Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Sweet Prayer Of Love

I thought of You this morning
And I could not dry my eyes
I did not have enough tissue
To wipe the tears that I did cry

The thought that I was thinking
Took my heart much by surprise
When I dug deeper within the thought
My body became so electrified

For I was lifted up this morning
By just a single spoken word
That so many times I had heard before
But just as many moments, I did ignore

Yet this morning as I embraced it
So deep within my yearning heart
I was so thankful just to be able
For this prayer of sweet love to start.

From "Continuous Praise",
By Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Most Meaningful"

What is most meaningful

to me,  this question one

day I was asked...

And when i began to answer

I found,  it not to be so hard

A task...

For my mind called from its

memory,  the vision which

my heart daily sees...

And I answered the question

by saying,  my wife is always

most meaningful to me.

The Brown One Poet© 2011, All Rights reserved.From “Pearls”.

"It Was All About You"


It was all about You

every word that I

wrote… describing

the love I searched

for and needed…

It was all about You

finding you, tasting

of your love…feeling

the warmth that satisfies

and makes a heart

to feel secure…

It was all about You …

for your Spirit lead

me to you by showing

me the failings of

worldly love…

It was all about you

writing poems of

love and praise,

written to glorify

You with every line

of every single prayer

and psalm…

It was all about You.

From "A Reason To Smile"
Registered and Copyrighted
June 2010, All Rights Reserved
The Brown One Poet

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Always Lights Your Way"

Guard your heart and spirit always
never letting your thoughts to stray
secured what lies deep within your heart
letting the Holy Spirit to have his way

Pray every waking moment for salvation
for its true each day we may sin
pray that the His Spirit never leaves you
as His promise you always strive to win

For everyday we find is new unto itself
With a myriad of problems all its own
Pray the Spirit will always guide you
And that He will never leave you alone

Guard the thoughts in your heart daily
Keeping them pure letting none to stray
Pray to our Lord in heaven day and night
That His Spirit will always light your way

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Celebrating Christmas"

How should we  really celebrate Christmas
In only our own individual ways?
Should we lift up the Lord and feel good this day
With only our heartfelt words of praise

Should we try to make ourselves feel well
By celebrating It  only in  this way
Or should we try to make sweet Christmas
A living symbol, of how He lived each day

For while He did walk many weary miles
With very little of what most now would need
Everywhere He left his life’s true footprint
Over so many centuries for humankind to see

He reached out His hand and touched many
Never asking for a worldly payment in return
But that one should honor and praise God the father
Receiving from His Spirit sweet knowledge to learn

He was so truly humble in His nature
Always hoping our eyes would emulate and turn
To follow the examples of how He lived His life
While really learning true godly love in return

We should help the poor, the needy and sick 
Never ever turning anyone away
We should help the fatherless and the elderly
Also the homeless to find a warm  place  to lay

We should never turn away the children
But embrace them with the fullness of our love
For in doing so we honor our Precious Lord
Who came down among us from up above

We should help those that are locked away
Even if in what seems to be very small ways
And the widows we should always honor and help
Bringing needed sunshine back into their days

We should love everyone as ourselves
While casting away all our selfishness,
And we should honor our fathers and mothers
Embracing them always with a holy kiss

For Jesus is more than just our lord and Savior
Whom we celebrate and honor on Christmas day
His life is  the way we should always  live our lives
Helping others to taste His holiday in every way

So follow the example of the way He lived
Looking ahead to when He will receive us home
Welcoming us fully into His eternal embrace
While telling all in heaven we are truly His own.

Friday, December 23, 2011

"The Way"

Everything that I did seek from You

I could never find in this world today

Until that moment I humbled myself

Crying and praying in your holy name

For I sought the one on one fellowship

That Your Word in my ears did say

So I opened my heart and my spirit to You

Always thankful You showed me the way

For I sought always to be in your presence

To learn from You the true living word

So that one day I might lead many others

To the sweetness that my ears have heard

For life has become so effortless

Since I gave all of my love to You

For your Spirit guides me daily

In everything that I set out to do

For your promise has never been broken

That by my side You would always be

As long as I always walk the way

that narrow road that You laid out for me.

From "The One Who Satisfies My Needs"
Copyright 2011,  All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Always Glad"

As I gaze upon your lovely face,

that does seem untouched by time.

I am overwhelmed by sweet emotions,

because your love is still truly mine.

It is more than I have ever hoped for,

better than the sweetest dream I ever had.

For my heart is swept away so daily,

as my spirit is always made so glad.

For with you I truly understand,

what a pure love does represent.

For as I think of our life together,

I know its essence was heaven sent.

And richer am I than most men in this world,

for I have something they will never have.

For true love made a sweet place Inside my heart,

With a happiness that will always keep me glad.

From "The Sweetness of My Life",
Copyright July 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Within My Dreams

The sadness found within

my eyes, is so very real

as you are nowhere near.

The unhappiness that finds

life upon my face, is as

real as my many tears.

For when you are not

near to me, so empty

my day often seems.

That I cannot even bring

a joyful thought of you,

to live within my dreams.

From "The Sweetness of My Life"
Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Thank You

I thank you Lord for this wonderful day
Where your word came and rescued me
When my mind and heart began to wander
You cause all the wrong actions to cease

I find in my life each day there is truly
A constant need for your word to stay
For its strength and power is enough
To keep me alive and well in the way

Most times I often try to live my life
Likened to the way that you lived yours
Yet dark powers amass like a storm so daily
Waiting to pounce as I leave my door

And your word has become the amour
That no weapon made can ever endure
While faith in you has become the shield
That does daily keep my life so secure.

From "Morning Prayers", By Wendell A. Brown
Registered With U.S Copyright Office,
April 2011, All Rights Reserved.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Love Who Won't Let Me Be

You light the fires within my heart,
causing tiny embers to become ablazed.
Filling my world with Your love's glow,
and sweeping my lost mind away.

For everytime that I pray to You,
all over i start to ascend.
As I am touched so deeply by Your bliss,
that this day in love I begin again.

I start to relive the way I felt,
that great day when we first did meet.
For like that day You are still the same,
as I am again swept off my feet.

And the fire is fanned so daily,
that does live deep inside of me.
As my heart and spirit remain willing slaves,
to a true love who will not let me be.

From "Come To Me"
By Wendell A. Brown.
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Monday, December 5, 2011

So Many Different Ways


I need to see your face each day
To keep my smile alive
I need to hear your gentle voice
To make my heart smile deep inside

For certain things do happen
While you are so close to me
My breath just seems to slip away
And I get so weak in my knees

And why would this happen daily
At no particular time and place
Whenever your smile enters my world
Never wanting to be replaced

For there is a deep need to see you
as I daily begin each day
For only you can move my heart
In so many different ways.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A soft word spoken,

a fire does rise...

