Saturday, June 18, 2011

"This Father's Day

I am not worthy to receive of  Your perfect love
Yet I have been blessed by Your saving grace
As I was disfigured many times by worldly sin
I am thankful for the salvation that I now taste

Not a perfect son who should receive such favor
When for my many sins I should have died
I am made humble by this love I now receive
That makes tears fall freely so deep inside

I am the example of what Your kindness can do
To one who embraces the living word they need
As before in the past I would never drink of
The living water in Your spirit which set me free

Yet still being a sinner, a true prodigal son
Who by Your grace and mercy was led to the path
I pushed forward, rising up until I came to Your door
Finding a pure forgivness that would always last

And the only words that I can express to You
Speaking from my lips in a most wholesome way
Is to tell You how blessed my world now is
To be counted Your loving son this Father's day!