Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank You Lord

I thank You for returning me to Your word
I am overjoyed by your loving embrace
For there is nothing as fulfilling as your love
Nothing as tantalizing as Your blessed grace

And I am moved in my soul to shed tears
For my happiness runneth over like a cup full
As what I feel in my heart is so inexpressible
As what lives in my heart comes from only You

Who am I, Lord, but a poor vagabond
One who needs not to be noticed to be pleased
I am a person of such very low esteem in this world
To be loved so graciously by the One I need

Many times my flesh has been broken by sin
Tormented ferociously by the enemies minions
For I prayed Father for them to be taken away
And your hand did banish them from within

For such healing power was found in Your word
When spoken from your lips did fill my bones
“My grace will always be sufficient for you
For in weakness is My power by you owned”

And I will lift up Your majestic Holy name
So that all who meet me will surely know
That though weakness by sight abounds within
It is overcome by God who has made my heart home

For true salvation this day is alive and well
As I daily walk with my loving God all day long
And I will boast in my many harsh infirmities
For with Your grace when I am weak, I am strong.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 10/14/11.