A soft, soft smile

brings a heart

to life

A look of need

from warm

embracing eyes...

Renew the fires

of love that once

to life had died..

Moments In Time

A moment captures

your beauty, that

time cannot take away.

A second captures your

smiling face, that inside

my heart wants to stay.

And a minute finds he is

not outdone, for he captures

your love’s sweet bliss.

As the hour says that he

is the luckiest, for he has

the memory of your kiss.

Monday, November 28, 2011



You came to my

World with your

Brightness, and with

The thought that

You would stay...

You came into my

World with all

Confidence, that

Your love would not

Go away

And you found a

Warm and cozy

Place to park

Your love within...

As you sought to

Win the battle

Of heart’s, that

Your love this day

Did begin.

"The Tear"

A drop of water

Moving because

Of the hurt it


A drop of water

Saddened by a love

That she thought

To be ideal

A tiny drop that

Needs no reason

To slip away and die

Does do like all

Hurt lover’s do

As she just sits alone

And cries.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

One And Only

A soul is not mean't to live alone
And heart is not meant to be lonely
A dream sometimes has a message
With a hope to believe in love only

I could have never really imagined
What in the world happened to me today
For I was shaken deep within my spirit
By a sweet joy that now wants to stay

I never would want to really belong
To another for a long lasting time
But reality awakened me from a daydream
When the chance came to make you mine

And though there was some hesitation
A fear of not believing what my eyes did see
I was lost and found in a single moment
When in my mind you would not let me be

For my greastest fear was to be captured
With my heart falling behind in tow
But I realized once I embraced you
From my life I will never let you go.

Copyright May 1977,
All Rights Reserved.

Soon Take Away

I watch daily each day as you traverse
Throughout the moments of your day
I feel your sorrow, I feel your pain

As you are so lost within your sinful ways

I try many times to get your attention
But you are much too blind to see

That in your world of hustle and bustle
You now have a greater need of me

You do not realize that all you daily see

Has a selected time to soon fade away
But you endlessly consume all before you

Hoping that in this dying world you will stay

But there is a time and a place for everything
When all that lives will surely die away

For all that lives in this world have but one breath
That one day from your flesh I will soon take away

Friday, November 25, 2011

All My Love

I came to long for something
And for what reason I did not know
Yet the Lord satisfied my deep thirst
With sweet power I will not let go

I hungered  for that special something
And within I felt  excruciating pains
But He satisfied my  deep hunger
Before I even praised His name

And when I fell into a great hellish pit
Where it seemed my life would end
My Lord Christ did forgive me
As He gently washed away my sins

Before I knew what It was I needed
All my wants and needs He satisfied
Leaving me now only wanting to give  Him
My heart’s praise for the rest of my life.


With The Passing of Each Day

With Your love behind me

I know that there is a way

To make it in this cruel world

With the passing of each day

I know that if you guide me

There will never be a way

Where sin will be an obstacle

That in my world will always stay

I know that when temptation comes

And when in my heart sadness begins

I know that I will have the power

Over these foes to daily win

For with your love behind me

I do know the much better way

To make it in this cruel world

With the passing of each day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Are you not as fair as the seas

Or as cogent as its waves

Always unwarily moving onward

Into the hands of the Lord

For is not your Spirit touched

Your heart is it not pierced

And the thirst of knowledge

So exceedingly, unquenchable

For I see the shaping of you

I see the beginnings afar off

Through new horizons of tomorrow

And the joys of today

I see and know that God has a plan

A plan to save your soul

From an eternity of damnation

To live so wholesomely…forevermore

A Must

You were made a little lower than the Angels
Yet all creation is below Your feet
You became one like Your earthly brothers
And with great power in our world You did speak

And God, Your God above did bless You
And did put the power in your hands
So that only You can change a heart of stone
To one of flesh for an unholy sinful man

I will put my trust in You who suffered
And for my sins did die upon a tree
I will always gratefully receive Your grace
Because You did shed Your holy blood for me

And though I am not worthy to be called
In You will always be my trust
For I know that I would be truly lost
Because  Your love in my life is a must.


His Light

Your light shines
upon me,
and bears seed

And the seed
blossoms and shines
back to you

Your love given
freely to me
intermingles with
my love

Becoming spiritual teardrops
whose light happily
returns back to you...
The praises of my heart

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The True King

The small things I ask of you to do
May seem simple in many ways
Yet you always fail to do them
And from these simple tasks turn away

For to you I am the true example
With all that I do and say
But shortly after you hear my words
The power of flesh turns you away

Oh you, my child of little strength
I understand the burdens your life does bear
But come with me just taking small steps
And when you need me I will be near

Embrace the word your heart hears from me
Knowing that its life is so very true
Pick up your cross and follow me
And I will always surely walk with you

Do not let the flesh pull you away
From the pure things that you should do
Remember always to live like I did
And a new life will soon embrace you

And my word will surely empower you
To daily overcome this worlds adversity
And when those of flesh demand an answer
You will tell them you serve the true King.

His Heavenly Embrace

Our walk can be easily hindered
Our heart entangled by sinful webs
If we are not careful in our journey
All that we are would become so dead

Here where many hardships daily abound
Where we face the enemy at every turn
If we only embrace God’s living word
There is so much that we will learn

For He provides the only true answer
That will allow us in this world to succeed
As He provides the taste of wisdom’s honey
That our lives will always surely need

For belief in who the Spirit says he is
Will surely daily increase our faith
Allowing us power to push all sin aside
As we enter into His heavenly embrace

And though there will be many battles
Many skirmishes and fights along the way
There is a place that is already prepared
For those with strength to abide in His way.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dressed By Your Forever Love

And what I find your eyes do
To as they welcome me with
Your love’s embrace
I can only smile in return

For at that tiny moment
Though I feel lost I am
Found…for I am with you

For the day’s beginning is
Much better than any day
Which was shared before with
Your eyes…

As I find there is always a vibrant
Touch that moves through
My soul and spirit handcuffing
Me to their beauty

My heart is blessed by the
Smile that enchants my
Mind through the brown eyes
That I do see…

And I find that I am a constant
Companion to them never wanting
To be released from their spellbinding

For yes today, I am lost
But found alive in moments
Dressed by your forever love.

Changing Love


A moment of happiness,

where time stands still,

framed in minutes where

one realizes the best

that love might bring.

Where the joy felt

deep within has no

rival, not even in

the halls of paradise.

