Sunday, April 3, 2011


Your song of life
does touch my heart,
as Your word caresses
my ears…

And my doubts have
now been gently
erased,  as have so
many of my fears

And the melody
that accompanies
them, does make
a home deep within
my soul…

For Your melody
brings my face
to smile,  and I
want this to continue so

For I know it has the
nourishment, the
food for thought
that I do need

And I praise You
Lord, my Father
in heaven, with
song unto your name

For You took the
time to bless me,
so cannot I also do
the same

Lifting up a sweet song
with joyous praise,
embracing the living
power in Your sweet

By Wendell A. Brown
Copyrighted 2010
All Rights Reserved.