Friday, April 6, 2012

A Heart's Reality

What a beautiful morning which awakens me
With thoughts of you enriching my mind
Making me lazily to rise up from my bed
As I anxiously play a waiting game with time

For a certain bliss and joy are mine this morning
Because upon my lips you did seal a kiss
Even though only a dream, separated by reality
In my mind you provided the love I now miss

So sweet is this morning which I awaken to
Where soft melodies of pleasure now fill the air
With fashionable pleasures and spiritual treasures
Blossoming fully today with such an elegant flair

What joy filled moments will  this morning bring
When I soon will embrace the taste of  your love
For though I awaken from my sweet dreams of you
I now receive the reality which my heart dreams of.

From "Beginnings"
Copyright February 2012,
All Rights Reserved.