Monday, February 21, 2011

I Need Your Love Always

You call to me and I answer
sometimes I am stubborn
and you call again finding
that sometimes I turn my
face away...

Sometimes I hear your voice
and yet I close my ears and
also the vents to my heart
that I might not answer...

Yet when you do not call, I cringe
stumbling in the darkness, where
night becomes my cell and loneliness
my robe.

When i do not hear your voice
I wonder if I still have favor
with you, or if by taking you
for granted I have somehow
caused you to turn away from me.

But in all of my selfish moments
I come to the realization, that in
my life I do need you more,
than you need me.

And I awaken as if from a dream,
longing for the sound of your voice,
or for your kiss upon my cheek, and
a warm hug from your always
embracing arms...

For Father, I do need your love... always.

By Wendell A. Brown.
First appeared in “American Diversity Report, January 2010

© 2010 All Right Rights Reserved.