Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The True King

The small things I ask of you to do
May seem simple in many ways
Yet you always fail to do them
And from these simple tasks turn away

For to you I am the true example
With all that I do and say each day
But shortly after you hear my words
The power of flesh turns you away

Oh you, my child of little strength
I understand the burdens your life does bear
But come with me only taking tiny steps
And when you need me I will be near

Embrace the word your heart hears from me
And realize that its life is so very true
Then pick up your cross and follow me
And I will surely always walk with you

Do not let the call of flesh pull you away
From the pure things that you should do
Remember always to live just like I did
And my new life will soon embrace you

Know my word will surely empower you
To daily overcome this worlds adversity
And when those of flesh demand an answer
You will tell them you serve the true King.
Wendell A. Brown  
Copyright 2011,
All Rights Reserved.