Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Until We Meet Again

Who will wipe away my tears,
While for the love one I lost, I weep
Who will now help me rest so easy,
While at night I try to fall asleep

Who will embrace me ever so tightly
Or who can ever take your place,
Who will say my name the way you did
Placing a soft smile upon my face

Where are you now my sweet flower
When I need you most in my life
Where is the sound of your joy and laughter
That always made each day so right

For my eyes grow tired from weeping
And my knees are weak from prayer
And I cannot let go of what I lost
When you were taken away from here

For every time the door bell rings
Or the telephone announces a call
I jump in expectation with a fervent hope
That from my life you did not fall

And yet still my mind grows weary
As I once again try to fall asleep
For I can't let go of the love I miss
When your image my heart always keeps

Until we meet again.

One of  three written (9/11) while the events unfolded,
dedicated to those who lost love ones that day