Friday, September 16, 2011

No Other

Where is the love that once burned bright
That once did kindle such deep desire
Why have you turned your face from me
How did the love in your heart now tire

What in this sinful world have I ever done
That would make you totally turn away
With all the love that I gave to you daily
Why by my side did your love not stay

What made you run to those worldly gods
Yes to those of stone who cannot save
Why now do you worship those of the world
Letting your loving heart turn to stone today

My child I did make a living promise to you
Hear it again this day and know its true
That as long as you have breath within your lungs
I will surely never give up on you

And I will never turn my face away in disdain
Despite of the unseemly things before me you do
Know that I the Lord will never change like men
Realize the promise of my love will remain so true

For I called you out by name before you were born
Choosing you from among your sisters and brothers
Know that even when you fall far away from me
within your heart and spirit there will be no other…

living God who forgives.

The message came last night to give, with many turning
away to worldly lusts and gods from the least to even our
leaders who conservatively say they worship God...we can
tell by their fruit, they are none of HIS!