Tuesday, November 22, 2011

His Heavenly Embrace

Our walk can be easily hindered
Our heart entangled by sinful webs
If we are not careful in our journey
All that we are would become so dead

Here where many hardships daily abound
Where we face the enemy at every turn
If we only embrace God’s living word
There is so much that we will learn

For He provides the only true answer
That will allow us in this world to succeed
As He provides the taste of wisdom’s honey
That our lives will always surely need

For belief in who the Spirit says he is
Will surely daily increase our faith
Allowing us power to push all sin aside
As we enter into His heavenly embrace

And though there will be many battles
Many skirmishes and fights along the way
There is a place that is already prepared
For those with strength to abide in His way.