Saturday, January 21, 2012

"A Raindrop Of Your Love"


Succulent is Your

morning kiss to me,

like wine aged a

thousand years

My mouth nourishes

upon Your kiss,

and the energy


You are comparable

to all and none,

for You are all,

but none be You

You are as fair

in love, as fall

to the leaves, or snow

to the winter and

spring to the rose

For You are fair

to me Lord, and

Your fairness is

beautiful to me

You are more beautiful

than one thousand

handmaidens, or a

million lilies of the


And I am Yours...

Forever my Lord,

for many days

and nights I am


And I will dedicate

my life’s works

to You for a raindrop

of Your love...

From" The Open Door"
Copyright and Registered,
2011 All Rights Reserved.