For what is felt deep

In the heart’s center is

only akin to the moment

of happiness it now knows…

And this tender feeling

will never come the same

way again, for it will never

be duplicated twice, but only

better… always changing.

As tomorrow arrives I open my

eyes, embracing this new day

which I receive, realizing it will

be much better than its cousin

of yesterday…

For tomorrow will bring

into my hearts view,

a new and better you,

with which to share my

life together as one.

Never Take Away

Take away my eyesight
So that your sweet love
I cannot see...

Take away my sense
of feeling, so that I
cannot feel the love
I need

Take away my sense of
Taste, so of your kiss
I can no longer feed

But never take your love
My darling,  never take
Your love away from me

The Beauty Of His Gift


The beauty of the gift You have given me
Is that each day as I sit and write
The words do always come to my mind
As I accept from You, Your love’s invite

I grasp their beauty from the air around me
Embracing this very romantic time
Where I can measure the deepness of love
That this day allows to be mine

For I have never seen Your loving face
Though my spirit has felt Your embrace
During these special times spent together
As of Your sweet love I begin to taste

You allow me to write down line upon line
Of what You know in the world is lacking
Allowing me to say it in the simplest of terms
Where many lovingly can embrace them

Feeling Your spirit as it lives in every line
As each word does tantalize their senses
Allowing their spirits to reach that place
that their hearts have always forsakened

Allowing for a sweet treasured moment in time
To let their hearts and minds run uninhibitedly free
While they dance and embrace this gift of love
That by Your grace through me they do receive.

My Sweet Lord

I shall be with You Lord,
when I close my eyes,
I shall comfortably
rest with only You...

And when I dream shall
I not be with You? For
I shall fly freely in my mind
on sweet clouds of
joy, and find you so near
as the Sun opens his eyes

For when he arises in the
morning, I shall think of
You, and this blessing of
life You have bestowed
upon me, and my heart shall
be as bright as the Sun's

As my chance to live begins again,
and as I taste of your tender kiss,
I will be ever joyful always knowing
Your loving embrace of sweet happiness.

Wendell A. Brown

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When you are not with me
My heart does turn within
To the face my heart always sees
And whose love I do live in

Nothing can separate me
Or keep me away from you
As long as I am breathing
To your love I remain so true

To the thought I will give sweet life
To the moment I make a lasting treasure
To the second I change making it to last
To the hour I give what does last forever

So that I may never be lonely long
Whenever You are not here with me
I just give life to my dreams within
And Your love makes my heart free


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Love For Me

My heart swells up within me,
as my tears begin to fall.
My heart reaches out to feel you,
and the wonder of your sweet love.

I move closer to taste of the goodness,
that I find this cold day to bring.
And as I move even closer to you,
my heart now begins to sing.

For nothing can be quite better Lord,
then when I open my eyes to see.
The golden essence of your Spirit,
as your love embraces me.

For I did not have to open my eyes,
neither did I have to really breathe.
For I know it has only come about,
because of your love for me.

Copyright 2010

Monday, October 24, 2011

What Control

What control you now have over me
That no longer is my mind free
For all you have to do is call my name
And your voice causes my will to flee,

Why am I shackled tightly to you
To that lovely face I long to see
When all you have to do is to cast a look
And I hear your heart softly speak to me

What magic has your love weaved today
That causes my eyes to deeply see and believe
That no one else in this world is quite like you
Not a another person whom I would need

For I no longer belong to myself alone
Because I have now become a twin to you
Knowing if  I ever try to leave your side
Quickly back to you my feet would move.

Copyright 2010                                                          

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Once Silent Dream

 A silent dream
once was mine
to share with the
loneliness of my

A silent dream
was the only
thing that could
console the most
empty parts…

Of a heart that sought
so restlessly, to find
a love that he alone
could claim…

Whose sweetness
could lift up my spirit,
making my heart to
sing out her name

The silent dream
was my only friend
for so many days and
as many years…

And inside the walls
of this cold, cold
dream was found
written my heart’s
many tears…

Yet as a daffodil
reaches for
the sun…so did
my heart reach out
to you

On that wonderful
day that we first met
and I realized what
I now had to do

For I had to grasp
the reality of love’s
happiness that you
alone did possess…

And I knew that
I had found that
long awaited key 
that would set
my heart free
from unhappiness

The silent dream
spoke out in pleasure
as a rose feels
the long awaited
kiss of the sun…

Because it finally
tasted of a true reality,
when my heart
your heart had won.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank You Lord

I thank You for returning me to Your word
I am overjoyed by your loving embrace
For there is nothing as fulfilling as your love
Nothing as tantalizing as Your blessed grace

And I am moved in my soul to shed tears
For my happiness runneth over like a cup full
As what I feel in my heart is so inexpressible
As what lives in my heart comes from only You

Who am I, Lord, but a poor vagabond
One who needs not to be noticed to be pleased
I am a person of such very low esteem in this world
To be loved so graciously by the One I need

Many times my flesh has been broken by sin
Tormented ferociously by the enemies minions
For I prayed Father for them to be taken away
And your hand did banish them from within

For such healing power was found in Your word
When spoken from your lips did fill my bones
“My grace will always be sufficient for you
For in weakness is My power by you owned”

And I will lift up Your majestic Holy name
So that all who meet me will surely know
That though weakness by sight abounds within
It is overcome by God who has made my heart home

For true salvation this day is alive and well
As I daily walk with my loving God all day long
And I will boast in my many harsh infirmities
For with Your grace when I am weak, I am strong.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 10/14/11.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Forgiveness of My Sins

In my pain I am daily reminded
How short my days will surely be
When soon will come that moment
That from inside my breath will flee

From my tired bones is heard a cry
As a prisoner wanting to be set free
I fall to my knees sincerely praying
That it soon will happen to me

My heart feels the pain of the flesh
Also of sins calling each and every day
But my spirit patiently awaits its freedom
That will come from your answer as I pray

For though its true that the flesh will die
And all that I am will surely return to dust
My heart still rejoices full of tender joy
For in your word will I always trust

My broken spirit reaches out to you
Realizing that you are m y greatest need
And with true sincerity from deep within
I know you will hear my prayer and see

For in my pain Lord I am reminded
That so surely will come my end
Unless dear Lord I grab your salvation
Asking for the forgiveness of my sins.

Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Place

Each morning I rise before you
Never taking for granted what I find,
Knowing that it is only by your grace
That the breath inside my lungs is mine

And as I open my eyes to you
As rays of happiness alight my face
I am filled with a certain tranquility
That I will never find to be displaced

For the light within shines brighter
Than the radiance of the new day sun
And my heart is lifted by your grace
Pointing to the place my faith has won

For even though all I see around me
In this world will soon turn to dust
There’s only one thought that moves me
To live eternally, His love is a must

For only you alone could give to me
A reward that I could never earn
And only by believing in your grace
Was my place in heaven born.

