Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making A Smile To Glow

And what shall I say,

for the words do escape

my tongue, running free

from its captivity in

spirited whispers, while

dancing on unseen vapors…

For my heart speaks

silently, sulking without

understanding its inherent

fall from its life of only

one, now embracing something

strange to its world but new

and refreshing, trying to

understand the reason why…

For there are no words

that come freely from

my shy heart to speak to the

love that has been revealed

to me, who has mastered

my feelings, making me

a slave to her living essence…

And I now find moments

that are alive within a wish,

while holding on to a hope

that my tongue may soon be

free from its chains, to

speak poetic phrases that

will find life power to dance

in a pond of happiness…

And I now strike the right note

with the right melody of words

that shall find the single true

path which leads to the heart

of the one I now love, causing

her to sigh deeply in bliss,

while providing a heavenly

light that will radiantly fill those

lovely brown eyes, that have

made my heart a willing slave

to her love.

By Wendell A. Brown

© 2010, All Rights Reserved