Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Forgiveness of My Sins

In my pain I am daily reminded
How short my days will surely be
When soon will come that moment
That from inside my breath will flee

From my tired bones is heard a cry
As a prisoner wanting to be set free
I fall to my knees sincerely praying
That it soon will happen to me

My heart feels the pain of the flesh
Also of sins calling each and every day
But my spirit patiently awaits its freedom
That will come from your answer as I pray

For though its true that the flesh will die
And all that I am will surely return to dust
My heart still rejoices full of tender joy
For in your word will I always trust

My broken spirit reaches out to you
Realizing that you are m y greatest need
And with true sincerity from deep within
I know you will hear my prayer and see

For in my pain Lord I am reminded
That so surely will come my end
Unless dear Lord I grab your salvation
Asking for the forgiveness of my sins.

Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.