Monday, January 30, 2012

"A Never Forgotten Song"

At work each day I call to you,
From deep within my mind.
I call to you my dearest,
Because I’m always lonely at this time.

Especially after I leave in the morning,
While your kiss lies fresh on my lips.
I think of you and silently call within,
For the sweetness of the love I miss.

And its never a passing feeling,
For it lasts throughout my day.
Because every time I think of love,
In my mind your image comes my way.

At this moment i wish we were together,
Far away from my job where loneliness plays.
Then maybe I would not embrace the sad times,
As unhappiness in my heart always seems to stay.

From" I Want And Need You Now",
Copyright and Registered 2010,
All Rights Reserved.