Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When you are not with me
My heart does turn within
To the face my heart always sees
And whose love I do live in

Nothing can separate me
Or keep me away from you
As long as I am breathing
To your love I remain so true

To the thought I will give sweet life
To the moment I make a lasting treasure
To the second I change making it to last
To the hour I give what does last forever

So that I may never be lonely long
Whenever You are not here with me
I just give life to my dreams within
And Your love makes my heart free


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Love For Me

My heart swells up within me,
as my tears begin to fall.
My heart reaches out to feel you,
and the wonder of your sweet love.

I move closer to taste of the goodness,
that I find this cold day to bring.
And as I move even closer to you,
my heart now begins to sing.

For nothing can be quite better Lord,
then when I open my eyes to see.
The golden essence of your Spirit,
as your love embraces me.

For I did not have to open my eyes,
neither did I have to really breathe.
For I know it has only come about,
because of your love for me.

Copyright 2010

Monday, October 24, 2011

What Control

What control you now have over me
That no longer is my mind free
For all you have to do is call my name
And your voice causes my will to flee,

Why am I shackled tightly to you
To that lovely face I long to see
When all you have to do is to cast a look
And I hear your heart softly speak to me

What magic has your love weaved today
That causes my eyes to deeply see and believe
That no one else in this world is quite like you
Not a another person whom I would need

For I no longer belong to myself alone
Because I have now become a twin to you
Knowing if  I ever try to leave your side
Quickly back to you my feet would move.

Copyright 2010                                                          

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Once Silent Dream

 A silent dream
once was mine
to share with the
loneliness of my

A silent dream
was the only
thing that could
console the most
empty parts…

Of a heart that sought
so restlessly, to find
a love that he alone
could claim…

Whose sweetness
could lift up my spirit,
making my heart to
sing out her name

The silent dream
was my only friend
for so many days and
as many years…

And inside the walls
of this cold, cold
dream was found
written my heart’s
many tears…

Yet as a daffodil
reaches for
the sun…so did
my heart reach out
to you

On that wonderful
day that we first met
and I realized what
I now had to do

For I had to grasp
the reality of love’s
happiness that you
alone did possess…

And I knew that
I had found that
long awaited key 
that would set
my heart free
from unhappiness

The silent dream
spoke out in pleasure
as a rose feels
the long awaited
kiss of the sun…

Because it finally
tasted of a true reality,
when my heart
your heart had won.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank You Lord

I thank You for returning me to Your word
I am overjoyed by your loving embrace
For there is nothing as fulfilling as your love
Nothing as tantalizing as Your blessed grace

And I am moved in my soul to shed tears
For my happiness runneth over like a cup full
As what I feel in my heart is so inexpressible
As what lives in my heart comes from only You

Who am I, Lord, but a poor vagabond
One who needs not to be noticed to be pleased
I am a person of such very low esteem in this world
To be loved so graciously by the One I need

Many times my flesh has been broken by sin
Tormented ferociously by the enemies minions
For I prayed Father for them to be taken away
And your hand did banish them from within

For such healing power was found in Your word
When spoken from your lips did fill my bones
“My grace will always be sufficient for you
For in weakness is My power by you owned”

And I will lift up Your majestic Holy name
So that all who meet me will surely know
That though weakness by sight abounds within
It is overcome by God who has made my heart home

For true salvation this day is alive and well
As I daily walk with my loving God all day long
And I will boast in my many harsh infirmities
For with Your grace when I am weak, I am strong.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 10/14/11.