Friday, December 23, 2011

"The Way"

Everything that I did seek from You

I could never find in this world today

Until that moment I humbled myself

Crying and praying in your holy name

For I sought the one on one fellowship

That Your Word in my ears did say

So I opened my heart and my spirit to You

Always thankful You showed me the way

For I sought always to be in your presence

To learn from You the true living word

So that one day I might lead many others

To the sweetness that my ears have heard

For life has become so effortless

Since I gave all of my love to You

For your Spirit guides me daily

In everything that I set out to do

For your promise has never been broken

That by my side You would always be

As long as I always walk the way

that narrow road that You laid out for me.

From "The One Who Satisfies My Needs"
Copyright 2011,  All Rights Reserved.