Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Message Received

What can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
What ransom can they give for eternal life?
For only through the death of one can we be saved
Only by belief in the promise that He is the only way.

For He is before everything that was formed,
And He will be above all in the end.
All his enemies will get their just reward,
And all non-repentant sinners will suffer death.

Wisdom calls out daily from the highest place,
His voice of understanding reveals itself.
Come to me for I have precious food for you,
I AM the living bread that never grows stale.
I AM the drink you need to refresh your soul,
I AM the pure wine of the ages that you may taste,
I AM the love that you so look for in your lives.

Turn to me and repent of your sin,
Pick up your cross and follow me.
Help the poor and helpless, the seniors
Do not turn away from your family,
Or your Father and Mother who are
Old and grey. Feed the hungry, visit the sick,
Serve me by serving others. Feed them
Your caring and love, as I have also
Fed you in the darkest times.

Do what is right and just, and not be arrogant,
For what you do not for others will also not
Be done for you in your times of need so that
You may understand that all life is mine.

You cannot love me with your heart, whom
You cannot see, if you do not love your
Brothers and sisters whom you can see,
Your father and mother who you can see,
My helpless children who you can see,
For I will not listen to your prayers!
Do not mock me!

If you sincerely are a servant of mine
Then follow my ways. I do not ask
For you to give money, gold to make
Make me rich, like those of flesh do
In the world. I came to you humbly,
Asking you to give to the poor.
And follow me!

I Am, and I came to give you life and
Most abundantly! I kneeled before
You and served you without cost.
I fed you and healed you because of
My great compassion and grace.

Wealth and serving self will make you grow
Selfish and arrogant without my Spirit's love,
It will hardened your heart, it will leave you
A lonely soul, but give to those without
And you will receive the gift that is infinite,
Which will always be there growing so that
You can continuously give it away,
the most valued of treasures...your love!

I have given my word of life to you
Free of charge, and you freely you
Received it. Why listen to those who
Charge a cost for their own benefit,
That they may live a life of luxury on earth
as modern day Sadducees and Pharisees,
For they now have their reward.

My word and promise stands, come to me
And I will send the Holy Spirit who will
Teach you the ways of my Father
Without cost and you will understand
The simple things that are the best things
And they will be so life changing.
For the Son’s ways are also the Father’s,
And you will received an abundant

Why keep going in circles in your life
As the children in the desert. For years
They were unrepentant, and without
Change in their hearts many died in
Their sins. Only with a repentent
Heart did some finally enter the promised

Turn to me and you will be rewarded
By a treasure of love that will be abundant
In your life on earth and in heaven.
For true love is the best fruitful treasure.

Love the LORD, God, with all your
Heart, and love your fellow man and
Woman as you would love your
Selves, and serve the needs of others as I
Served the needs of others without
Asking for profit in return, and I will see,
And reward you openly with increase
Within your heart, soul and spirit.

For I AM the beginning and the
end. And no one comes to the
Father except by me! Come to
Me with a repentant heart, and
See the world that you live in
Change, for you surely will be blessed!

Wendell A. Brown,
April 15, 2012, 3:15 AM
I Repented of my sins.., will you!