Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Lesson Learned

The truest blessing that you may have in a day, can come
from your approach to the treatment of others.  How
many people whom you never met before,   you might
 help in some way to make their day better.  Changing
the complexion of thier day,  just by  putting your
own needs to the side.  You will be blessed
so much more during your day.  Even at night,  your sleep
will be ever so  peaceful,  as you receive the
blessing for the love and careful attention that you
did give to others.  In the morning when the  new day comes,
the Lord will bless you with a precious gift,  that will
shine forth from your smile lasting throughout the day!
This will insure steady spiritual growth.  For Christ
came, the creator,  humbling himself before us, serving us, and
dying for us that we might be free of the selfishness
of this world.  Using His love as the greatest example.
Teaching us to realize the importance and the power
of  sharing the gift of love.    Remember before you start
your day,  to love and treat othere as you  would want
to be loved and treated also!

Wendell A. Brown