Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank You

I thank you Lord for this wonderful day
Where your word came and rescued me
When my mind and heart began to wander
You cause all the wrong actions to cease

I find in my life each day there is truly
A constant need for your word to stay
For its strength and power is enough
To keep me alive and well in the way

Most times I often try to live my life
Likened to the way that you lived yours
Yet dark powers amass like a storm so daily
Waiting to pounce as I leave my door

And your word has become the amour
That no weapon made can ever endure
While faith in you has become the shield
That does daily keep my life so secure.

From "Morning Prayers", By Wendell A. Brown
Registered With U.S Copyright Office,
April 2011, All Rights Reserved.