Copyright 2011,
All Rights reserved.

Friday, September 16, 2011

No Other

Where is the love that once burned bright
That once did kindle such deep desire
Why have you turned your face from me
How did the love in your heart now tire

What in this sinful world have I ever done
That would make you totally turn away
With all the love that I gave to you daily
Why by my side did your love not stay

What made you run to those worldly gods
Yes to those of stone who cannot save
Why now do you worship those of the world
Letting your loving heart turn to stone today

My child I did make a living promise to you
Hear it again this day and know its true
That as long as you have breath within your lungs
I will surely never give up on you

And I will never turn my face away in disdain
Despite of the unseemly things before me you do
Know that I the Lord will never change like men
Realize the promise of my love will remain so true

For I called you out by name before you were born
Choosing you from among your sisters and brothers
Know that even when you fall far away from me
within your heart and spirit there will be no other…

living God who forgives.

The message came last night to give, with many turning
away to worldly lusts and gods from the least to even our
leaders who conservatively say they worship God...we can
tell by their fruit, they are none of HIS!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making A Smile To Glow

And what shall I say,

for the words do escape

my tongue, running free

from its captivity in

spirited whispers, while

dancing on unseen vapors…

For my heart speaks

silently, sulking without

understanding its inherent

fall from its life of only

one, now embracing something

strange to its world but new

and refreshing, trying to

understand the reason why…

For there are no words

that come freely from

my shy heart to speak to the

love that has been revealed

to me, who has mastered

my feelings, making me

a slave to her living essence…

And I now find moments

that are alive within a wish,

while holding on to a hope

that my tongue may soon be

free from its chains, to

speak poetic phrases that

will find life power to dance

in a pond of happiness…

And I now strike the right note

with the right melody of words

that shall find the single true

path which leads to the heart

of the one I now love, causing

her to sigh deeply in bliss,

while providing a heavenly

light that will radiantly fill those

lovely brown eyes, that have

made my heart a willing slave

to her love.

By Wendell A. Brown

© 2010, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, September 8, 2011

That Sparkle In Your Eyes

The fire never seems to dim,
nor the sparkle ever goes away.
Neither does it seem replaced,
by the sunshine of each  new day.

So soft are the memories of your love,
while you are away from me,
as your image does flood my mind today,
so that your face is the only thing I see.

I know that you think of me,
as much as I think of you;
because I feel it with every breath I take,
burning inside of my heart so true.

The purest treasure in my life's world,
can truly only be found in you.
The most beautiful acts of love in my day,
are found in everything you do.

Only inside my heart can one really find,
the raging fire that never seems to die.
For it is always fed each day that passes,
by that sparkle that’s found in your eyes.

Copyrighted 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Until We Meet Again

Who will wipe away my tears,
While for the love one I lost, I weep
Who will now help me rest so easy,
While at night I try to fall asleep

Who will embrace me ever so tightly
Or who can ever take your place,
Who will say my name the way you did
Placing a soft smile upon my face

Where are you now my sweet flower
When I need you most in my life
Where is the sound of your joy and laughter
That always made each day so right

For my eyes grow tired from weeping
And my knees are weak from prayer
And I cannot let go of what I lost
When you were taken away from here

For every time the door bell rings
Or the telephone announces a call
I jump in expectation with a fervent hope
That from my life you did not fall

And yet still my mind grows weary
As I once again try to fall asleep
For I can't let go of the love I miss
When your image my heart always keeps

Until we meet again.

One of  three written (9/11) while the events unfolded,
dedicated to those who lost love ones that day

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Magic

The magic of your love

stays within my mind,

even when I am fast asleep.

Its essence has become a

part of my heart, that I

will always want to keep.

The magic we share has

Become the one reason,

that by your side I will

always stay.

For the magic of your

Love brings into my

heart, a special joy that

will never go away.

This is dedicated to all the couples
who have found that special essence
that comes from God, as two become
one flesh for a lifetime!

Copyrighed 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Part Of Your Love

My heart delights
in the glow it
sees in Your smile

For it lifts me
and fills me with
a  joy that stays

And each day I long
to see that glow,
and to have it stay a
part of my life

And being a part
of that glow I
know that I am
a part of Your love.

Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All I Do Think Of

Where my treasure
lies do deep,
that is the place
where one might
find you…

In my blissful dreams
where I silently wait,
in my sleep are you
held so true.

In my awakened state
where my mind does
paint,  perfect images
of what  each day
you do...

You will find the secrets
of my heart’s love,
for you will find that
all I think of is …you.

All Rights Reserved,
Registered 2011.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Shall Always Wait On You

As this day does come to an end
When it seems my strength is gone
As the hours seem to pass by slowly
When all I do just seems so wrong

Within my heart I seek the words
A psalm that will lift my spirit high
For often when I feel so tired
Even on my bed I do not want to lie

I reach within my soul for the energy
I seek with my inner voice to pray
and I find that I have a great need
For your spirit to come my way

And as I pray silently and so sweetly
While  I gently embrace your name
I find that I shall always wait on you
Knowing soon I will not be the same

For you are the power that saves me
The blessed assurance my heart does know
And I happily  will always wait on you
Because my Lord I do love you so.

From  "The Place Where My Heart Dwells."
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


As water rolls down the mountain side,
finding its way back to the stream,
so I retraced my steps I took back then,
to my beginnings I had with thee.

I remember like it was only yesterday,
when I did embrace the love You bring.
I felt my mind floating in the clouds,
as it seemed filled with the best of dreams.

And everything that I thought I could be,
You did make me to be so much more.
When my Lord You did embrace me,
receiving me as a child of yours.

Still the moment never seems to fade away,
each day as my spirit is always lifted still.
For Your love does live within so deep,
while each day still giving my heart a thrill.

Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"His Promised Love

This very precious moment
Will be repeated over again
As I lift up my tiny treasure
To my God who knows no sin

As I lift my treasured gift to Him
I know He alone see’s my heart smile
As He accepts this tiny gift from me
Acknowledging it’s value all the while

And this day He blesses me in return
For my faith that lives deep within
For He has watched my daily growth
After He washed away all my sins

I find now that I am much better
Than I ever was in this life before
Because my Lord found me this morning
Giving me His promised love forevermore.

