Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Cry For Salvation

My soul is a tormented
one who lacks strength
and integrity, one whose
heart is full of sin.

I am lost Lord in its
wide ranging web, as it
strangles me, as it binds
me, as it suffocates all
that was good within.

It causes me to bathe
in its evilness, and is
a hot iron to my mind
wounding my conscience,
spearing my heart.

Lord rescue me for the
sin is not of my spirit,
but of my flesh that now
imprisons me. The fault
is one that can only be
corrected by your blood
and your grace.

Touch the cancerous sore
Oh Lord, cutting it out,
healing me, making me
whole again that I may live
in your wholesome light, as
it will also live in me

Copyright 1976
All Rights Reserved.