Sunday, March 6, 2011

"All Because Of You"

When we first met
years ago, I would
have never imagined
that I would meet
someone whom I would
love so quickly...

With one whom it seems
that I have lived with
before, in another place
or time.

Its so easy to love you,
to talk to you, to believe
In you, to listen what is on
your mind with my full
attention…to know what
is important to you.

Its so easy to be around
you, being with you
while sleeping, being
married to you, for
you are my best friend.

Wife is such an easy word
to call you, but you are
so much more with everything
that you do and say which are
so meaningful.

I can embrace you in moments
of love, of friendship,
of need, of happiness or
sadness…for you are always
there for me.

And my heart daily pains
when you are not with me,
because of its need to be
close to you and a hunger 
for the closeness to last.

And though many years ago
I thought I would never
be blessed like this in my life,
you made love a most treasured

And my life is so beautiful,
so real and very  good…
all because of you.

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010, All Rights Reserved.