Friday, April 27, 2012

"Your Breath Of Life"

Let me feel the taste

of your fiery kiss upon

my undeserving  lips

Let me drink of the nectar

that pours from your

mouth while the sun

is still high

For when tomorrow

comes I may be gone

and nothing can I

taste from the grave

let me feel the happiness

that you send to indwell

my spirit with the bliss

of   heaven that shall

leave my mind so

contented and  well pleased

For in my power I have

but this chance, for

tomorrow may forsake

me of my dreams of


Where shall I go?  Is

there a place for me

beyond the setting sun?

For I fear that if I do not

feel the sting of your kiss

of life that I may become…

a  desolate soul

Breathe into me your breath

of eternal life so that I may

live just one more day to

Share with others the grace

Of your love before I enter

Your heavenly kingdom.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright  2010

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Inner Voice

Inside there is a world unseen
Where a spirit seeks to know,
The voice he hears within
Everyday, for his passion he
Wants to grow.

For everyday while trying
To make choices in life,
The voice seems to come
Alive,  causing him to think
About what might be wrong,
Or what just might be right.

For everything he attempts
To do, and every choice that
He will make, makes a
Imprint on his inner self,
That can never be taken

And the voice always seems
To be waiting  for that very
Special time, when under his
great influence, away from sin
our hearts He will guide.

Copyright 2011

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Part Of You

In my life...
I am a part of you,
and in death I am
a part of you also,
and I shall never
be without you.

For sunshine shall
I not see, nor the
darkness shall find
me, nor shall the
power of evil overcome
me, without you Lord
being close to me.

And when the rain falls
from the sky, and the
fires of justice from the
heavens, you shall be
with me lord as my judge
and my redeemer.

Never shall pestilence
or disease find me alone,
for you shall always see
to my well being, always
staying by my side.

Am I alive or am I dead,
only you really know
the true answer, yet
I know that whether
in life or death, you’ll
never let me go.

For in life I am a part of you,
and in death I am also a part
of you. Whatever my role
shall be in this life or when
my eternal life begins,
I shall always be a part of you.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Message Received

What can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
What ransom can they give for eternal life?
For only through the death of one can we be saved
Only by belief in the promise that He is the only way.

For He is before everything that was formed,
And He will be above all in the end.
All his enemies will get their just reward,
And all non-repentant sinners will suffer death.

Wisdom calls out daily from the highest place,
His voice of understanding reveals itself.
Come to me for I have precious food for you,
I AM the living bread that never grows stale.
I AM the drink you need to refresh your soul,
I AM the pure wine of the ages that you may taste,
I AM the love that you so look for in your lives.

Turn to me and repent of your sin,
Pick up your cross and follow me.
Help the poor and helpless, the seniors
Do not turn away from your family,
Or your Father and Mother who are
Old and grey. Feed the hungry, visit the sick,
Serve me by serving others. Feed them
Your caring and love, as I have also
Fed you in the darkest times.

Do what is right and just, and not be arrogant,
For what you do not for others will also not
Be done for you in your times of need so that
You may understand that all life is mine.

You cannot love me with your heart, whom
You cannot see, if you do not love your
Brothers and sisters whom you can see,
Your father and mother who you can see,
My helpless children who you can see,
For I will not listen to your prayers!
Do not mock me!

If you sincerely are a servant of mine
Then follow my ways. I do not ask
For you to give money, gold to make
Make me rich, like those of flesh do
In the world. I came to you humbly,
Asking you to give to the poor.
And follow me!

I Am, and I came to give you life and
Most abundantly! I kneeled before
You and served you without cost.
I fed you and healed you because of
My great compassion and grace.

Wealth and serving self will make you grow
Selfish and arrogant without my Spirit's love,
It will hardened your heart, it will leave you
A lonely soul, but give to those without
And you will receive the gift that is infinite,
Which will always be there growing so that
You can continuously give it away,
the most valued of treasures...your love!

I have given my word of life to you
Free of charge, and you freely you
Received it. Why listen to those who
Charge a cost for their own benefit,
That they may live a life of luxury on earth
as modern day Sadducees and Pharisees,
For they now have their reward.

My word and promise stands, come to me
And I will send the Holy Spirit who will
Teach you the ways of my Father
Without cost and you will understand
The simple things that are the best things
And they will be so life changing.
For the Son’s ways are also the Father’s,
And you will received an abundant

Why keep going in circles in your life
As the children in the desert. For years
They were unrepentant, and without
Change in their hearts many died in
Their sins. Only with a repentent
Heart did some finally enter the promised

Turn to me and you will be rewarded
By a treasure of love that will be abundant
In your life on earth and in heaven.
For true love is the best fruitful treasure.

