Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your Name

Bring sweet joy
Into my world,
the kind of which
I have never known,

Become a part
of my inner being,
never ever leaving
my spirit alone.

Comfort me with
your caring love,
bringing alive in me
that subtle change.

So that the only song
my heart will know,
shall be the one that
happily bears your name.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010,  All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Sweet Taste

Your love has the flavor of sweet melon,
of the honey made by bees.
For You are everything beautiful,
that in this world my eyes do see.

And thoughts of Your eternal love,
Is like treasure found beneath the sea.
For Your thoughts are so very valuable,
these lovely thoughts of You to me.

My love You are so dear to me,
as the air that I daily breathe.
And I will always have words of praise,
for all who live in the world to see.

For Your love tastes of sweet melon,
also of the honey made by bees.
As You are everything beautiful,
that in this world my eyes do see.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010 All Rights Reserved
Crossway Publications Spring 2010
American Diversity Report Spring 2010

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Need Your Love Always

You call to me and I answer
sometimes I am stubborn
and you call again finding
that sometimes I turn my
face away...

Sometimes I hear your voice
and yet I close my ears and
also the vents to my heart
that I might not answer...

Yet when you do not call, I cringe
stumbling in the darkness, where
night becomes my cell and loneliness
my robe.

When i do not hear your voice
I wonder if I still have favor
with you, or if by taking you
for granted I have somehow
caused you to turn away from me.

But in all of my selfish moments
I come to the realization, that in
my life I do need you more,
than you need me.

And I awaken as if from a dream,
longing for the sound of your voice,
or for your kiss upon my cheek, and
a warm hug from your always
embracing arms...

For Father, I do need your love... always.

By Wendell A. Brown.
First appeared in “American Diversity Report, January 2010

© 2010 All Right Rights Reserved.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Small Part

I am but a small
part of you, yet
you are so large
a part of me.

I can but serve you
yet you keep me
And guide me
In all things.

I have such little
knowledge of you,
yet you know all of
what I have done,
and have yet to do.

I am but a small
part of your body,
but you still cry
If I am lost.
By Wendell A. Brown
© 2010, All Rights Reserved,

The Vision

If only you could see the vision
that lives deep inside my mind,
Feeling the peace that always stays
knowing your love is only mine.

If only you could feel the passion
that each day is always on the rise,
Then you would never worry at all
for you will never face a lonely time.

For I love you deep within my heart
and its power does never end,
Because every time I awaken to your smile
it’s life essence begins all over again.

For I feel what you have given to me
with the love you allow me to seize,
Binds me tightly to a fervent need
that gives life to the air I now breathe.

By Wendell A. Brown.
Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved.

A Treasured Valentine

A treasure is described to all,
as truly beautiful and rare.
A work of art as totally unique,
to which none other can compare.

Diamonds are said to last forever,
a rose’s beauty to never fade.
Sunshine spreads its warmth abundantly,
and a pearls sparkle never goes away.

Yet when I look into Your eyes,
all these things my heart does see.
And I value every moment with You,
as You are more than life to me.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved.

Your Light

Your light shines
upon me,
and bears seed.

And the seed
blossoms and shines
back to you.

Your love given
freely to me,
intermingles with
my love.

Becoming spiritual teardrops
whose light happily
returns back to you,
the praises of my heart.

By Wendell A. Brown.
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Best Of Friends

When my paths were
dark and gloomy,
my love did light
the way.

When misery sought
to enslave me,
my love did
chased him away.

When the world no
longer wanted me,
my love did take
me in.

And I owe all I am
to my one true love,
for we are now the
best of friends.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Sweet Tears

It brought sweet tears into my eyes,
that will never go away.
It touched me deep where His love does live,
and where His spirit always stays.

For what His Spirit joyfully brings,
does solidly put in place a forever smile.
Which shines as bright as a new morning sun,
making this day become so worthwhile.

For when one believes in the risen Lord,
each day in their heart is born a song to sing.
For they who believe are always giving thanks,
because of the perfect grace loving Him does bring.

And if I do shed sweet tears each day,
then my sweet Lord just let it be.
For my spirit is full of Your tender love,
That I want all in the whole world to see.

By Wendell A. Brown ©  2010 All Rights Reserved.