Monday, April 16, 2012

A Part Of You

In my life...
I am a part of you,
and in death I am
a part of you also,
and I shall never
be without you.

For sunshine shall
I not see, nor the
darkness shall find
me, nor shall the
power of evil overcome
me, without you Lord
being close to me.

And when the rain falls
from the sky, and the
fires of justice from the
heavens, you shall be
with me lord as my judge
and my redeemer.

Never shall pestilence
or disease find me alone,
for you shall always see
to my well being, always
staying by my side.

Am I alive or am I dead,
only you really know
the true answer, yet
I know that whether
in life or death, you’ll
never let me go.

For in life I am a part of you,
and in death I am also a part
of you. Whatever my role
shall be in this life or when
my eternal life begins,
I shall always be a part of you.