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Seeking Your Love

From my heart of hearts I seek you
In the place where my happiness stays
I  long to hear Your soothing voice
In the place where my love daily plays

For Your love is the most vibrant of my needs
The living essence of my life each day
For I must eat of its sweet tenderness
As In Your grace I now always stay

What blessings Lord you have now allowed
That brings my once lost soul to life
That I may drink with undeserving lips
From Your tender sweet well tonight

And as my day does reach its ending moments
And soft stirring stars bring me to slowly sleep
I open up the richness of my love filled heart
So with my spirit You shall always be.

Registered and Copyrighted 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"I Love You"

Richer art thou beyond
the most priceless of objects,
more abundant are Your works
then they that work for You...

Your love knows
no bounds.

Your spirit holds back nothing
from those who love thee,
and praise Your most holy name.
You are a golden rose to the eye,
feather soft pillows to the touch.

To the lips You are warm sweet honey,
so tasteful and so much a delight
to the buds of my tongue.

To the Lost You are a friend,
who never forsakes one
that earnestly seeks you out.

To the Fatherless You are a Father,
beloved and wonderful in every way,
who knows no bounds in what He does
in His charity that is never ending.

To the lonely, You are a comforter,
A strong sanctuary to the weak,
as Your love is ever increasing
for those longing to find salvation.

And to me You are love, the most real
of loves that human minds who do not
know You dream of possessing, , yet
You freely give this greateat gift...
to all who ask.

Your love is so everlasting,
ever loving as it is poured
daily into my heart, for You
have rewarded my faith in
You,  and have discerned in
my heart that my words are true,
as is the love that lives within
for You is so pure.

So true is my heart as I say
I love You.   

From the manuscript "The Open Door",
Copyrighted and registered April 4, 2010

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All That I Need

I have finally found the peace
that my heart did really need,
I have finally found the quiet place
in which my tired mind could flee.

I have finally found the right path
that will lead to my Fathers home,
I have found the answer to my problems
so now I will never ever be alone.

I have opened up my heart today
to my Creator who is so loving,
And He in return did comfort me
and all my sins He has forgiven.

And I have found the peacefull bliss
that my heart and spirit did so sorely need,
when i returned to my sweet Creator, Jesus
and all that I needed He did give to me.

Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved.

A Cry For Salvation

My soul is a tormented
one who lacks strength
and integrity, one whose
heart is full of sin.

I am lost Lord in its
wide ranging web, as it
strangles me, as it binds
me, as it suffocates all
that was good within.

It causes me to bathe
in its evilness, and is
a hot iron to my mind
wounding my conscience,
spearing my heart.

Lord rescue me for the
sin is not of my spirit,
but of my flesh that now
imprisons me. The fault
is one that can only be
corrected by your blood
and your grace.

Touch the cancerous sore
Oh Lord, cutting it out,
healing me, making me
whole again that I may live
in your wholesome light, as
it will also live in me

Copyright 1976
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, July 15, 2011


As I found myself doubting yesterday
wondering what would become of me,
You came to rescue me in my crisis,
for you did hear my cries and pleas.

Never have You forsaken me dear Lord,
as each day my Daily Bread You did give.
While teaching me silently to wait in prayer,
You were also showing me how to live.

For our lives are never really ours alone,
since in truth they only belong to You.
So we should fully trust never wavering,
always having  faith in what you can do.

And though sometimes so weak I become,
often wondering where my Faith does dwell.
I will always stand firm on your Holy Word,
that true faith in You shall never fail.

Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For I See

Can you pray to Me and speak honestly
that in your heart you truly love Me?
When you say that you hate your brother
I cannot see how this could be

Can you tell Me that you love Me
when in your heart i alone do see
the hatred that you hold for others
with such a flagrant animosity

For I created you both in my image
hoping one day that you might believe
That each time when you look at him
Its My image you will really see

look long and deep into the looking glass
through which only your eyes can see
and see the dark sinfulness in your heart
that is so very far away from Me...

Glance at the lies, the hatred, the evil
which by your own doing your heart does breed
then tell Me as you view your sinfulness
that your heart is full of love for Me
...for I see.

Copyrighted 2010
All Rights Reserved

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Open Door

The open door calls out daily to your heart,
but are your ears receptive enough to hear?
Who is blessed among you to look past self,
who has gazed within without shedding tears

Who has the vision to recognize the key,
the only one that will open up the door?
Who is obedient to my soft spoken voice,
and as they hear it touch their hearts are sure?

For I await you with each day that passes by,
finding only small numbers searching for Me.
Even as the Spirit speaks in truth to their hearts,
many still disregard my Living words and pleas.

For before all that live lies the one true way,
that will allow each to pass through heavens gates.
But all have to open up your minds and hearts,
to receive God's sweetest reward for having faith...

so you can awaken and believe in Me!

Wendell A. Brown.
Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved

Friday, July 8, 2011

Deep Within

One might can take
away the stars from
the night and leave
an empty sky.

One might can take
the sun away causing
its once radiant light
To fade and die.

One might can take
the rain away so our
tears we can no longer

But one can never take
Your love dear Lord,
from its cherished place
within my heart and mind.

Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved.


With the coming of the setting sun,
when it seems that my day is done.
There is always a continuation of time,
where I weigh my days final outcome.

It’s a time to reflect on the days events,
on all the things that made it so complete.
For only in reviewing my many steps,
might I find peace in a tranquil sleep.

I view the kaleidoscope of images,
both good and bad, also in-between,
for only then might I grow the wiser,
so a much better life I may achieve.

And after critiquing this day’s events,
I kneel down by my bed and fervently pray,
that God above might help me to correct,
my many mistakes that were made today.

Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Same Way

One sees a rose
enjoying its beauty,
Its color, and its

and I look at You
that same way.

I want You, but I do
not lust after You,
for I want You so

If that is possible.

I need You, as I need
water to survive,  for
I need Your spirit to live…

and it’s a true statement.

One may see a diamond,
and inside they desire,
want, need and love it.

In the same way I shall
always embrace Your love,
with my eager heart.

For I desire everything
that You are, for You
make my life complete.

Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Your Light

Your light shines
upon me,
and bears seed.

And my seedling
blossoms and shines
back to you.

Your love given
freely to me
intermingles with
my love.

Giving birth to spiiritual
teardrops, whose light
happily returns back to
You, the praises of my heart.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Treasured Place

Each morning I rise up before You
Never taking for granted what I find
Knowing that it is only by Your grace
That the breath inside my lungs is mine

And as I open my eyes wide to You
As rays of happiness alight my face
I am filled with a certain tranquility
That I will never find to be displaced

For the light within shines brighter
Than the radiance of the new day sun
And my heart is lifted by Your grace
Pointing to the place my faith has won

For even though all I see around me
In this world will soon turn to dust
There is only one thought that moves me
To live eternally your love is a must

For only you alone could give to me
A reward that I could never earn
And only by believing in your grace
Was my treasured place in heaven born.

