think of me...

For often days go by where
You are not on my mind, while
selfishly I think of myself
more, and this has caused
deep sadness within my heart

I long for the day to come,
where I will breathe and think
of You with every conscious
thought, though it may seem
an impossible task...

If I can increase the time
that I think of You more than
I think of myself, You will be
with me in my mind more often
than before, renewing my spirit...

And it seems such a little thing
to ask of me, to turn my heart
away from its selfishness especially
since You think of me every day.

From "Never Far",
Copyright and Registered,
July 2010.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"The Thought"

The thought was of
such beauty, and how
enchanting was it to

Another thought was
a daydream,  of  the
sweet tender love
my mind did see

And another was a
moment seized,
embracing this love
I did truly need…

While the last thought
was of treasuring your
gentle love, just as much
as you treasure me.

From "Thoughts Of Only You",
Copyright and Registered,
July 2011.  All Rights Reserved

Monday, January 9, 2012

"Called Out"

I was called out from among the dead
As I  heard the sound of His voice
I was set loose from the shackles of death
As I accepted God’s most ultimate choice

I wondered why I was considered special
That he would welcome me into his home
So in this world I would wander no longer
For with Him I now surely belonged

I layed down before His word each day
Not knowing what it would bring
I only know that I am safe in his hands
With the Daily Bread I receive from my king

And my life is blessed in many ways
As He delivered me from my sins
That I might find true life this day
With his sinless grace that lives within.

From "Morning Prayers",
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011, By Wendell Arnold Brown

"I Realize"


There are times

in my day

when I am lifted

by a daydream

or two of you…

There are moments

when you call me,

and you change the

whole complexion

of my day…making it


But there are times

when I realize

the importance of you

being my wife….

And that’s when

I realize the deepness

and the fullness…

of my love for you.

The Brown One Poet

"From "The Best Parts",

Copyrighted and Registered,

April 2011.


The Brown One Poet

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"A Prayer Of Faith

In the times of drought sustain me
In times of little faith take my hand
When it seems that I cannot go on
Give me a shelter in which to stand

When my eyes become so dreary
And it feels my heart will break
When my world seems to fall apart
Take me to that most holy place

Why have so many Lord forgotten
Where their breath of life comes from
Whose hands alone have the power
And whose days are never done

They embrace so many things in life
That they choose to worship every day
Chasing after them with open arms
Never calling upon the One who saves

They only believe in what can be seen
In created things that will surely fade
But soon will so many unhappily find
An unexpected ending to their days

Never realizing who did exist close by
A open door Who will provide true life
If they could take off the blinders
That did daily imprison their eyes

If only they took a moment in their day
To ponder what His living word does say
Then maybe their life would blossom
As their hearts move toward the only way

For there is freedom from all that is lifeless
Those things that their eyes embrace and see
If only they reach out for His salvation
Then from their sins they will be set free

From "A Prayer of Faith"
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved

"A Deposit"

The spirit was placed into us
As a deposit for what is unseen
When the Lord our God returns
Bringing about eternal change

For His spirit is our guarantee
Of the life that is yet to come
A symbol of our spirits freedom
That by the shedding of blood was won

For God has chosen to fool the wise
Making it hard for them to believe
So they would be blinded in their eyes
To the rock who is the one true key

For it’s hard for many to really believe
The unselfish act one has done for many
Taking on the whole worlds total sin
Bringing life from His death for many

And God is please to use the true believer
To make what is unseen to become so true
For many unlocking the keys to sinful life
Giving a holy grace and faith to a chosen few

Since we know what it is like to fear the lord
We try with our many daily writings to persuade
The truth that is hidden to many in this world
So that in Christ that may find the one true way

From "Pearls"
Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

"A Love That's Always True"

Only in your presence
can I find the joy
that my heart needs

Only when walking
with you can I find
what brings me peace

Only by sharing my
quiet moments with you
might I know what it is
I should do

And only in the love
you give Lord,
will I find a love
that‘s always true.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved
The love of the Lord is always consistent,
never changing. So our love should be the same!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"The True King"

The small things I ask of you to do
May seem simple in many ways
Yet you always fail to do them
And from these simple tasks turn away

For to you I am the true example
With all that I do and say each day
But shortly after you hear my words
The power of flesh turns you away

Oh you, my child of little strength
I know the burdens your life does bear
But come to me taking only tiny steps
And when you need me I will be near

Embrace the word your heart hears from me
Realizing that its life is so very true
Then pick up your cross and follow me
And I will surely always walk with you

Don't let the call of flesh pull you away
From the pure things that you should do
Remember always to live just like I did
And my Spirit's grace will embrace you

Know my word will surely empower you
To daily overcome this worlds adversity
And when those of flesh demand an answer
You will tell them you serve the true King.

