Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"True To Him"

“The Lord preserves those who are true to Him”
Psalm 31, verse 23

Throughout my life much has happen,
Both good things along with the bad.
I have tasted of success in this world,
And just as much of things that are sad,

Yet my life was always centered,
On  whom I loved each day so true.
And when I became a wayward child,
He showed  me in life what I should do.

My Lord  never departed away from me,
Even during the times that I turned away.
He reminded me all the days of my life,
That unlike man, His mind does not change.

When I would sin I would come to him,
With a very humble and repentant heart.
And He would listen to all my prayers,
While in his newness of life I again would start.

And as it is truly written in his word,
When we come asking forgiveness of sin.
Our Lord will open wide his tender embrace,
Forgiving all those who are true to Him.

Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.