Love the LORD, God, with all your
Heart, and love your fellow man and
Woman as you would love your
Selves, and serve the needs of others as I
Served the needs of others without
Asking for profit in return, and I will see,
And reward you openly with increase
Within your heart, soul and spirit.

For I AM the beginning and the
end. And no one comes to the
Father except by me! Come to
Me with a repentant heart, and
See the world that you live in
Change, for you surely will be blessed!

Wendell A. Brown,
April 15, 2012, 3:15 AM
I Repented of my sins.., will you!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Deep Place

Your spirit resides deep within me
A place where few will ever know
A place I'll never share with anyone
A shelter where I alone can go

Its here where we share moments together
Where I can truly be myself
For you alone Lord, created me
Blessing me with such spiritual wealth

It’s a very beautiful creative place
Where like paintings on a wall
The words lie there simply breathing
Waiting for my hearts loving call

Within there is always sunshine present
Far away from the world’s hurts and pains
For you have blessed me with a perfect place
Where I can always quietly praise your name

For I am so much a part of your spirit
That as the words from my heart do come
I feel all the pleasure of your precious love
For their sweet messages are never done.

Wendell A. Brown
April 6, 2012,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Him Alone

I awoken to the sounds of Spring
As the winds whistled through the trees
And even as raindrops fell softly
From the sky, all I could think about
Was thee.

For early in the morning as
I read your spoken word,
I am moved so deep within my heart
With the sweet melodies that are heard

And as I digest your Holy word
My heart and mind seem to explode
For I cannot hold back the desires from within
That my spirit always seeks to hold

And what eagerly dances to paper
Is what my heart does wish to sing,
Sweet songs of ardent praise now
being released so joyfully,
For Him alone who is my King.

Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Everytime I bring forth your image
From deep within the well of my mind
My heart begins shedding joyous tears
For your beautiful love that's mine

I can never escape feeling all the emotions
For they seem to overwhelm me each day
But just like the very first time I embraced you
The raging passion of my love will always stay

I was blessed the day you embraced me
That first moment you became my friend
And ever since your spirit held me close
My life changed as I was truly born again

You have never forsaken me a day
Of the spiritual things in life I need
And I love those very special moments
When your living word we together read

While I lift up my song of sweet love to you
Your daily showers of heaven's joy begins
I humbly thank you for giving your life's blood
A perfect Easter sacrifice to forgive all our sins.

Copyright, Easter Sunday,
2012. All rights Reserved

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Heart's Reality

What a beautiful morning which awakens me
With thoughts of you enriching my mind
Making me lazily to rise up from my bed
As I anxiously play a waiting game with time

For a certain bliss and joy are mine this morning
Because upon my lips you did seal a kiss
Even though only a dream, separated by reality
In my mind you provided the love I now miss

So sweet is this morning which I awaken to
Where soft melodies of pleasure now fill the air
With fashionable pleasures and spiritual treasures
Blossoming fully today with such an elegant flair

What joy filled moments will  this morning bring
When I soon will embrace the taste of  your love
For though I awaken from my sweet dreams of you
I now receive the reality which my heart dreams of.

From "Beginnings"
Copyright February 2012,
All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


My mind and heart was
Reborn, in the freedom
That my spirit found
In the release of
My bondage to the power
Of sin.

For today I placed  self
Willingly in The Lord
Jesus, and gladly let it
Perish in His death, so that my
Freedom would be forever

For as the same spirit that
Empowered the Lord to rise
From the entanglements
Of worldly death to live at the
Side of His Father in
Heaven, so I too am made
Alive to serve The Father
Through the Son.

Being empowered daily
By His Holy spirit, I eat
And drink from His table
Of delights, being
Nourished constantly
By His daily Bread.

Will you not join me at His table?

Copyright 2011

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The True King

The small things I ask of you to do
May seem simple in many ways
Yet you always fail to do them
And from these simple tasks turn away

For to you I am the true example
With all that I do and say each day
But shortly after you hear my words
The power of flesh turns you away

Oh you, my child of little strength
I understand the burdens your life does bear
But come with me only taking tiny steps
And when you need me I will be near

Embrace the word your heart hears from me
And realize that its life is so very true
Then pick up your cross and follow me
And I will surely always walk with you

Do not let the call of flesh pull you away
From the pure things that you should do
Remember always to live just like I did
And my new life will soon embrace you

Know my word will surely empower you
To daily overcome this worlds adversity
And when those of flesh demand an answer
You will tell them you serve the true King.
Wendell A. Brown  
Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.