The Brown One Poet
Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Lean not unto your
own understanding,
for Jesus will find
a way.

Lean not to the world,
for the world is Satan’s,
and  doomed to a
hellish day.

Trust in the Lord Jesus
the Son of God, and
let His spirit enter
into your heart.

And your spirit will surely
live forever, and from your
short life in this world
He will never depart.

The Brown One Poet
Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Most Treasured Time

As the sun goes down I anticipate
That special hour, that special time
When I will see your smiling face
As it arrives home so close to mine

For it can only be your sweet smiling face
That allows me to share its inner joy too
With a radiant glow which does begin
Deep in my heart because of you

For so lonely were the moments of my day
When your face I could no longer see
Or hear the laughter of your tender voice
As the times when you are close to me

For such a beautiful time brings its reality
Making my heart to leap with a  fervent joy
When you come home and kiss me with your smile
For it’s the treasure that I most enjoy.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2011
All Rights reserved

Saturday, June 18, 2011

"This Father's Day

I am not worthy to receive of  Your perfect love
Yet I have been blessed by Your saving grace
As I was disfigured many times by worldly sin
I am thankful for the salvation that I now taste

Not a perfect son who should receive such favor
When for my many sins I should have died
I am made humble by this love I now receive
That makes tears fall freely so deep inside

I am the example of what Your kindness can do
To one who embraces the living word they need
As before in the past I would never drink of
The living water in Your spirit which set me free

Yet still being a sinner, a true prodigal son
Who by Your grace and mercy was led to the path
I pushed forward, rising up until I came to Your door
Finding a pure forgivness that would always last

And the only words that I can express to You
Speaking from my lips in a most wholesome way
Is to tell You how blessed my world now is
To be counted Your loving son this Father's day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"The One Who Satisfies My Needs"

You did bring me in my life full circle
To rest so serenely in your arms
You protect my entire person
So no part of me will ever suffer harm

When i am hungry Lord you feed me
And when I thirst you make me full
The life essence living within your word
Makes me to do better in all that I do

Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself
Your spirit makes my eyes to see
That there are so many others
Who do suffer much more than me

And at that moment I am empowered
To pray for all that I do see and meet
That they may come to know the love
Of the One who satisfies all my needs.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Sweetness Of My Life"

You are the sweetness of my life
The radiance of my smile
You are the wholesome love I need
Who makes my life so worthwhile

And when You are so close to me
Only You can make my heart feel
Like I did when I first met You
When my life became so ideal

No moments have ever gone by
In our past that I can trace
Where I did not love You everyday
In so many different ways

For You are the sunshine in my life
The happiness I will always need
And my life would be very crippling
Without Your sweet love a part of me

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My longings lie before you
As also do my many needs
Often lord I find myself praying
For you to please come to me

Answer the prayers that I am praying
For only you can see deep within
You alone know my hearts intentions
If they are pure or just full of sin

I languish in my own sadness
While my body aches with searing pain
I thirst after your companionship
Like a desert flower for a drop of rain

So please return this day to me
Embrace each word that from my lips fall
Know that my heart patiently waits for you
Lord to answer my silent call

© 2011 Wendell A. Brown
All Rights Reserved 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"The Best Part" (For Deborah)

Love help me go to sleep last night
she made my dreams peaceful and sweet
she caused laughter in my heart to rise
leaving sweet memories for my heart to keep

Love awoken me this morning
with a smile that is one of a kind
it embraced me today with such a warmth
I was so proud that this love was mine

And love sent me on my way today
off into life’s daily grind
but in her heart her eyes were on me
as she thought of me all the time

And at the end of the day while tired
love found the time to lift my heart
for she kissed me twice upon my lips
Saying this time of day was her best part.

"Happy Mother's day to my best friend, who
also happens to be my wife!

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2011, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"A Perfect Day"

Friday had been the saddest day
That my young life had ever known
The loneliness that my heart felt
Just would not leave me alone

The clouds that filled the afternoon
With their darkness and their dread
Left remorseful feelings alive inside
Along with feelings that seemed so dead

On Saturday when I did awaken
My world was much worse it seemed
For the gloom and darkness it embraced
Left my mind aloof in sad daydreams

Of what my eyes had seen to transpire
On that dark, cold Friday afternoon
I only prayed and hope what was written
Would come to fruition so very soon

As the last twenty four hours ticked away
The hope in my heart did begin to rise
For it began to beat so steady again
Waiting for the prophesied moment to arrive

But many in the room praying around me
Saw their faith begin to slip and fade
Not believing that what was happening
Would be much more than just another day

My heart awaiting the time to come closer
Anticipating the joy it would soon receive
Felt the rhythms of the approaching moment
For deep within it never failed to believe

I heard the most beautiful melodies
Embracing me from within His tomb
And upon hearing the hearty voices of angels
I knew that He would be rising soon

And the last twenty four hours did finally end
Sweeping my sadness and loneliness away
Replacing it with pure joy, and happiness
For He rose from the grave on a perfect day

Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2011,
All rights reserved.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Food For Thought"

When we begin our day we can change its complexion if we feed our spirits the word of the living God! I usually start my day with a Psalm.  Today is the 15th so it is Psalm 15 and i will also read Proverbs chapter 15.  I will read them when i rise and before i lay down to rest!  After the 30th or 31st day, with The book of Psalms i would continue for example if the month has 31 days i will start the new month with the 32nd Psalm and continue on for the next few months until i have read them all and then i would start anew.  With the book of proverbs i will go back to the first each month!  Reading the Psalms of David and the Wisdom of Solomon, you will find nothing has changed in the world and it will make you reflect on change in yourself and make wisdom and understanding your brother or sister!

Psalm 15  (NIV-2011)

LORD, who may dwell in your sacred tent?
who may live on your Holy mountain?

The one whose walk is blameless,
who does what is rightous,
who speaks the truth from the heart;
whose tongue utters no wrong to a neighbor,
and casts no slur on others;
who despises a vile person
but honors those who fear the LORD;
and does not change their mind;
who lends money to the poor without interest;
who does not accept a bribe against the innocent.

Whoever does these things
will never be shaken.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Always Shared Your Love

I saw openings in the sky above me
And within I saw a tranquil sea
I couldn’t believe its heavenly beauty
I wondered why it was happening to me

To describe what I saw would be useless
For it was far beyond my mind’s words
And I was left utterly speechless
By the melodies my ears had heard

I was lifted by My God’s Spirit
Far away into heavenly skies
I tasted of the paradise promised
And its overwhelming natural high

I found myself drowning in His tranquil sea
Eating the ecstasies of His paradise above
And I knew at that moment as never before
That I was always a part of His tender love

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.   

