Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Miss You

The feelings sought
An outlet of total

They sought with
Bright torches of
Flame a path to

Through dark corridors
With walls tainted with
Loneliness, sadness, and
A heart’s inner misery

They sought bravely
A way to be able to
Freely say what was felt
At this very moment,

That would seem so
Unimportant to another
But to you it would have
The answer that the ears
Of your heart sought so
Desperately to hear

And the emotions found
An opening that fell
In the form of soft tears
As their letters did embrace
This sheet of paper giving it

As it formed the soft spoken words…
“I Miss You”

Wendell A. Brown,
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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Word

The Word is spoken in truth
Yet hearts that have ears
Do not hear

For many believe
They will never taste of death
Yet none have overcome the
Fiend’s tight grasp but One

And the Spirit spoke in truth
Saying, one had only to believe
In Him who is the Living Word
And you would be saved

Yet, there are too few takers
For such a glorious prize
As many settle to serve
Their own selfish needs and
This world’s sins and vices

So many tables will be set
Along with an abundance of seats
In the ending lake of fire

Wendell A. Brown
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Monday, May 5, 2014

His Sweet Name

Within us there is a world unseen
Where young spirits seek to know
The voices they begin to hear each day
As their passion for life now grows

They will begin to make tough choices
As the voices within become alive
Leaving them to seriously ponder daily
Which choice, might be wrong or right

For everything they attempt to do each day
Along with the choices their hearts will make
Will deeply affect the life road they choose
And within, their  spirits will now be at stake

Inside the  voices strive for dominance
Like two hungry wolves over a tasty meal
And of the two available choices in life
One gives a blessing while the other kills

So we must always be so very cognizant
Of the choices each day which are made
So when the end time appears in our lives
By believing in His name we will be saved.

Wendell A. Brown
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

So Abundantly

Your word shall have
a home within my heart
and I will know it

There shall not be a
moment of free thought
where your word is not
in my mind...

I shall treasure your
word as my most
prized possession

I shall wear its
wisdom around my
neck never being
separated from its

For the wisdom of your
word shall bring me
life, peace, joy, health.
and truth in great
abundance each day.

Wendell A. Brown,
From "So Abundantly"
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Words Of Praise

Let the words in my heart
Be heard, let their praises
Reach your ears

Let my words find a home
In your throne room day by
Day, let my praise never cease

Let me give thanks to you
With the joy that you have
Caused my heart to feel

Let me praise you from the
Roots of happiness where my
Heart is nourished by your love

And I will give thanks while
Praising the embrace of your
Beautiful love and wisdom.

Wendell A.  Brown
‘So Abundantly’
© 2010