Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For I See

Can you pray to Me and speak honestly
that in your heart you truly love Me?
When you say that you hate your brother
I cannot see how this could be

Can you tell Me that you love Me
when in your heart i alone do see
the hatred that you hold for others
with such a flagrant animosity

For I created you both in my image
hoping one day that you might believe
That each time when you look at him
Its My image you will really see

look long and deep into the looking glass
through which only your eyes can see
and see the dark sinfulness in your heart
that is so very far away from Me...

Glance at the lies, the hatred, the evil
which by your own doing your heart does breed
then tell Me as you view your sinfulness
that your heart is full of love for Me
...for I see.

Copyrighted 2010
All Rights Reserved