Monday, April 4, 2011

"My One True Love"

My heart does deeply long for you
When it finds you are not close by
I Search the world around me
And even heavenly skies so high

For moments shared with your loving touch
That you often place deep inside
Can make lonely times pass by quickly
Making a once sad heart to come alive

Though some may think I am very weak
As I do seek your love everyday
But to me your love is so valuable
A true treasure I want always to stay

Without its sweet loving essence
And the rich joy it does bring inside
The moments I find would be so lonely
If my one true love is not by my side.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Your song of life
does touch my heart,
as Your word caresses
my ears…

And my doubts have
now been gently
erased,  as have so
many of my fears

And the melody
that accompanies
them, does make
a home deep within
my soul…

For Your melody
brings my face
to smile,  and I
want this to continue so

For I know it has the
nourishment, the
food for thought
that I do need

And I praise You
Lord, my Father
in heaven, with
song unto your name

For You took the
time to bless me,
so cannot I also do
the same

Lifting up a sweet song
with joyous praise,
embracing the living
power in Your sweet

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"One With Me"

I was awakened from my daydreams,
and my heart was swept away.
Then all the rest of the afternoon,
on my mind did your memories play.

And the tones found in your sweet soft voice,
were like a cool summer wind,
whistling through the trees and hills,
finding a place in my heart to begin.

For to me you are an angel,
a gift from my God In heaven above.
For He knew just what was needed,
when He gave to my heart your love.

And as I look and gaze into your eyes,
I find that I am set so free.
For my world has blossomed greatly,
since your love became one with me.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2011, All Rights Reserved.
From "Never Changing Love"

Friday, March 25, 2011

"The Blessing Received"

As each day does placidly come to an end
The wiser I hope I do become
For all that I did receive from you
When you did change my life’s outcome

As I stepped away from the deep darkness
And dear Jesus did find Your sweet light
As I reached out Lord to touch Your hand
You touched mine completely changing my life

I only wanted to be your servant
Who does lift your name in praise each day
I wanted to preach your message of tender love
That in my heart does never go away

For in my life, all that I ever wanted to do
My Lord, in me you did allow to be
That day that I humbled myself before you
And You gave Your salvation to me.

By Wendell A. Brown
© 2011, All Rights Reserved

Monday, March 21, 2011

"A POEM FOR JAPAN" - "The Remnant Of My Tears"

My tears were hidden on my face
As a shower fell from the skies above
Darkness did now fill my young life
As I frantically searched for those I love

My life is now so very different
Should I embrace the gift that I now have
For it comes with so much sadness
I often  wonder why I am not dead

The smell of death surrounds me
Yet grateful faces do I now see
For every time I saw one who fell
The living again make me believe

That there is a bright future for all of us
Amid prayers for love ones who left
That we can rise above this crisis
With new life blossoming from their deaths

I will never truly be the same again
Not with the pain that my heart now bleeds
So I now push on forward with my life
For my loved ones who passed on to see

That I have their spirits deep within me
Their great strength that was always near
Which helps me to overcome my sadness
Erasing away the remnants of my tears.

By Wendell A. Brown.

A poem I was moved to write while
watching the sadness of  Japan's
children. It also appears at
in their world culture section, under "A Poem For Japan"

Friday, March 18, 2011

"When Each Day I Write Of You"

As there is nothing new under the sun,
and our words we dress anew.
As the sun is daily so will I be
when I write each day of you.

For my words shall have new beginnings,
that you ears have never heard.
And all shall have the strongest impact,
even though they are only words.

And what is old shall yet be new,
as my heart speaks of how it feels.
As just for a tiny taste of your love,
from eternity blissful times I will steal.

And more than a vision you shall be,
for inside my heart you will be so alive.
So whenever I have a need of you,
I can recall you sweet smile to my mind.

So that each day I may write of you,
with soft words that are dressed in truth.
And as the sun is daily in its risings.
so shall I be in my love for you.
© 2010 From “Your Willing Slave”,
By Wendell A. Brown, Aka The Brown One Poet
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"I Do Think Of"

So blissful is the
morning when in my
ears is heard the

The song that is
sung by angels
as they awaken
with the dawn

And go on their
appointed duties
to make a day
become so alive

With the love
of the eternal one
who dwells up in
the sky

The flowers open
wide this day and
with their beauty
give him praise

The birds in the air
spread their wings
in prayer, dancing as
they do fly on their way

And the sun so
bright does awaken,
and shines his very
For he knows the Lord
is deserving of his praise
and he will deliver
nothing less

And so blissful is
this glorious day
that is so alive
with my Gods love

That I am not
unlike the others,
for it is He alone
I do think of.
By The Brown One Poet,
Aka. Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.
"From The Open Door" 

A Lesson Learned

The truest blessing that you may have in a day, can come
from your approach to the treatment of others.  How
many people whom you never met before,   you might
 help in some way to make their day better.  Changing
the complexion of thier day,  just by  putting your
own needs to the side.  You will be blessed
so much more during your day.  Even at night,  your sleep
will be ever so  peaceful,  as you receive the
blessing for the love and careful attention that you
did give to others.  In the morning when the  new day comes,
the Lord will bless you with a precious gift,  that will
shine forth from your smile lasting throughout the day!
This will insure steady spiritual growth.  For Christ
came, the creator,  humbling himself before us, serving us, and
dying for us that we might be free of the selfishness
of this world.  Using His love as the greatest example.
Teaching us to realize the importance and the power
of  sharing the gift of love.    Remember before you start
your day,  to love and treat othere as you  would want
to be loved and treated also!

Wendell A. Brown

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"By Your Side"

Touch the softness of the vision
That has crept inside of your dreams
And hear your hearts decision
As it falls in love it seems

With a love that it has only seen
In the darkness of the night
Now feeling so very inspired
For it’s a vision from the God of light

Rest peacefully within your dreams
Tasting of their peace and solitude
Feeling now that much more assured
That a true love now waits for you

Open your eyes and face the day
Using the Spirit as your only guide
For only He can lead your heart
To the love who will stay by your side

By The Brown One Poet
Aka, Wendell A. Brown,
© 2010, All right Reserved
From The manuscript,
“I Want And Need You Now”.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Prisoners Of Love"

My eyes being prisoners take delight,
In the sunshine that each morning brings.
As I receive your love within my sight,
taking pride in the song my heart now sings.

