Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Deep Place

Your spirit resides deep within me
A place where few will ever know
A place I'll never share with anyone
A shelter where I alone can go

Its here where we share moments together
Where I can truly be myself
For you alone Lord, created me
Blessing me with such spiritual wealth

It’s a very beautiful creative place
Where like paintings on a wall
The words lie there simply breathing
Waiting for my hearts loving call

Within there is always sunshine present
Far away from the world’s hurts and pains
For you have blessed me with a perfect place
Where I can always quietly praise your name

For I am so much a part of your spirit
That as the words from my heart do come
I feel all the pleasure of your precious love
For their sweet messages are never done.

Wendell A. Brown
April 6, 2012,