Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Forgiveness of My Sins

In my pain I am daily reminded
How short my days will surely be
When soon will come that moment
That from inside my breath will flee

From my tired bones is heard a cry
As a prisoner wanting to be set free
I fall to my knees sincerely praying
That it soon will happen to me

My heart feels the pain of the flesh
Also of sins calling each and every day
But my spirit patiently awaits its freedom
That will come from your answer as I pray

For though its true that the flesh will die
And all that I am will surely return to dust
My heart still rejoices full of tender joy
For in your word will I always trust

My broken spirit reaches out to you
Realizing that you are m y greatest need
And with true sincerity from deep within
I know you will hear my prayer and see

For in my pain Lord I am reminded
That so surely will come my end
Unless dear Lord I grab your salvation
Asking for the forgiveness of my sins.

Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Place

Each morning I rise before you
Never taking for granted what I find,
Knowing that it is only by your grace
That the breath inside my lungs is mine

And as I open my eyes to you
As rays of happiness alight my face
I am filled with a certain tranquility
That I will never find to be displaced

For the light within shines brighter
Than the radiance of the new day sun
And my heart is lifted by your grace
Pointing to the place my faith has won

For even though all I see around me
In this world will soon turn to dust
There’s only one thought that moves me
To live eternally, His love is a must

For only you alone could give to me
A reward that I could never earn
And only by believing in your grace
Was my place in heaven born.

Copyright 2011,
All Rights reserved.

Friday, September 16, 2011

No Other

Where is the love that once burned bright
That once did kindle such deep desire
Why have you turned your face from me
How did the love in your heart now tire

What in this sinful world have I ever done
That would make you totally turn away
With all the love that I gave to you daily
Why by my side did your love not stay

What made you run to those worldly gods
Yes to those of stone who cannot save
Why now do you worship those of the world
Letting your loving heart turn to stone today

My child I did make a living promise to you
Hear it again this day and know its true
That as long as you have breath within your lungs
I will surely never give up on you

And I will never turn my face away in disdain
Despite of the unseemly things before me you do
Know that I the Lord will never change like men
Realize the promise of my love will remain so true

For I called you out by name before you were born
Choosing you from among your sisters and brothers
Know that even when you fall far away from me
within your heart and spirit there will be no other…

living God who forgives.

The message came last night to give, with many turning
away to worldly lusts and gods from the least to even our
leaders who conservatively say they worship God...we can
tell by their fruit, they are none of HIS!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making A Smile To Glow

And what shall I say,

for the words do escape

my tongue, running free

from its captivity in

spirited whispers, while

dancing on unseen vapors…

For my heart speaks

silently, sulking without

understanding its inherent

fall from its life of only

one, now embracing something

strange to its world but new

and refreshing, trying to

understand the reason why…

For there are no words

that come freely from

my shy heart to speak to the

love that has been revealed

to me, who has mastered

my feelings, making me

a slave to her living essence…

And I now find moments

that are alive within a wish,

while holding on to a hope

that my tongue may soon be

free from its chains, to

speak poetic phrases that

will find life power to dance

in a pond of happiness…

And I now strike the right note

with the right melody of words

that shall find the single true

path which leads to the heart

of the one I now love, causing

her to sigh deeply in bliss,

while providing a heavenly

light that will radiantly fill those

lovely brown eyes, that have

made my heart a willing slave

to her love.

By Wendell A. Brown

© 2010, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, September 8, 2011

That Sparkle In Your Eyes

The fire never seems to dim,
nor the sparkle ever goes away.
Neither does it seem replaced,
by the sunshine of each  new day.

So soft are the memories of your love,
while you are away from me,
as your image does flood my mind today,
so that your face is the only thing I see.

I know that you think of me,
as much as I think of you;
because I feel it with every breath I take,
burning inside of my heart so true.

The purest treasure in my life's world,
can truly only be found in you.
The most beautiful acts of love in my day,
are found in everything you do.

Only inside my heart can one really find,
the raging fire that never seems to die.
For it is always fed each day that passes,
by that sparkle that’s found in your eyes.

Copyrighted 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Until We Meet Again

Who will wipe away my tears,
While for the love one I lost, I weep
Who will now help me rest so easy,
While at night I try to fall asleep

Who will embrace me ever so tightly
Or who can ever take your place,
Who will say my name the way you did
Placing a soft smile upon my face

Where are you now my sweet flower
When I need you most in my life
Where is the sound of your joy and laughter
That always made each day so right

For my eyes grow tired from weeping
And my knees are weak from prayer
And I cannot let go of what I lost
When you were taken away from here

For every time the door bell rings
Or the telephone announces a call
I jump in expectation with a fervent hope
That from my life you did not fall

And yet still my mind grows weary
As I once again try to fall asleep
For I can't let go of the love I miss
When your image my heart always keeps

Until we meet again.

One of  three written (9/11) while the events unfolded,
dedicated to those who lost love ones that day

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Magic

The magic of your love

stays within my mind,

even when I am fast asleep.

Its essence has become a

part of my heart, that I

will always want to keep.

The magic we share has

Become the one reason,

that by your side I will

always stay.

For the magic of your

Love brings into my

heart, a special joy that

will never go away.

This is dedicated to all the couples
who have found that special essence
that comes from God, as two become
one flesh for a lifetime!

Copyrighed 2011, All Rights Reserved.