For as jewels and riches are weighed in worth,
more than most anything in this world,
I find no essence laid upon this earth,
as my sweet love, yes my hearts pearl.

Unique in beauty as the sun that sets,
and the greatest thief of worldly times,
she captured my heart making prisoner my eyes,
of her beauty so wonderfully divine.

And as I speak are my eyes not blessed,
by the spirit of a kiss that will not fade.
That makes me daily live within loves glory,
while a prisoner of her love I am now made.

By The Brown One Poet,
Aka “Wendell A. Brown.
© 2010, All rights reserved.
From the Manuscript “I Want And Need You Now”

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"All Because Of You"

When we first met
years ago, I would
have never imagined
that I would meet
someone whom I would
love so quickly...

With one whom it seems
that I have lived with
before, in another place
or time.

Its so easy to love you,
to talk to you, to believe
In you, to listen what is on
your mind with my full
attention…to know what
is important to you.

Its so easy to be around
you, being with you
while sleeping, being
married to you, for
you are my best friend.

Wife is such an easy word
to call you, but you are
so much more with everything
that you do and say which are
so meaningful.

I can embrace you in moments
of love, of friendship,
of need, of happiness or
sadness…for you are always
there for me.

And my heart daily pains
when you are not with me,
because of its need to be
close to you and a hunger 
for the closeness to last.

And though many years ago
I thought I would never
be blessed like this in my life,
you made love a most treasured

And my life is so beautiful,
so real and very  good…
all because of you.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Friday, March 4, 2011

You Can Be Quite Sure

When times of trials and tribulations come
That will severely test our hopes and fears
Dear brethren do always remember this
Our God will be so very near

When it seems our dreams begin to fade
And nothing seems right anymore
You can always rest on His tender promise
For in His spoken word you can be assured

When the hordes of hell do surround us
With the enemy seemingly at our door
It is the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
That will help us rest safely forevermore

So when the days come where you cannot make it
When it always seems that you stumble and fall
Our Lord will never allow you to endure alone
And of His promise you can be quite sure.

By Wendell A. Brown
© 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fill Me

Fill me Lord with your
Spirit that my heart
does long to feel.

Fill me Lord with your
sweet Love, that no one
from me can steal.

Fill me Lord with the
patience, so that your
word I will always
learn to keep.

Fill me Lord with your
Spirit, so that my soul
will always be at peace.

By Wendell A. Brown
© 2010, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your Name

Bring sweet joy
Into my world,
the kind of which
I have never known,

Become a part
of my inner being,
never ever leaving
my spirit alone.

Comfort me with
your caring love,
bringing alive in me
that subtle change.

So that the only song
my heart will know,
shall be the one that
happily bears your name.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010,  All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Sweet Taste

Your love has the flavor of sweet melon,
of the honey made by bees.
For You are everything beautiful,
that in this world my eyes do see.

And thoughts of Your eternal love,
Is like treasure found beneath the sea.
For Your thoughts are so very valuable,
these lovely thoughts of You to me.

My love You are so dear to me,
as the air that I daily breathe.
And I will always have words of praise,
for all who live in the world to see.

For Your love tastes of sweet melon,
also of the honey made by bees.
As You are everything beautiful,
that in this world my eyes do see.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010 All Rights Reserved
Crossway Publications Spring 2010
American Diversity Report Spring 2010

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Need Your Love Always

You call to me and I answer
sometimes I am stubborn
and you call again finding
that sometimes I turn my
face away...

Sometimes I hear your voice
and yet I close my ears and
also the vents to my heart
that I might not answer...

Yet when you do not call, I cringe
stumbling in the darkness, where
night becomes my cell and loneliness
my robe.

When i do not hear your voice
I wonder if I still have favor
with you, or if by taking you
for granted I have somehow
caused you to turn away from me.

But in all of my selfish moments
I come to the realization, that in
my life I do need you more,
than you need me.

And I awaken as if from a dream,
longing for the sound of your voice,
or for your kiss upon my cheek, and
a warm hug from your always
embracing arms...

For Father, I do need your love... always.

By Wendell A. Brown.
First appeared in “American Diversity Report, January 2010

© 2010 All Right Rights Reserved.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Small Part

I am but a small
part of you, yet
you are so large
a part of me.

I can but serve you
yet you keep me
And guide me
In all things.

I have such little
knowledge of you,
yet you know all of
what I have done,
and have yet to do.

I am but a small
part of your body,
but you still cry
If I am lost.
By Wendell A. Brown
© 2010, All Rights Reserved,

The Vision

If only you could see the vision
that lives deep inside my mind,
Feeling the peace that always stays
knowing your love is only mine.

If only you could feel the passion
that each day is always on the rise,
Then you would never worry at all
for you will never face a lonely time.

For I love you deep within my heart
and its power does never end,
Because every time I awaken to your smile
it’s life essence begins all over again.

For I feel what you have given to me
with the love you allow me to seize,
Binds me tightly to a fervent need
that gives life to the air I now breathe.

By Wendell A. Brown.
Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved.

A Treasured Valentine

A treasure is described to all,
as truly beautiful and rare.
A work of art as totally unique,
to which none other can compare.

Diamonds are said to last forever,
a rose’s beauty to never fade.
Sunshine spreads its warmth abundantly,
and a pearls sparkle never goes away.

Yet when I look into Your eyes,
all these things my heart does see.
And I value every moment with You,
as You are more than life to me.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010.  All Rights Reserved.

Your Light

Your light shines
upon me,
and bears seed.

And the seed
blossoms and shines
back to you.

Your love given
freely to me,
intermingles with
my love.

Becoming spiritual teardrops
whose light happily
returns back to you,
the praises of my heart.

By Wendell A. Brown.
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Best Of Friends

When my paths were
dark and gloomy,
my love did light
the way.

When misery sought
to enslave me,
my love did
chased him away.

When the world no
longer wanted me,
my love did take
me in.

And I owe all I am
to my one true love,
for we are now the
best of friends.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Sweet Tears

It brought sweet tears into my eyes,
that will never go away.
It touched me deep where His love does live,
and where His spirit always stays.

For what His Spirit joyfully brings,
does solidly put in place a forever smile.
Which shines as bright as a new morning sun,
making this day become so worthwhile.

For when one believes in the risen Lord,
each day in their heart is born a song to sing.
For they who believe are always giving thanks,
because of the perfect grace loving Him does bring.

And if I do shed sweet tears each day,
then my sweet Lord just let it be.
For my spirit is full of Your tender love,
That I want all in the whole world to see.

By Wendell A. Brown ©  2010 All Rights Reserved.