Friday, April 27, 2012

"Your Breath Of Life"

Let me feel the taste

of your fiery kiss upon

my undeserving  lips

Let me drink of the nectar

that pours from your

mouth while the sun

is still high

For when tomorrow

comes I may be gone

and nothing can I

taste from the grave

let me feel the happiness

that you send to indwell

my spirit with the bliss

of   heaven that shall

leave my mind so

contented and  well pleased

For in my power I have

but this chance, for

tomorrow may forsake

me of my dreams of


Where shall I go?  Is

there a place for me

beyond the setting sun?

For I fear that if I do not

feel the sting of your kiss

of life that I may become…

a  desolate soul

Breathe into me your breath

of eternal life so that I may

live just one more day to

Share with others the grace

Of your love before I enter

Your heavenly kingdom.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright  2010