Monday, May 14, 2012

Love Me As Your Own

Lord, have you forsaken me?
Have you cast me away as
Fodder, am I now detestable
In your sight?

Lord do my prayers not
Reach your halls in heaven?
Do my cries and prayers
Not reach your ears?

Do you not hear the agony
Of my heart Lord where
Else can I go to whom  may
I turn to?

I can no longer step
By myself  for with every
Step, I go deeper within
The pit.

Sin has taken away the strength
From my bones, and my mind
Is twisted in pain.
I can do nothing more
My Lord,  but ask your
Mercy and forgiveness.

I cannot even pray well  Lord,
Yet I can better write my
Prayer to you, and pray it
In my heart where only you
Can hear.

My health is bad, and my path
Has been made crooked.  Lord,
Lead me away from the pit that
I am in, hear my pleas, oh Lord,
Do not shut me out.

Forgive me my sins Lord
And heal me, make me to
hunger and thirst after your
Righteousness, for that is the
Better way!

Lead me into the Light
Lord and guide my steps,
That I may find and embrace
Your wisdom and understanding.

Lord, be my Father, and I will be your
Servant, and your son. Teach me your
Ways letting me feel the fire of your
Spirit, that I may be taught and led
In the prefect way with good counsel.

Lord be my life,  be the love that
Is inside of me, that I may glorify
You my Christ, and that your Father
May also be glorified by my words.

May I know and understand your
Holiness and your will.  May I
I never part ways with you again,
But may I always abide in you.

I praise you Lord, for you are truly
Wonderful, and the joy of my days
And nights. May you always love
Me as your own.

Wendell A. Brown