Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"One With Me"

I was awakened from my daydreams,
and my heart was swept away.
Then all the rest of the afternoon,
on my mind did your memories play.

And the tones found in your sweet soft voice,
were like a cool summer wind,
whistling through the trees and hills,
finding a place in my heart to begin.

For to me you are an angel,
a gift from my God In heaven above.
For He knew just what was needed,
when He gave to my heart your love.

And as I look and gaze into your eyes,
I find that I am set so free.
For my world has blossomed greatly,
since your love became one with me.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2011, All Rights Reserved.
From "Never Changing Love"

Friday, March 25, 2011

"The Blessing Received"

As each day does placidly come to an end
The wiser I hope I do become
For all that I did receive from you
When you did change my life’s outcome

As I stepped away from the deep darkness
And dear Jesus did find Your sweet light
As I reached out Lord to touch Your hand
You touched mine completely changing my life

I only wanted to be your servant
Who does lift your name in praise each day
I wanted to preach your message of tender love
That in my heart does never go away

For in my life, all that I ever wanted to do
My Lord, in me you did allow to be
That day that I humbled myself before you
And You gave Your salvation to me.

By Wendell A. Brown
© 2011, All Rights Reserved

Monday, March 21, 2011

"A POEM FOR JAPAN" - "The Remnant Of My Tears"

My tears were hidden on my face
As a shower fell from the skies above
Darkness did now fill my young life
As I frantically searched for those I love

My life is now so very different
Should I embrace the gift that I now have
For it comes with so much sadness
I often  wonder why I am not dead

The smell of death surrounds me
Yet grateful faces do I now see
For every time I saw one who fell
The living again make me believe

That there is a bright future for all of us
Amid prayers for love ones who left
That we can rise above this crisis
With new life blossoming from their deaths

I will never truly be the same again
Not with the pain that my heart now bleeds
So I now push on forward with my life
For my loved ones who passed on to see

That I have their spirits deep within me
Their great strength that was always near
Which helps me to overcome my sadness
Erasing away the remnants of my tears.

By Wendell A. Brown.

A poem I was moved to write while
watching the sadness of  Japan's
children. It also appears at Americandiversityreport.com
in their world culture section, under "A Poem For Japan"

Friday, March 18, 2011

"When Each Day I Write Of You"

As there is nothing new under the sun,
and our words we dress anew.
As the sun is daily so will I be
when I write each day of you.

For my words shall have new beginnings,
that you ears have never heard.
And all shall have the strongest impact,
even though they are only words.

And what is old shall yet be new,
as my heart speaks of how it feels.
As just for a tiny taste of your love,
from eternity blissful times I will steal.

And more than a vision you shall be,
for inside my heart you will be so alive.
So whenever I have a need of you,
I can recall you sweet smile to my mind.

So that each day I may write of you,
with soft words that are dressed in truth.
And as the sun is daily in its risings.
so shall I be in my love for you.
© 2010 From “Your Willing Slave”,
By Wendell A. Brown, Aka The Brown One Poet
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"I Do Think Of"

So blissful is the
morning when in my
ears is heard the

The song that is
sung by angels
as they awaken
with the dawn

And go on their
appointed duties
to make a day
become so alive

With the love
of the eternal one
who dwells up in
the sky

The flowers open
wide this day and
with their beauty
give him praise

The birds in the air
spread their wings
in prayer, dancing as
they do fly on their way

And the sun so
bright does awaken,
and shines his very
For he knows the Lord
is deserving of his praise
and he will deliver
nothing less

And so blissful is
this glorious day
that is so alive
with my Gods love

That I am not
unlike the others,
for it is He alone
I do think of.
By The Brown One Poet,
Aka. Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.
"From The Open Door" 