From “Pearls”,
Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, January 6, 2012

"Come My Way"

My heart did hunger
for You tonight, in the
deep darkness of my
lonely room

For I felt the pains of
loneliness, that most
times accompanies
a quiet gloom

I felt the harsh pains of
separation, as I did
not have that of which I
daily need

So I called out to You with
much fervent prayer, to bring
Your special love I need to me

But no answer found its way
to my hearts door, and what
was now locked so securely

Would never be found
to begin to change, the
complexion of my coming

For maybe I committed
a dreadful sin, or was it
something I forgot
to do or say

I only know that
tonight I am unhappy,
because You are far
away from where I

Remember me this night
my love, and not
hesitate to send me a
sweet taste

Of the heaven that lives
within your well of
love, as I promise not
a drop will I surely waste

For the peace that lives
deep inside of my heart,
I want with me to always

As I pray that when my new
day awakens, that you will
quickly come again my way.

By The Brown One Poet,
From "Continuous Praise,
Copyright 2010, All Rights

"The Fire In My Eyes"

Your eyes feed the fire in my eyes

and so gently they fan the flames

yet no smoke does arise from their fire

for their origins are far from plain

And it’s the intertwining feelings

that I feel for you inside

doing battle with my heart and my soul

as I try to keep them always mine

While their flame causes my eyes to sparkle

like the brightest stars in the sky at night

While they seem to only want to shine

for the one love who gives them life

And as your eyes feed the fires in my eyes

gently fanning their fiery flames

inside of my heart on its inner wall

is inscribed so passionately your sweet name.

From "Making Me Your Willing Slave"
Copyright and Registered, February 2010,
All Rights Reserved.    

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Born Again"

The heart of man is always before me,
as he casually makes choices.
I see their endings from their
beginnings, as there is nothing that
is not uncovered by My sight

For I see deep into the soul of
men and women. I know their
thoughts and what they crave to
do in the world. I know that many
have fallen short even as they
confess my name.

In their minds they try to come
to grips with the world that they
see, giving into the many man made
gods of this world, always with
a hunger for more power, more wealth.

They cannot see beyond the veil
that I have built to stand a lifetime.
For to know me they must first believe
that I am their only hope for eternity.
And yet great is the number that have
fallen short, for they seek love, but 

the worlds love is short lived, while
the way to my love is endless and
unbounded for many cannot accept
He who is a stumbling block before
them, the son of man, the only way
to eternal life.

Blessed is he who hears my calling
and turns his heart to me, obeying
My word. For obeying is better
than sacrifice, and believing
In the one true living God is
counted to one as righteousness.

Blessed are they who hunger
after the bread and water that
I alone will give. For they shall never
hunger and thirst again. And though
they cannot see My face, I shall
know them, and I will remember
them when their time has come to
enter into the second life, when
they will truly be born again.

From "Morning Prayers"
Copyright and Registered,
April 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

As One

You have taken up
residence in my heart,
causing its burning
flame to dance

You have taken my
sight away from my two
eyes, leaving me
sightless and in a trance

You have put a smile
within my heart,
that shines bright as
the morning sun

And all of this happened
so quickly, that I could
find no way to overcome

What came my way so
swiftly, sweeping my
wanting heart away

And now I pine over
you each day praying,
that our love as one
will always stay.

From "A Taste Of Bliss"
Copyright 1977, All Rights
Reserved. The Brown One Poet

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Remain consistent in
what you do, and
always in what you say.

Remain consistent and
you will see Him,
when He comes that
glorious day.

That day when He comes
to claim His own,
and sets them forever

Remain consistent in
your faith, and with you
He will always be.

From "Where My Heart Will Always Dwell",
Copyright and Registered September 2011


Monday, January 2, 2012

"Moments In Time"

A moment captures
your beauty, which
time cannot take away

A second captures your
smiling face, that inside
my heart now wants to stay.

And a minute finds he is
not outdone, for he captures
your love’s sweet bliss.

And the hour says he is the
the luckiest, as he has the
sweet memory of your kiss.

By The Brown One Poet,
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved,
From "Making Me Your Willing Slave".

By The Brown One Poet
 king Me Your Willing Slave”.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Discerning His Word

As I open Your word each morning to pray
I search with a hope to find within the way
To the door that will open my mind to see
Helping me to discern the Word that will set me free

For every thing that I learn is always a delight
That helps to keep my feet on a path so right
So that I may be a true help to those in need
Allowing them to open their eyes to see

For once saved, life becomes a joy to share
With the many that come into our world each day
The grace that our Lord placed within to bear
Hoping that some by our encounter may now be saved

For are we not the example if from your words we do learn
What Your wisdom and understanding might help to be
If we embrace their sweet treasure and then in turn
Help others to embrace Your eternal seed

And as we proceed we also come to know
Inexplicably, that deeper in His love we will grow
For when in another we have planted His seed
Our precious lord with His love does water me

And all of this comes if we will only partake
Of the reading of His word never wanting to forsake
For as our wonderful day does come to an end
We become drawn to His tender sweet word again.

And as we pray we find what we truly discerned
When we embraced the truth that of this day we learned
Finding now as we lay down to sweetly sleep
The Lord embraces us with His peace we can keep.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.