Monday, May 5, 2014

His Sweet Name

Within us there is a world unseen
Where young spirits seek to know
The voices they begin to hear each day
As their passion for life now grows

They will begin to make tough choices
As the voices within become alive
Leaving them to seriously ponder daily
Which choice, might be wrong or right

For everything they attempt to do each day
Along with the choices their hearts will make
Will deeply affect the life road they choose
And within, their  spirits will now be at stake

Inside the  voices strive for dominance
Like two hungry wolves over a tasty meal
And of the two available choices in life
One gives a blessing while the other kills

So we must always be so very cognizant
Of the choices each day which are made
So when the end time appears in our lives
By believing in His name we will be saved.

Wendell A. Brown
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