A Lesson Learned

The truest blessing that you may have in a day, can come
from your approach to the treatment of others.  How
many people whom you never met before,   you might
 help in some way to make their day better.  Changing
the complexion of thier day,  just by  putting your
own needs to the side.  You will be blessed
so much more during your day.  Even at night,  your sleep
will be ever so  peaceful,  as you receive the
blessing for the love and careful attention that you
did give to others.  In the morning when the  new day comes,
the Lord will bless you with a precious gift,  that will
shine forth from your smile lasting throughout the day!
This will insure steady spiritual growth.  For Christ
came, the creator,  humbling himself before us, serving us, and
dying for us that we might be free of the selfishness
of this world.  Using His love as the greatest example.
Teaching us to realize the importance and the power
of  sharing the gift of love.    Remember before you start
your day,  to love and treat othere as you  would want
to be loved and treated also!

Wendell A. Brown

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"By Your Side"

Touch the softness of the vision
That has crept inside of your dreams
And hear your hearts decision
As it falls in love it seems

With a love that it has only seen
In the darkness of the night
Now feeling so very inspired
For it’s a vision from the God of light

Rest peacefully within your dreams
Tasting of their peace and solitude
Feeling now that much more assured
That a true love now waits for you

Open your eyes and face the day
Using the Spirit as your only guide
For only He can lead your heart
To the love who will stay by your side

By The Brown One Poet
Aka, Wendell A. Brown,
© 2010, All right Reserved
From The manuscript,
“I Want And Need You Now”.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Prisoners Of Love"

My eyes being prisoners take delight,
In the sunshine that each morning brings.
As I receive your love within my sight,
taking pride in the song my heart now sings.

For as jewels and riches are weighed in worth,
more than most anything in this world,
I find no essence laid upon this earth,
as my sweet love, yes my hearts pearl.

Unique in beauty as the sun that sets,
and the greatest thief of worldly times,
she captured my heart making prisoner my eyes,
of her beauty so wonderfully divine.

And as I speak are my eyes not blessed,
by the spirit of a kiss that will not fade.
That makes me daily live within loves glory,
while a prisoner of her love I am now made.

By The Brown One Poet,
Aka “Wendell A. Brown.
© 2010, All rights reserved.
From the Manuscript “I Want And Need You Now”

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"All Because Of You"

When we first met
years ago, I would
have never imagined
that I would meet
someone whom I would
love so quickly...

With one whom it seems
that I have lived with
before, in another place
or time.

Its so easy to love you,
to talk to you, to believe
In you, to listen what is on
your mind with my full
attention…to know what
is important to you.

Its so easy to be around
you, being with you
while sleeping, being
married to you, for
you are my best friend.

Wife is such an easy word
to call you, but you are
so much more with everything
that you do and say which are
so meaningful.

I can embrace you in moments
of love, of friendship,
of need, of happiness or
sadness…for you are always
there for me.

And my heart daily pains
when you are not with me,
because of its need to be
close to you and a hunger 
for the closeness to last.

And though many years ago
I thought I would never
be blessed like this in my life,
you made love a most treasured

And my life is so beautiful,
so real and very  good…
all because of you.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Friday, March 4, 2011

You Can Be Quite Sure

When times of trials and tribulations come
That will severely test our hopes and fears
Dear brethren do always remember this
Our God will be so very near

When it seems our dreams begin to fade
And nothing seems right anymore
You can always rest on His tender promise
For in His spoken word you can be assured

When the hordes of hell do surround us
With the enemy seemingly at our door
It is the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
That will help us rest safely forevermore

So when the days come where you cannot make it
When it always seems that you stumble and fall
Our Lord will never allow you to endure alone
And of His promise you can be quite sure.

By Wendell A. Brown
© 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fill Me

Fill me Lord with your
Spirit that my heart
does long to feel.

Fill me Lord with your
sweet Love, that no one
from me can steal.

Fill me Lord with the
patience, so that your
word I will always
learn to keep.

Fill me Lord with your
Spirit, so that my soul
will always be at peace.

By Wendell A. Brown
© 2010, All Rights Reserved