Sunday, November 27, 2011

One And Only

A soul is not mean't to live alone
And heart is not meant to be lonely
A dream sometimes has a message
With a hope to believe in love only

I could have never really imagined
What in the world happened to me today
For I was shaken deep within my spirit
By a sweet joy that now wants to stay

I never would want to really belong
To another for a long lasting time
But reality awakened me from a daydream
When the chance came to make you mine

And though there was some hesitation
A fear of not believing what my eyes did see
I was lost and found in a single moment
When in my mind you would not let me be

For my greastest fear was to be captured
With my heart falling behind in tow
But I realized once I embraced you
From my life I will never let you go.

Copyright May 1977,
All Rights Reserved.