Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moon Ride

Ride with me where the stars are
touch port upon the moon
stretch out into the milky way
and in love please fall so soon

Lets sprinkle dearest into your eyes
the stars that share our night
as we journey into the darkness
so that we may use them as our light

And lets cast aside our dreams tonight
and give life to the products of our thoughts
lets make the time become so right
for these sincere moments that we have caught

And lets feel the love that’s much higher
much higher than the stars
and lets ride beams up to the heavens
up past where the angels are so far

Lets just ride to where sweet heaven begins
and in love lets fall so soon
and stretch out into the milky way
on our ride of  love beyond the moon.

The Brown One Poet,
Copyright 1977