Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Place

Each morning I rise before you
Never taking for granted what I find,
Knowing that it is only by your grace
That the breath inside my lungs is mine

And as I open my eyes to you
As rays of happiness alight my face
I am filled with a certain tranquility
That I will never find to be displaced

For the light within shines brighter
Than the radiance of the new day sun
And my heart is lifted by your grace
Pointing to the place my faith has won

For even though all I see around me
In this world will soon turn to dust
There’s only one thought that moves me
To live eternally, His love is a must

For only you alone could give to me
A reward that I could never earn
And only by believing in your grace
Was my place in heaven born.

Copyright 2011,
All Rights reserved.